Three Types of Shoppers

Do you like shopping? Most of the people like to go shopping.

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When you go shopping, do you always buy something? Probably your answer is ‘No’. Sometimes, people go to the mall or supermarket without any buying purpose. In my case, I like to go to the mall just to look around new products. However, some people may think I am a time waster because I do not buy anything. Like this, everyone has different thinking about shopping tendencies. Also, they have different kinds of habits.

Therefore, shoppers can be classified as intelligent shoppers, impulsive shoppers, or window shoppers according to their shopping habits. First, many people want to be intelligent shoppers because of their good shopping habits. Before going shopping, planning is the most important task for intelligent shoppers. Normally, they make shopping lists according to their needs and budget. It is a very effective way to save not only time but also money. Besides, they check the store fliers to get store information every day, so they take lots of discount opportunities such as coupons, promotion, or holiday sales from that fliers.

It is very helpful to buy their planned items with cheap prices. Also, they take advantage of the price exploration on the internet to find lower price products. These habits made them as smart shoppers. In addition to intelligent shoppers, impulsive shoppers who buy based on their impulses are common. These shoppers do not make lists about what they want even though they have a plan to go shopping. For that reason, their instant feelings can control shoppers’ mind easily.The beautiful displays can attract impulsive shoppers and make them open their wallets. Also, salespeople can persuade impulsive shoppers. For example, when these shoppers receive compliments about fashion coordination from salespeople, the shoppers will buy the products even if they may not know well what they want to buy.

Nowadays, some people want to get rid of stress by spending money. Although this behavior can be a good way as retail therapy, it has side effects like bankruptcy because of credit card disbursement. As a result of this, impulsive shoppers must train how they control themselves while they are shopping. The final type of shoppers is window shoppers who like walking around the mall without purchasing. At the mall, there are many people who hang out with friends or family. Their purpose is not shopping although they spend their time at shopping malls. For instance, my friend goes to shopping malls every day after school with her friends.

She does not want to go home, so she enjoys her time looking around the window displays. Furthermore, window shoppers often visit luxury shops and try on many expensive items in these stores, but they do not buy anything. However, they earn vicarious satisfaction by making an attempt. Additionally, window shoppers say window shopping is the best way for planning and checking for next purchase. To sum up, most of the people have some habits among intelligent shoppers, impulsive shoppers, or window shoppers. These three groups of shoppers can be found easily at any shopping mall. People should identify their own shopping habits in order to reduce risk of over spending money and buying unnecessary things, so that they could be wise shoppers.

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Three Types of Shoppers
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