This Book is Not a Tree Essay

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This Book is Not a Tree

The introduction of this book talks about how the things in our home are harmful to the environment. The author gives examples on these things and these things range from a rubber shoes to a chair up to a computer. The author points out that there is no such thing as recycling, but we ‘downcycle’ these things. We use harmful chemicals to ‘recycle’ things. However, the author mentions that consumers should not be guilty of buying these things. The manufacturers should bear the burden of making their products environment friendly.

They should be the one to change their processes to make their products less harmful. The author also comments that these manufacturers should not focus on mere changing the raw materials that they use but to focus on creating something good in their industries. A Question of Design Here, the negative side of the Industrial Revolution is presented by the author. There are many chemicals that the industrials have been using in manufacturing goods. They are always promising that they are looking for a more environment friendly substances but they are not doing anything about it.

As a result, many people are getting sick because of these industrials. Pollution has become rampant, too. That is why these industrials should be banned in using harmful chemicals. Why Being Less Bad is No Good This article talks about how the industrial companies are doing anything to be environment friendly. They are trying to promote recycling of waste materials or to ‘downplay’ the use of chemicals in their production. However, these methods do not prove to be successful. In recycling materials, there are still chemicals that are used to transform the waste products.

This proves that there is no such thing as efficiency in the industrial companies. They will just continue to use harmful chemicals in recycling wastes and other resources. That is ‘why being less bad is no good’. It is not possible that the industrial companies are using less raw materials in their production and that they can still maximize their profits. What they could do is to think of other ways in which their waste products have other uses. Eco-Effectiveness This part talks about how the industrials should make “healthy goods and healthy byproducts.

” The author gives an example of how a simple building design could enrich the environment. Natural lighting, good views, and fresh air are just some of the things that the designer should put into consideration when designing buildings. This will help in getting the building to be environment friendly because the use of electricity will be minimized and the employees will be inspired with the good views. The industrial companies should be like this, too. They should put into consideration the renewable resources that they could use in replacement of the nonrenewable resources that they are using.

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