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This Essay versus My Essay Essay

Essay Topic:

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The purpose of this research is to explain a desirable tourist destination. The essay not only describes the destinations associated with the process, but also explains the expected facilities in that particular tourist destination. Besides, the article significantly emphasizes the importance of the visiting distinctive tourist destinations. In particular, the article explores both the economic and biological aspects that a visitor is accustomed to.

To achieve these goals, it is important to acknowledge the literary elements that the writer has applied.

Goyal and Kataria (2014, p. 5) believe when it comes to the goals of the research, the writer has power to significantly create the physical game with the audience, incorporate characters, conflicts, plot, setting and theme. In fact, the hands-on literary elements activities, which the writer employs, are distinctive of particular communication channels.

Conclusively, the essay not only incorporates significant speech tools, but also heavily explores the subject to ensure that coherence is achieved. Even though, the article is not cited, the author technically improves the information.

However, the essay does not engage the reader comprehensively since it lacks significant elements of a composition.

Borrowing from the essay, I plan to integrate literary elements in my personal essay such as, argumentative concept to ensure that my article is comprehensive. Not only will I be engaging my narrative fiction but I will also be providing distinctive critical information about my article. Besides, unlike the writer, I will ensure that my essay has a thesis statement to ensure that it is coherent and meets standard writing techniques. In summary, my article will agree with techniques achieved by the writer of the case study, and as well, improve on the argumentative part to ensure that it is all rounded.


Goyal, Shikha, and Tejinder Kataria. “Image Guidance in Radiation Therapy: Techniques and Applications.” Radiology Research and Practice (2014): 1-10.

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