Three Reasons to Attend College Essay

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Three Reasons to Attend College

There are many reasons to attend college, for many of us we are pushed by our parents to acquire the highest level of education, possibly an education they haven’t acquired themselves. We are taught at an early age that education is the “only” way to achieve success. I think that is no way to push a person to go to school. I believe we all have a choice to choice what we want to do, and not be lied to by our parents, nor society to become who ever we are meant to be, whatever path we may take, may it be through an educational institution or through other means we all have reasons to attend “college”.

How do we know what do we want to do when we reach college? Do we have any clue what type of career we want to work in for possibly the rest of lives? How can one know the one thing we love to do if they have never discovered that one thing in your life, your true desire if you have not ventured throughout any possibly mean of education? We have to be open to all the possibilities out there. Open to ideas we may have never heard of, ideas that you may have of thought of negatively but willing to hear out why people think it’s right and therefore leaving your mind open by listening to other people other than yourself.

Do things you have never done, give yourself a chance to be all that you can be, all that you want to be. Are you open to change? Open to being different and not caring how others think of you, for being you and doing what you love. With connecting with others that share similar believes passions, or even passions you may have never heard of and giving it a chance. Giving you a chance to grow. Friends of different nationalities, religions, friends that have their very own bright ideas that the world may have never heard of.

Original people, pioneers, people who very may be the new leaders of the next generation, the new world, a new age of humanity. Give you self a chance to meet everyone mixed together, and where else are you going to meet everyone in a “singular” place other than school? We all love to learn, no matter if you say you do or don’t, we all seek out knowledge. Learn to love to learn if you don’t. Seek out sources of knowledge, people, literature, life experiences; there are many ways to learn. Do not pay attention to those that mock your eagerness to learn.

They are only trying to bring you down. Do as you please, soak in any knowledge what may cross your eyes or through the air you breathe. Do not be afraid to venture into the unknown and walk out with enlightenment. With that being said, are you willing to throw yourself into the unknown and giving yourself a chance to experience what many do not have a chance to? Let yourself be in an environment where uniqueness is praised, where your words matter, where others want to hear what you say. Feed your brain with the knowledge it deserves.

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