This assignment is prepared under the subject Human Resource Management which contrasts

This assignment is prepared under the subject Human Resource Management which contrasts about the strategic and cooperate concepts of achieving competent workforce and goals of an organization. This report mainly addresses about the role of Human Resource Department of Public Service Media in Recruiting and selecting the potential candidates. Moreover, to assure whether the strategies are well implemented.The recruitment and selection process is concerned with identifying, attracting, and choosing suitable people to meet an organization’s human resource requirement (Human resource management, a contemporary perspective second edition ” page 121).

As the competition is getting more diverse with talent, the need for recruiting and retaining candidates with specific skills are getting vital. The main objective of this process is to recruit and select candidates that are suitable to achieve the organizational goals set by the organization. In this report we are highlighting: – Background of the organization. – HR issues the organization are facing. – Appropriate recommendations for HR issues. – Conclusion.2.0 BACKGROUND OF ORGANIZATIONPublic Service Media is the first ever state media in the Maldives.

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This organization was formed on 28th April 2015 under the PSM act (9/2015). The Public Service Media provides their services without any constraints to the citizens in a convenient way that they can gain access to the latest news happening around.2.1 2.1 Mission/Vision:Mission/Vision:Mission/Vision:Mission/Vision:Mission/Vision:Mission/Vision:Mission/Vision: Mission/Vision:Mission/Vision:Mission/Vision:Mission/Vision:Mission/Vision:The Maldivian traditions, culture, ideology and their values are the factors that shape the services provided by the Public Service Media.

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PSM strives to sustain the spirit of nationality, peace and harmony in the society3Services provided by PSM includes TV radio, online and print media. Currently PSM Owns:‚· TVM (Established in 29th March 1978)‚· Dhivehi Raajeyge Adu‚· Dhivehi FM‚· Majlis Channel‚· Maldeeb (weekly magazine)3.0 RECRUITMENT3.0 RECRUITMENT3.0 RECRUITMENT3.0 RECRUITMENT3.0 RECRUITMENT3.0 RECRUITMENT3.0 RECRUITMENT3.0 RECRUITMENT3.0 RECRUITMENT3.0 RECRUITMENT3.0 RECRUITMENT3.0 RECRUITMENT3.0 RECRUITMENT3.0 RECRUITMENT3.0 RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESSAND SELECTION PROCESSAND SELECTION PROCESSAND SELECTION PROCESSAND SELECTION PROCESSAND SELECTION PROCESSAND SELECTION PROCESSAND SELECTION PROCESSAND SELECTION PROCESSAND SELECTION PROCESSAND SELECTION PROCESS AND SELECTION PROCESSAND SELECTION PROCESS AND SELECTION PROCESS AND SELECTION PROCESSAND SELECTION PROCESSAND SELECTION PROCESS Public Service Media follows set of rules and regulations while conducting recruitment and selection process. The procedure is handled by the HR department of the organization. The steps followed in the recruitment and selection process is as follows:1. Application form2. Shortlist3. Interview4. Written test5. Medical Test6. Informing candidates7. Joining procedure8. Training3.1 Application formFirstly, to apply for the job the candidates are required to fill-in the application form.With the application form the below mentioned documents must be submitted:‚· CV‚· Certificates of qualification4‚· ID Copy‚· Reference Letter‚· Police report3.2 ShortlistingWhile shortlisting they consider candidates with specific qualities and traits who meet the desired criteria of the certain job. This process can be quite challenging as you will have to analyze each and every candidate who has applied for the position in order to decide which one fits the best.Public service media always outlines the qualities required for the candidates for the specific job while they make a job profile. However, in general, while shortlisting here are some qualities Public Service Media looks for:‚· Being flexible: As public service media is an organization that emphasizes on job rotation, the candidates must be likely to adapt to the different work environments.‚· Multi-Tasking: Public Service Media is an organization that caters for multiple clients under pressure, for this reason they ensure that the candidates they recruit are employees who can do different tasks at the same time.‚· Honesty: The organization distributes a wide range of news outlets throughout, hence, the information spread must be clear and concise in all the situations.3.3 3.3 InterviewsInterviewsInterviews InterviewsInterviews InterviewsInterviewsAfter candidates fill the application form, they will be informed regarding the interview. They inform the candidates by different mediums such as email, phone call or by letter.The organization have an appointed interview panel with a respective Head of Department or manager of the required department. Throughout the interview to find who fits the job perfectly, the interviewer asks structured questions like:1. What is your name?52. What are your qualifications?3. Why you chose to work in the organization?4. If able to work for shift duties? (Eg: Receptionist)5. Do you have any past experience in this field?6. How much you know about the organization?Furthermore, interviewer also gives information about the job by explaining:1. Working Hours2. Salary3. Allowances3.4 3.4 Written testsWritten testsWritten testsWritten testsWritten tests Written testsWritten testsWritten tests Written testsPublic service Media conducts written exams depending upon the job that you are applying for. Eg: Administrative jobs.Usually for written tests, you will be given to write a letter based on a project or task related to the relevant field of job. During the exam the employers would observe and access you accordingly. After you have finished the exam, the employer in charge will review the ability of your writing skills and know your knowledge to apply to the given situation.3.5 3.5 Medical TestsMedical TestsMedical Tests Medical TestsMedical TestsMedical TestsMedical TestsMedical TestsMedical TestsMedical TestsMedical TestsAs an applicant, you must go through this process as, pre-employment checkups are compulsory in order to ensure if the candidate is physically and mentally fit for the job. Public Service Media has signed an agreement with Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) to carry out the medical checkups upon the agreed conditions for the candidates selected. The medical checkups are kept confidential as it withholds personal information about the employees.3.6 3.6 Informing CandidatesInforming Candidates Informing Candidates Informing Candidates Informing Candidates Informing CandidatesInforming CandidatesInforming CandidatesInforming CandidatesInforming CandidatesInforming Candidates Informing CandidatesPublic Service Media Inform their candidates regarding the status of their job in three ways:1. Phone Call62. Email3. LetterWhether you are informing the candidate about the job rejection or selection, make sure you establish a professionalism while addressing them. Subsequently, after getting selected for the position the employees have to collect the acceptance offer letter from the Organization. PSM would hand over the job description documents and code of conduct which outlines the rules, values and responsibilities which you are obliged to follow.3.7 3.7 Joining procedureJoining procedure Joining procedure Joining procedureJoining procedure Joining procedure Joining procedureJoining procedureJoining procedureJoining procedureJoining procedureAfter the candidates get selected for the job, Public Service Media proceed with the formalities of the joining procedure. PSM provides the employment agreement with a contract of one year, where you will have to sign and proceed.Then, you will have to face the departmental induction where you will be introduced to Head of Department or the managers. Lastly, the managers will explain you, your main tasks and assign you with work.3.8 3.8 TrainingTrainingTrainingTraining TrainingCandidates may have the knowledge about the tasks which they perform but may not know how to apply them in the work environment. This is the situation where PSM has standardized training program for the recruited candidates. Different Organization uses different strategies, whereas, PSM gives the newly hired employees 3 months training program (Probation period). They train the employees based on the relevant field of expertise; the tasks related to job that the employee must know. The training program will make the organization identify if the employee is a perfect-fit based on the ability to perform and showcase skills. Additionally, PSM is an organization that focuses on retaining employees for long period of time, this enhances a strong organizational culture throughout PSM, hence, the organization train employees on the basis of culture and make them firmly hold onto values. On the other hand, if the employee fails to perform to the expected standard during the probation period the organization have the authority to fire the employee.74.0 HR ISSUES FACED BY PSM1. Not enough candidates to apply for job posts2. Unable to get qualified candidates3. Long Hiring procedure4. Difficult to retain skilled employees4.1 Not enough candidates to apply for job postsFirst reason is that the organization lack of advertisement about the job. Public service media only upload regarding the job on their website. Not all access to the internet, so most of the people would not be aware. This makes the organization to lose potential targeted candidates. Next, Public service media fails to provide suitable information about job. Therefore, job title can be confusing for some candidates.Secondly, there is only one branch of PSM which is located in male’. As Maldives is geographically dispersed as islands the potential candidates faces difficulties to carry on with the procedure of recruitment and selection. For example, the candidates are unsure of when they will be called for an interview. Following the interview, if they get called the candidates face complications in transportation.Another reason is that most of the people are not familiar with the information about the organization i.e. about the culture, rules they obey, regulation they follow, friendly environment of the organization. Hence, most of the candidates would not apply as they lack facts and positive organizational information regarding the company.4.2 RecommendationPublic service media needs to change the method they use to advertise. Because different people prefer different ways to find jobs. Some people prefer magazines, television or by listening to radio. As PSM provides information using television, radio and by using magazines they can advertise through the available mediums rather than just announcing in the website.8The organization can also establish different branches in different zones throughout the Maldives where you can target to potential candidates and areas of demanding population. This will benefit the staffs to work in their home island in a comfortable working environment.The internal website of the organization can be used to provide more information required for candidates to know more about the organization. Such information includes ethics, values, rules and regulation, policies followed by the organization. In general, they can focus on enhancing the organizational image by giving crucial statistics about improvements and achievements.4.3 Unable to get qualified candidatesNowadays recruiting the qualified candidates are intense in labor market as the competition is high for getting diverse talents. As a media company PSM faces this kind of problem because candidates are not aware of job criteria. So candidates apply without knowing.Usually the candidates who apply for the job are not up to date about technological innovations. As technology is continuously changing the candidates must be able to adapt. However, they fail to recruit candidates who can work in dynamic environment.Most of the times the salary specified for potential candidates do not meet the expectation or standards of their qualification. This is a huge issue which leads the candidates to be demotivated and discouraged to apply for the job.4.4 RecommendationProviding description about the job is an essential factor. Because this can be helpful for the candidates who apply for the job. So, the problems faced by not having the knowledge of the criteria will be solved. This can be done when announcing for the jobs in internal website or in any form of other mediums used to announce about the job.Organization can conduct trainings based on learning about new technology. So the employees will get the training that they need to, which is required to work with confidence and comfortability. Public service media can also evaluate the job performance before and after the training of each individual candidate and staffs. This helps the organization to know about how much the employees have improved by comparing statistics. Before selecting candidates to the job its necessary to check their abilities to use latest technologies in form of exams or other9ways. This will reduce other problems faced after the candidate is selected. Such problem is adapting to the changing technologies.The organization can revise an appropriate pay scale for special skilled employees. The salary needs to meet the employee’s requirement based on qualifications in order to boost their performance.4.5 Long Hiring procedureThe company uses a slow and long hiring process which becomes an unfavorable circumstance for getting the right candidates. Everyone hates long waits especially if the candidate is in urge of the job. Due to this, highly skilled candidates goes elsewhere and the excitement, expectation involved for the particular job decreases. Never assume that more time you spent on the process of gathering information and analyzing will lead you to get the best candidates. Despite, this has an opposing effect.As the talented candidates are high in demand, there are few probabilities that the candidate would stick till the end if the call takes two to three weeks. The potential candidates will receive offers from other companies which will put them in a situation to think whether to accept the current offer or wait for your future offer. For this reason, the odds of the candidates to be available till you offer the job constricts.4.6 RecommendationsThe speed of hiring process is very fundamental when the candidates are in high demand for the talented candidates. The competitors will constantly try to find candidates that are perfect-fits in terms of talent and skills. With this in mind, Public Service Media must conduct an efficient fast process to recruit the candidates.4.7 Unable to retain skilled employeesThere are many reasons why PSM is not able to retain skilled employees. Change in management can be one of the most challenging factor that they face. The constant reorganization of the company can lead the employees away from the organization’s actual targets. The employees will find it difficult to cooperate with inefficiencies occurring around10them. They neglect to understand what are the priorities of the organization and what they are supposed to do accordingly.Different managements would use different work strategies and methods and their expectations are likely to differ from past managements. This is where cultural clashes arise.New management can bring new rules, regulations and policies which would bring confusion between the employees. The employees require time and have to again adapt to these changes and renew all the procedures and methods they use to follow. The company lacks in providing coaching and feedback necessary for the employees. This may lead to discouragement of the staffs, resulting increase in skilled labor turnover.4.8 RecommendationsIn order to solve the issues faced regarding the mentioned problem, Public Service media can focus on maintaining the management. They can overcome the communication barriers between the employees and top level managers and effectively communicate between each other. The company can conduct different activities which brings all the organization together to raise awareness. The organization need to focus on Emphasizing about the importance of maintaining the relationship between the staffs.115.0 CONCLUSIONRecruitment and selection process can differ for different organizations. This process can meet the objectives only if the strategies are put forward in a way that generates improved organizational outcomes. As this is a systematic procedure involving many activities, we need to make sure it is modified accordingly to produce best results. For an organization like Public service media, it is important to know the issues relating to the process and to find a solution for the problems in order to recruit talented candidates. All in all, PSM can consider the above mentioned recommendations to overcome the challenges faced during the process.

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This assignment is prepared under the subject Human Resource Management which contrasts

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