Thirteen Reasons Why-Jay Asher Essay

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Thirteen Reasons Why-Jay Asher

Clay Jensen returns from school one day to find an obscure looking box outside leaning on his porch door with his name on the box. Clay was sceptic of the box, although he still opened it, to his own discovery it was 7 double sided cassette tapes recorded by his classmate and crush, Hannah Baker. Hannah two weeks earlier had committed suicide. On tape is the thirteen reasons why Hannah had ended her life so soon. Clay had wondered why he got these tapes from Hannah; unknowingly he was one of the thirteen reasons why. While I read The Thirteen Reasons Why Hannah committed suicide I felt as if in a way I was Clay Jensen, I always wondered why and when will Hannah bring “us” up.

Every cassette tape was a new story and another reason why. Some reasons were little things a lot of girls go through in high school, others were situations girls or guys should not be put through at any point during their life. Although all the cassettes fit together like a puzzle in the end I love the mystery of not knowing what was next, the book made me always want to know more. After reading this book on my own I would strongly recommend it to teenage girls. The mystery, comedy and adventure brought me from smiling to tears within a turn a page.

In the modern world that we live in today teens commit suicide often over break up to be bullied, teens don’t know how to handle some situations. Hannah gave up on her life because she did not know how to help herself, she tried asking for help then she lost hope in herself and made everything worse. The book The Thirteen Reasons Why shows that people will miss you when you are gone, no matter what you think you know someone will always miss you.

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