Thomas Paine Essay

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Thomas Paine

I believe that Thomas Paine was right. I also think that he knew that America was going to be known as a place for new people. America has insurmountable amounts of different people from all over the world. The American population consisted of a lot of different beliefs, ways of living, cultures, languages, and ways of worship, prayer, thoughts of government, and many more aspects. Immigration is one way the government has put in for a description of others around the globe for coming hereto America. Over half of America’s population is from immigration. That is what makes America, America. I really don’t have anything bad nor good to say about immigration, so right now I can care less about immigration in this country. Thomas Paine says, “Made up, as it is, of people from different nations…” That means back in 1791, there were people from different nations coming to America as well.

Thomas Paine quotes “… speaking different languages…” As people came to America, they not only brought their families, but much more. One thing they brought over here was their language. America, now days, has a specific language. It is English. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have other languages. There are more, but I will list some, French, Japanese, Spanish, etc. There are also lots of different cultures. How they eat, what they eat, and how they dress.

Thomas Paine says “…accustomed to different forms and habits of government… and more different in their modes of worship…” People also brought their belief systems. There are a lot of beliefs, such as worshiping. These are some; Christianity, Buddhism, Jewish, Baptism, etc. People can choose in America. They are even different on what day they go to church, what book they read out of, how they pray, and how many times they pray a day.

I say Thomas Paine’s characterization on America has held out to be what America is today. All of America’s people most likely came from somewhere other than America. Thomas was also right on; “… every difficulty retires…” Most things that were difficult in the lifetime of America, we have moved on or surpassed that moment. Such as 9/11.

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