This paper discusses various skills knowledge and theory of the

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This paper discusses various skills, knowledge and theory of the course that I have learnt and various potential applications of these skills at my workplace and in my field of study.

Policy development method that includes modeling, simulation and informatics where modeling refers to a rules set where we feed data then comes simulation here we take the model we created and test in real world which leads to final phase that is informatics in which are based on the data in simulation phase.

We inform our decision on a policy. It is a very important technique because I can use it to develop privacy policy of my startup efficiently as it gives the chance to review the working of the privacy policy where I can review the shortcomings of my model.

Globalization is a process where business or organizations operate on an international scale. It has components like finance, goods and services and people. Trillions of dollars are exchanged daily due to Globalization.

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By globalization I get more opportunities to expand my start up to various other countries to increase profits and even to access the markets so as to setup the manufacturing process and import from that place which helps in increasing the no. of customers

Privacy is the state of being free from observation by anyone and anonymity is being anonymous. Privacy policy refers to various policies that are designed to protect the privacy of its subject. These privacy policies should be developed so as to cause the subject from every possible breach of this privacy that could happen.

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This helps me to install a privacy policy that will cover all the possibilities that could lead to the breach of privacy of the employees of my startup and thereby helping me to create the policy that eliminates all these possibilities from occurring. Corporate policy refers to the policies that are developed by corporations so as to comply with the local laws.

Tax is a mandatory contribution to state revenue imposed by governments on worker’s income and profits of various business institutes. Corporate income taxes are different for various countries. Countries usually encouraging industrialization has low corporate income tax. It helps me to choose a country for my startup expansion where I can pay low corporate income tax this in turn helps me to globalize.

Digital goods have an advantage in case of sales tax as there is no tax for internet access this means it is more profitable to sell goods by e-commerce site than by setting up a store where we have to spend more and should have to pay the sales tax. One of the benefits of digital gods is that through internet we can reach far more no. of customers than that of an offline store. Hence this increases the sales of the products and it attracts more customers as the price online is comparatively less.

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This paper discusses various skills knowledge and theory of the

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