This I Believe Essay

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This I Believe

Have you ever wanted to make a difference? I have and I believe that everyone should be treated equally. No one should be treated differently just because of their physical feature, their mental disabilities, and if they practice and preach a certain religion. I believe that no matter what race you are, how slow you learn, or if you’re Buddhist or Christian everyone should be treated the same and equally. There was a point and time where I, myself struggled with my physical feature.

Physical features can mean lots of things like the way someone dresses, their race, and much more. Just because someone dresses differently does not mean that person should be treated unequally. Same goes for their race, just because they are a different color does not mean they should be treated differently. I once was treated differently because of my race and I find it very wrong. I am Korean and I have parents from Korea. People always see my parents in a different way because they can’t speak English fluently. It bothers me so much and I want people to see my family and myself the same way as they would see themselves.

People practice and preach different religions all over the world. Some are Christians, some are Buddhist, and many more. We all follow our guidelines and rules to be a certain religion. I know a friend that fasts during Ramadan and while I am with him others come and ask if he wants to eat as a joke. It isn’t funny to those who take it seriously. He has been called names and made fun of for practicing his religion and I just can’t stand it. Just because one practice’s and respects a certain religion does not mean that he should be treated differently and unequally. We should all respect those who practice and preach different religions. If you were to be in that person’s shoes than how would you feel?

There are a lot of people out there with different kinds of mental disabilities. I would like to talk about those that learn at a different pace and needs more practice in what they are doing. Even Albert Einstein struggled with a mental disability. Not everyone can be a fast learner, not everyone can be smart like Einstein, but that’s okay. People all over the world work at a different pace. People shouldn’t be judged or made fun of for being who they are. Even I have to work a little harder than everybody else in order to get good grades and to understand the concept.

Everyone should be treated equally whether they are a different race, practice a certain religion, or have a mental disability. You should always treat others the way you want to be treated. An American architect and writer, Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.” And I believe in equality.

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