Threats ISIS poses on the US Essay

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Threats ISIS poses on the US

They aren’t just threatening they are also following through have killed multiple americans

Are known to be even more extreme than al qaeda  if isis isn’t killed and destroyed it will only recruit more and become stronger

Isis could attack in revenge if U.S does anything

We still have not detected direct potting towards the U.S. ISIS hasn’t made a direct threat towards the U.S. other than the brutal murders. The ground troops should not come from the U.S but ground troops are necessary. The ground troops should come from the places that are the most threatened by ISIS. We have no threat yet.

Hello, this is a letter concerning troops being put into Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS. We have proven to ourselves in the past that this is not an easy job. We will not be able to go in there and wipe the terrorists out with ease. For instance, during the war on Al Qaeda we sent over 806 billion dollars and have had troops deployed for 12 years. We didn’t plan on being in Iraq and Afghanistan for that many years but the Taliban weren’t easy to take down. ISIS has proven to be even more organized, powerful, and more secretive than the Taliban and Al Qaeda. They have taken over large parts of Iraq and Syria in a matter of months and have spread into other countries.

It will be a large expense to put ground troops into both countries and maybe more if they spread. We will also waste a lot more money if we send ground troops in. Continuing airstrikes would be more reasonably cost wise and would decrease the loss in life. In the 12 years we fought the Taliban we lost 6,639 troops, mostly ground troops. If we go into Iraq and Syria with ground troops like we did with the Taliban we will lose more troops than necessary. There have only been 2 Americans killed so far and sending ground troops in will only cause more deaths than need to happen. As long as we protect our borders without deploying ground troops we will be safe here.

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