What do you consider a perfect society? In Thomas More’s Utopia he considered perfect. In reality there’s no much thing as “perfect”. There are many different perspectives. It depends on what you consider ideal in terms of our personal taste and preference. Although More’s Utopia improves things he ignores many problems we tend to face in the world we live in, which my safe haven will solve.

In More’s world we see that everything is not as perfect as he paints it to be.

Slavery exists in Utopia. My Safe Haven would consist of one where everyone is equal and there would be no such thing as slavery. I feel as though slavery is a hate crime. In my society everyone would be treated equal and people don’t judge others by their own beliefs. There would be no religion based in my government because some people may not believe what others believe. First I’d remove the idea of religion out of government and take in God we trust off our money and put in its place in people of society we trust or in the community we trust.

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When referring to being treated equally everyone would work the same amount of hours and be paid the same amount.

In More’s Utopia people are scheduled to sleep eight hours and work six days out of the week. Which doesn’t leave enough time to spend with your family I have time to do anything for yourself.

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In my safe haven, everyone would have a four day work week and a three day weekend, so you have more time to spend with your loved ones. Life is so short, and we spend most of our time at work. It makes any sense to work so hard for stuff when you miss time with our loved ones who could be gone any day. People would have less stuff but know more and be more inspired to further themselves, and create bonding time with their family. Children would have more time with their parents and communities to explore their surroundings. People would know their neighbors and everyone would be open-minded and accepting of those that are different. I feel like this will be a great way to experience other cultures and become more diverse. Which would eliminate the idea of racism. I believe racism is taught at a young age. When your younger, your mindset is not really focused on the way someone looks or the color of their skin. You just want to play and have a good time. It starts at home and the community around.

In More’s Utopia married is limited, by Women not being able to marry until age 18 and men age 22. In my safe haven marriage would be legal as long as your 18. I would also pass a law that allows Same-sex Marriage in the entire country. This is a civil right that should never be denied to anyone, especially same-sex couples. Id let more single people and gay people, etc. have an opportunity to adopt children. The rules to adopt are not benefiting most children in many circumstances. Therefore, most children are raised in temporary homes and institutions moving from year after year, feeling unloved and unwanted in society.

Another thing, in More’s Utopia families, have their own unique gardens where they can customize it to their preference. In my safe haven I would want something or someday where people can show off who they really are. A holiday to be exact. I’d call it a wild card day. Wild care day celebrates community and love to help bring people in the community together. I’d Make it the most important holiday. There would be traditions in this holiday that involve music, crafts, arts, dance, love, joy. Etc. I know a lot of confusion might come into the picture. There would be no police force or army needed. Because there was no crime. This holiday would create a bond that hate or jealousy would exist. It would create a peaceful state of mind and people would all help out to make safe haven work. The ultimate goal is to ensure all the residents are happy.

One last thing my Safe haven would offer is free education. I’d require community service from everyone in high school and college. Require high school students to study an unbiased history of all religions and beliefs. Free education is in need everywhere but especially college. College should be free because Tuition is very expensive. Yes, there are scholarships, grants, FAFSA. Sometimes scholarships are very specific in a lot of cases and people who really need them and desire them a lot don’t get them. I visualize excellence in everyone in my safe haven.

In conclusion, everyone has their preference of a perfect society. Thomas More’s Utopia fit his perspective. My Safe haven fit mine and yours will fit what you believe. Overall my society was based to create friendship, love, freedom and peace. The laws that I listed, I believe would ensure all those I’ve listed. Make your Utopia a reality.

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