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Writing Tips from Bloggers

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1073 words)
Categories: Writing
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This article is the sequel to ” 3 writing tips based on the routine of Paulo Coelho and Jr. K. Rowling “since they are proven tips from successful bloggers. Below we will see tips for bloggers by Tim Ferris. Before I start, you have to answer the following question:

Are mentors important?

For a long time, I thought everything was good with my blog, I did not deal so much with the blog from a functional point of view but with the whole process of producing content.

In the last few months I realized that if you think everything is good with your blog, then probably something is wrong.

The only solution unfortunately or fortunately is the constant awareness of the things that want to improve on your blog. At first, the process that everything that you believe is wrong is quite unbearable (I’m talking about experience) but it’s commonplace. One of the fastest ways to become a better blogger is to get in touch with the best bloggers, writers and generally successful people.

With one sentence you need mentors.

Most when we hear the phrase “mentors,” we imagine face-to-face communication. We are suddenly transported to Miyagi’s house by painting endless fences and carat-hanging exercises with a sunset background.

In today’s times things are easier than ever. You do not need to get to know your mentor, you can even read and listen to his / her books. Watch videos he makes on YouTube and his podcasts. Of course, even if you have the opportunity to get to know your mentor, do it. But until I get to know Ferris soon, let’s see what we can learn from him.

Article titles

The first tip for the most optimized title that Tim Ferris uses is practically by Seth Gondin.

A little parenthesis: Read Seth Gondin ‘s books ” Ikarus Scam ” and ” Tribes ” will help you a lot in your career as you catch the pulse of today’s professional situation.

Turning to the best titles, both Ferris and Gaddin used the following form:

What is the difference between “tde” and “tde”?

The questions are those that will trigger people’s curiosity in the first instance and more specific questions in which the reader does not know the answer.

If we go a step further on tips for bloggers and titles, a good combination is the question with a “low dose” response.

For example: “Why do not you have a relationship? It may have to do with the phenomenon of choice. ”

In this way you draw your attention and have more “clicks” on your texts. Do not forget that the expectations you make with a title will have to respond to the content within your blog.

Is it good to use your name on your blog or an irrelevant name?

Using your domain name is good advice, but it depends on what you are aiming for. On the one hand, you come closer to your audience and you build your name, but on the other hand if you are going to sell the page in the future, there will be several problems with the buyer agreement.

Which platform do you use?

Like most bloggers, Tim Ferris uses WordPress. The main reason for this option is that WordPress is Open Source, so if you’ve given a company to manage your blog and keep it up to date, and this company closes then you can browse the blog yourself or go to some another company for the management piece.

I do not know whether in Greece it is in your interest to have another company manage your blog, anyway it is essential to know how to do basic things. As far as blogging tips are concerned, your blog can never be lost, whatever the company is.

Social Media and emails

One of the best tips for bloggers you can get is this one below.

Tim Ferris is a fan of the phrase: “I want to control as many variables as I can.”

Now that you are reading the Facebook article, Instagram and all other platforms may arrange to change (again …) something in their algorithms. For example, one day you can reduce the organic traffic that the pages will have … a random example …

Of course, all of these platforms are extremely useful but, as Ferris says, “It’s like you’ve got the most lucrative Mc Dollands shop on an active volcano.”

As Panos said in the interview , “Where is MySpace now?”

The most “fixed variable” that exists is e-mails. Even if you change the service you have for your Newsletter, you will always have the list of people who are interested in your content.

Do not write for everyone

Perhaps the best known of the hundreds of blogger tips that someone can find is “do not write for everyone”. Practically, when you have your mind constantly in thanking everyone, you probably do not please anyone …

All you can do is conceal your authentic identity from your audience.

Tim Ferris goes one step further and separates his own audience, giving the advice “Do not write for all your audience.” It’s human about the topics you cover in your blog to approach very different people.

Read also: It was written as if no one was reading

For example, you can go to Inkstory just to read SEO optimization issues and not be so interested in interviews. On the other hand, one may want to learn new things through the interviews.

They can not all be 100% satisfied with each article. But you can write an article so that it only concerns a part of your audience.

“I do not mind if I write an issue that is not interested in my audience … their turn will come.” “What interests me is the audience for whom I write the article to share it with another 20 people” – Tim Ferris

Rules in comments

“Your blog is your home” – Tim Ferris

The famous blogger likens inappropriate behavior to comments with an invitee in his home who does not respect his place. It has set rules whereby the comments of the individual offender are deleted without any warning. If you want to get ideas on how to make it in Greek blogs, look below ?

These were tips for bloggers from Tim Ferris.

What do you think is the most important tip?

Leave your opinion below!

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