Thirdly, provide them more guidance and help Essay

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Thirdly, provide them more guidance and help

There are several ways people can help one another see and do things differently in their lives. First of all, it is a lot easier to help others in the effective ways if their situation and their needs are well aware and understood in advance. Therefore, it’s important to understand the strength and weaknesses of the individual since people have different backgrounds, perspectives, and opinions. Sometimes, people tend to make a quick judgement or stereotype immediately without knowing other people’s situations.

Secondly, another good way to help other people is to provide them with extra resources needed in order to build a stronger knowledge and improve their way of thinking and making decisions. Some people are naturally narrow minded and do things only in their way because they lack knowledge and resources. Although people simply don’t want to spend more time to explore new ways, make them aware and let them know that doing things differently can improve and provide more positive results in their lives. If a person is ambiguous about, lack of knowledge in his or her future plan, the best way is simply to provide them more resources that they might need such as, how to apply for education plan, career training, and other technical training.

Thirdly, provide them more guidance and help them to determine what they want to do and what they want to become in the future. For example, for students, they need to understand work style differences in a workplace with and without a college degree or other technical certificate. Make them aware that with a college degree, more benefits are available. Moreover, once they are determined and set for their future goal, continue to help them to focus and act on their goals. Finally, to help a person learn how to see and do things differently, help them focus on their goals and understand positive results they may see by encouraging them to work hard.

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