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Threats Computer Information System Essay

Essay Topic:

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The terms, phishing, spamming and hacking are quite widespread in today’s IT industry. This has lead to serious information leaks and massive and espionage in the segment. However, the counter measures have been effective to a certain extent. But there is always a loophole in all such measures. At the same time the so called ‘criminals’ have gained expertise in overcoming such defenses and have used their own set of ammunitions to bring the entire system down.

This brings us to the next point which deals with the types of threats that the information system can face.

Since the information system itself is no longer simple, hence the networks have become quite widespread. The professionals who steal the information or disable the entire system are well aware of such network. They just wait for the appropriate time and try to gain access to the loophole in order to enter the system. The threats can come in form of simple to complex methods.

 Spamming is quite normal nowadays. Everyday one might receive hundreds of emails which come from unsolicited mailboxes and even at times get routed via your colleague’s mailbox. It can contain a just a nuisance mail or a major virus. The spam filters and firewalls are available but many times they do fail to check them out.

Phishing is a major threat especially in the banking and finance industry. This involves a chain of hacking methods, which includes sending spam mails, cloning of corporate websites and putting ‘moles’ inside the organization. Lot of employees who are not satisfied or have been retrenched seeks some sort of revenge. With outsourcing being on a rise the safety of personal information is at some risk.

Actually the harm can come from any place or time. The organization and industry per se need to be vigilant and aware of such threats and take the necessary counter measures to eradicate the problem. It will require a combination of human and technological factors to protect the computer information system of the world from such groups.


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