This Fleeting World A short History of Humanity

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This Fleeting World A short History of Humanity

Humanity is consistently and always evolving to meet there needs and demands. Humanity will have to evolve to changes in the environment and society. It has survived many problems in the past and it has changed for the better from those experiences. Humans have lived extreme times in earth’s history such as the last ice age and the bubonic plague. And so they have adapted to these events and have gained experience and evolved for the better. One main ideas of this book is this book is that mankind is always changing to be more efficient and to adapt to different events. The author writes of many events in worlds history such as the world wars and epidemics that have killed millions of people. And because of these events humans have to find vaccines/cures to dieses and create new types of technologies. So we have found solutions and advanced for the better of mankind. This proves the idea that humans are consistently evolving and changing.

This idea is connected to modern times for example we develop and release new techonologies such as phones and computers on a weekly basis. Another main idea of this book is that can not keep up with the demands of its all people consistently. And so will go through periods of collapse and great hardships. As stated in the text the historian says “Humanity will never be able to fulfill the demands of its entire people” This is true as we do have the resources to provide for all of the world’s people. And so we go through periods of collapse like the great depressions. During this time many people lost their jobs and many families went hungry. This was a horror but we were able to recover and prosper once again proving that mankind is always evolving to meet demands. And finally the last main idea of this book is that agriculture has allowed for people to focus on other things then food.

The author writes about how once agriculture was discovered people were able to learn new things and have different jobs then to just all be farmers. This is because there will be enough food provided to people so they do not have to grow it themselves. This time period was called the agrarian era. So the time of the foragers was over and now was the time of the agrarians. And so mankind was able to advance and become much greater. This applies to us because we have learned more effective ways to farm so are able to produce more crop. In the book it is stated that humanity will never be able to keep up with the demands of its entire people.

This is relevant in much of world like in Africa. Mostly of the people there live in extreme poverty with very little food and drinking water. The GPD per captia of Africa is 1,200 US dollars. This is very insignificant amount of money to be able to raise a family with. And there is little hope of a better future for many. Also in many other third world countries such as India is very crowded and the population of is plagued by lack of fresh drinking water. And so these modern day events are relevant to the idea that humanity will never be able to keep up with the demands of its people.


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