Thinking Styles According to LSI

The life Styles Inventory (LSI) is developed by Dr. J. Clayton Lafferty. LSI are measures 12 specific styles of patterns of thinking that can either help or hinder a person from reaching his or her potential. The 12 styles measures by LSI are organized into three general clusters: Constructive, Passive/Defensive, Aggressive/Defensive. Research has shown that the styles measures by the LSI are related to a number of indicators of effectiveness and success, including leadership effectiveness, management effectiveness, problem solving effectiveness, quality of interpersonal relations, salary, organizational level, individual health and well being, and organization culture.

Personal Thinking Styles

After I took the LSI, my primary personal thinking style are Dependent and Competitive which came in the same percentile with a 99 percentile. My back up personal thinking style is Approval with a 95 percentile. To begin with my primary personal thinking, first, Dependent style, passive/defensive cluster, is about people who relies on others for direction, a good follower, doesn’t challenge others, and aims to please everyone.

I totally agree this style can show who I am.

Most of my life I tend to dependent on the others until now. I like to be a follower and accept what is people thinking and making decision. Now, I’m trying to change my thinking and attitude because I don’t want to be a follower forever. I know myself why I am always a follower because I am afraid to say something to be the first person, I might say the wrong answer that will makes me feel embarrass in classroom or public places.

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This might be side effect from when I was young, once time I said the wrong answer in classroom and my classmates started laugh at me. That situation still stays with me. Another of my primary personal thinking is Competitive style, aggressive/defensive cluster, is about people who competes rather than cooperates, strong need to win, and constantly compares self to others. I don’t agree with this score. For me, I think that competitive thinking style is not to be descriptive me. I always do the best with my job and task but I didn’t focus on to be winning. I do accept my colleagues work, I am not the person who will say no or disagree too much. I plan to achieve my goal but I didn’t think to be number one.

This thinking style seems cannot explain me. Next, my backup personal thinking is Approval style, passive/defensive cluster, is about people sets goals that please others, support those with the most authority, agrees with everyone, and reluctantly deals with conflict. I totally agree with this score. According to LSI result, the approval scale measures our need to be accepted by others to increase or sustain our feeling of self-worth. I think dependent and approval styles both are similar to explain me. I like to work many people but I will be a good listener. This might be cause from I don’t like to read since I was young until now. I want to change myself to be a good reader, so, I might have more knowledge to discuss, suggest, and participate with others people. The one style that might be working against me and reducing my overall effectiveness would be the Humanistic-Encouraging. I like to work and share story with people but for this style I think I don’t have too much power to encourage people believe what I say or what I think. I can be an advisor for who has a problem but I don’t know after I talked with them my advice with help them or not. My score in Humanistic-Encouraging is the lowest percentile with is 57 percentile. So, I need to motivate myself for improve for effective in organization.

Impact on Management Style

  1. Planning
  2. organizing
  3. Leading
  4. Controlling

Genesis of Personal Style

Conclusion and reflection

I think this survey is very benefits and advantages for me. When I looked at the score on the first time I don’t think dependent style will be my primary but after I read all detail about who are in this style. I believe, this can show how I am. After finished this survey, I know how to approve and change my personal life style. This survey seems like a guideline that show you how to improve. Also if you follow all those steps, your personal style and think will change to be a good way.

In this course MGMT591, I have my goal

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