Thought and Cleanliness Essay

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Thought and Cleanliness

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, the saying goes. I have learned that it is next to beauty, too. Cleanliness has taught me self-discipline. I also associate it with beauty. It is difficult to keep things clean and in order in today’s frenetic world. It takes effort and effort takes self-discipline, but when I walk around my home or wear clean and neat clothes I feel better about myself. It gives me a sense of order and I think it says something about me to people I meet or who come to my home.

Beauty makes life bearable and I find it everywhere. Humans by nature have a sense of beauty, love and hunger for beauty. This is the gift of the Creator. He not only has this, but it has provided endless opportunities to satisfy that hunger. Man’s home, the Earth, has beautiful rivers and lakes, mountains and valleys, trees and flowers, there are birds, fish and strikingly beautiful beasts of the field. Superlative beauty is among humans themselves. However, especially among humans cleanliness is a factor in beauty.

The human face is always interesting, often beautiful. The same is true of the hands and other body parts. But dirt can rob them of their beauty. Clothing, in addition to providing shelter and warmth, increases one’s appearance but only if it is clean and tasteful. My life has not been a cheerful one. I never use to clean my body properly and used to keep my thing for example text book, note copies, my gaming CD’s, my cricket ball, bat, football, my school bag and my coaching bags and etc.

All of things were in a disorganized way. Only if my mother used to scold me at that time I used to organize my things. Each and every other day I was scolded just for this reason. Even I kept my lights and fans turned on. This was becoming a bad habit day by day. The thing that has made it endurable has been the beauty I have found; the beauty in music has been life sustaining, and in spite of all the dirt and sorrow in the world, you can still find beauty if you have the eyes to see it.

It has kept me alive. It may because our life is full of affection. Having cleanliness attracts many people and they believe they are from a good family being beauty shows we are from a rich family which is too not good. If you have a bunch of colorful things sprawled around, things that have particular colors like orange, yellow and red, flash out more and get the attention of your sight, diverting your train of thought on a small kind a near unnoticeable level.

Imagine patterns like a checker board. It’s visually interesting to your eyes, and has a predictable, understandable pattern, because it’s neat and organized in a pattern, (like after a black square you just know it should be white, and then black and etc). Imagine though if a few of those black squares were circles or triangles, those ones would draw your attention to it and you’d know which ones didn’t belong, (and so the pattern doesn’t make as much sense, and is confusing on a small level).

These things, since they divert your attention can distract you from your, current task, and train of thought and attention. That’s why some people say when things are organized they have a “clearer” mind, and feel more whatever is more understandable. Also it could take less time for you to process where things are, related to your task, maybe saving memory space in your brain. Like for Ex: You can put food and drink related items in the kitchen and work/office related items in a desk, the tasks tools, are organized by similarity in purpose or function.

By the nature and purpose of the tool you need (like pencils) you know easier that it’s in the desk, if it was in the kitchen, your mind might think about food, once again turning the train of thought, where before the train would have gone full speed straight ahead. However cleanliness is not good if it’s compulsory. Nothing compulsory which that a person doesn’t want will make their life better. Sometimes, the stimulation of a non-organized pattern is good. We can say cleanliness is a great virtue. It is the habit of keeping the body and all our things free from dirt.

It is said that without a clean body one cannot have a pure mind. Cleanliness is a religious duty. The high value attached to cleanliness is expressed by the proverb which says that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Indeed in some religions, cleanliness is regarded as a part of godliness and is prescribed as a religious duty. The Muslims are prescribed ablutions before prayer. In the Law of Moses the priests were required to wash their person and their clothes, when they had to appear before God. The tradition of the Muslims to wash their hands before meals is a sign of cleanliness.

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