Three Children and Technology

Technology a useful way to connect, share and learn. One question that I believe has been debated should we introduce technology to our children’s education. I personally believe we should with some moderation. In one of the articles a mother explains how her child didn’t know how to communicate to the people around her. But when the parent introduced a tablet with speaking programs to teach her daughter how to voice herself they saw a great improvement. This is where technology is great where children can enjoy learning.

Now that we have online programs like ABC Mouse, and other programs like it.

These programs don’t just stop for toddlers either they keep going to higher grade levels. In high school i played a math game called prodigy. And it was fun I was learning and having fun at the same time there weren’t any boring lectures just a fun computer game. And i didn’t realize it till not to long ago the my arithmatic has improved from that game.

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From a small game to know being the fastest in my math classes these types of programs are great for education and should be used a lot more. But technology is a light thing, and with light there’s always a shadow. And that shadow is made up of Increase of bullying, no privacy, no social bonds, and possible motor skill impairment. With technology you have access to every but so does everybody else. Your private information is on the internet.

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Bad photos drunk messages, and so much more. And these can lead children and teens to cyberbullying and bullying at school yes children at the age level of 2-8 are pretty safe but when they are at that age and they start getting addicted to the internet of social media like most teenagers today that opens the up more for these types of bullying.

Aslo you begin to lose that social aspect of our lives you forget how to talk to someone if your on the computer or social media to much I have a friend how said that she can’t talk to adults to me as she was playing on her phone and i told her your problem is in your hands. Children and teenagers are on social media and game too much that they are forgetting that they need to communicate its an important part of our lives we are social beings and our lives depend of communicating clearly to each other.

And lastly as we push on that touch screen we lose our motor controls which help us turn pages of a book pick stuff up with tweezers. Motor controls are used in our lives everyday. With all of these points i truly do believe technology can help, but only if it is paced and restricted so that kids do get their 60 minutes outside and read their book and learn how to communicate with others. So technology in the classroom should be used more but not to much to where we depend on it or even become addicted to it.

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