Three University Essay

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Three University

When standard of living of people increase, they often think about improving their knowledge for a better life. To do that, they choose to study in developed countries where they can get progressive education such as US, England, Singapore, etc. Australia is one of them, it is chosen because of its attractive climate and lifestyle. However, international students have different requirements and conditions.

This research report examines three universities in Sydney, Australia, namely University of technology Sydney (UTS), Macquarie University (MU), The University of New South Wales (UNSW), and compares them with respect to fees, intake, status and length of course, location and transport, and international student number and supports. There are similarities and differences between these three universities in length of Master of Business Administration (MBA) course, intake and course fees.

This course at UTS lasts 2 years, while it last 1.5 years at UNSW and 1 year in MU. Students intake is 2 times per year. UNSW has the lowest frees of $4,440 per semester, whereas UTS has the highest fees of $12,150 per semester and it is $9,765 per semester at MU. The location and transport also have many differences. For international student who live in Sydney, UTS is the most convenient because it is located about five minutes from the central business district.

Its location is on major bus routes and next to Central Station so that it is very easy to access. In contrast, both MU and UNSW are located twenty minutes from the central business district. Students can access by bus, cars, train, ferries,etc. The international student numbers and support at these three universities are very different. Over half of student at UTS are from overseas while just nearly a quarter at UNSW are international students and it is about 33% at MU.

These three universities are offer many international student supports for students. For example, UTS supplies learning support and coordinator academic skills. In conclusion, all three universities have attractive features. Student can choose a university which can respond circumstances and needs of students. UTS is near CBD but the cost is very high. MU and UNSW offer course of the same length, and have lower fees than UTS.

However, the international student numbers at UNSW is lower so students can receive the best regard. For these reasons, UNSW is the best choice for oversea students who want to study in Sydney.

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