Thomas Paine: Contributions

It all started with a propagandist writing one pamphlet that was made by an anonymous English man. This person didn’t just make the revolutionists more boastful and proud of themselves and made the bestseller of the 18th century, but he ignited them to split away from England and persuaded them to go on the road to freedom. This man was Thomas Paine, one of the most famous writers and founding fathers of this country. Thomas Paine was a founding father who has contributed to the war by writing two pamphlets, Common Sense and The American Crisis, writing articles, and donating money.

Even thought he is an English Quaker, he still believes in the cause. As Thomas Paine writes in Common Sense, “In England a king hath little more to do than to make war and give away places; which in plain terms, is to impoverish the nation and set it together by the ears. A pretty business indeed for a man to be allowed eight hundred thousand sterling a year for, and worshipped into the bargain! Of more worth is one honest man to society and in the sight of God, than all the crowned ruffians that ever lived.

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Thomas Paine was a man who contributed to the revolutionary war by writing and publishing pamphlets and articles to boost the moral and hopes of the patriots. Today, he is remembered for his contributions to the revolutionary war through his famous quotes and writings. Thomas Paine was born in January 29, 1727, in a small town of Thetford, England, and to a Quaker Father, Joseph Paine and an Anglican mother, Frances Paine.

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At the age of six, he attended a school where he learned writing, math, the Bible, and Latin.

But Thomas didn’t like Latin during his school years. So the age of 12, he was kicked out of school due to his refusal to learning Latin, regardless of his good grades. After that, he went to be a corset maker with his dad. After 6 years of poking his hands with the needle, he ran away on a ship called the Prince of Persia at the age of 16 and spent the next 4 years on sea. After his career ended, he went to live at London and started a corset store. After a few years, Tom has met a girl named Mary. They then fell in love and happily married.

But 2 years after their marriage, Mary dies. Soon, Tom got depressed and went bankrupt and penniless. Hopes seemed lost until he was introduced to Ben Franklin by a friend. Franklin said to Tom to go to the colonies and start a new life. So Tom immigrated to the colonies. When he got there, he was incredibly sick due to the ships conditions. But he got the best medical care because he knew Benjamin Franklin. After six weeks, he has recovered from his illness and he has gotten a new home and found a job as a journalist for The Pennsylvania Magazine.

After and year after his arrival, he has heard of the rumors of breaking away from England, starting a revolution, and fund a new country. When he heard this, he began to write down a pamphlet, called Common Sense. In just three months, it was finished. There he wrote Common Sense on January 10, 1776, and The American Crisis on December 23, 1776. After the publications and the revolution war, he went on to live in England, where he worked on a smokeless candle and an iron bridge.

He also wrote The Rights of Man in response to criticism of the French Revolution. This work caused Paine to be labeled an outlaw in England for his anti-monarchist views. He would have been arrested, but he fled for France to join the National Convention. By 1793, he was imprisoned in France for not endorsing the execution of king Louis XVI. During his imprisonment, he wrote and distributed the first part of what was to become his most famous work at the time called The Age of Reason, written on January 29, 1791.

He was freed in 1794 (narrowly escaping execution) thanks to the efforts of James Monroe. Paine remained in France until 1802 when he returned to America on an invitation from Thomas Jefferson. Paine discovered that his contributions to the American Revolution had been all but eradicated due to his religious views. Derided by the public and abandoned by his friends, he died on June 8, 1809 at the age of 72 in New York City. “Common Sense”, one of the most prestigious pamphlets in history, was written anonymously by Thomas Paine on January 29, 1776.

Because of this book, he has earned the right to be titled the founding father of the United States of America. Six months before publication, Thomas Paine was already famous through the colonies at the time because of his articles and arguments against the king. When he has heard about the anxiety of going to war with Great Britain, he has hatched an Idea to write a pamphlet on why the Colonies should go to rebel against the king. The goals of this pamphlet was to go and persuade the unsure colonists to join the cause and to encourage the patriots to go to war.

In Common Sense, he wrote, “As my wish was to serve an oppressed people, and assist in a just and good cause, I conceived that the honor of it would be promoted by my declining to make even the usual profits of an author. ” After the war started nine months before, the book was published because only one-thirds of the colonial population believed in the cause, while another third were unsure on which side they should join. So after the pamphlet went around, the patriots have an increase on solders for their militias.

It also boosted the patriot’s hopes on the separation from Great Britain. Not only did it console people, but explains all the reasons why America should be independent and free from tyranny. This pamphlet contributed hugely to the war because it made the rebels spark a new found hope by counseling them. Another pamphlet Thomas Paine wrote was “The American Crisis”. This pamphlet was written on December 23, 1776, the darkest day of the revolutionary war for the patriots. The rebels were weak, sick, and on the verge of dying and losing the war.

George Washington needed help desperately. Then Thomas Paine aided him, the continental army, and the rebels with yet another pamphlet. This one is about why the patriots should keep on pushing for their independence and why they must not quit. In one of the sections in the pamphlet, it states, “These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. ” When this was read, it made a turning point to the war.

Rebels were never as happy and glorified as before. This pamphlet has literally saved the war and Washington. If it wasn’t for Thomas Paine, we would be in British hands. “The American Crisis” has helped the rebels create a new nation and to continue to pursue for their independence. With hopes almost extinguished, Thomas Paine came to aid the rebels with the comfort of words and reading. This is a huge contribution to the war because without him, George Washington would get his head chopped of and there would not be a United States of America.

This even inspired Washington to go and make the famous cross on the Delaware River. In conclusion, Thomas Paine was a man who contributed to the revolutionary war by writing and publishing pamphlets and articles to boost the moral and hopes of the patriots. Today, he is remembered for his contributions to the revolutionary war by his writings. He has mad Common Sense and The American Crisis to boost the morale of the patriots and to help create the state of the union.

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