Think global act local Essay

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Think global act local

Our society is experiencing nowadays a budgetary crisis that prompts it for early solutions. This awful situation is affecting many countries which are trying to withdraw to early times. Nevertheless, things don´t seem to keep very well. Might it be because of thinking globally and therefore oppressing locally? I will try to give my opinion using some examples drawn from our culture, starting from the highest level of it. In order to solve the crisis, the institutions at the European Union are trying to find new solutions.

If we think of the European Parliament, in charge of the legislation, in cooperation with the Council, and how decisions are made in it –simple majority- we can observe how minorities are not being taken into account. In addition, seats are distributed depending on the size of the population, so once again the power is held by big countries. Therefore, local interests are left aside. Paying direct attention to Spain it can be noticed that the Government has decided to increase some national taxes. This measure, which has been taken with global perspectives so that Germany and France do not force this Member State out of from the European Union, is damaging the citizens in country.

As without much difficulty can be seen, in my opinion thinking globally does not support locally, at least for solving the budgetary crisis. Not only in this area, but also in other aspects from the culture I agree with this statement. In our family we all have elders to take care of. However, it sometimes can be true that we focus on ourselves in others than in the ones who are closed to us. For instance, it is not unusual to see how people involve themselves in activities such as voluntaries in order to feel well and done, while not having time for visiting or even helping those from their family who also need their support.

A similar event happens among close friends. When we think globally in this aspect, we want to have as many friends as possible and from everywhere. In order to achieve this we try to travel around the world and spend time with other cultures. Consequently, we leave by the side the local friends, to whom we have been together all our life through. It does not mean that we oppress them by not being by their side, but without being conscious, our close friends feel as if they were being oppressed. Another aspect in our culture related to this subject has to do with professionals.

Leaving in a society where everybody seems to be willing more and more in order to get a higher reputation, globally thinking does not bring any good. Some professionals only have in mind to become richer and well-known so that they forget about the local needs. By local needs I mean the family, friends, health, etc. In conclusion, I believe people should think global and act local. A company is successful on a global scale if its products are tailored to the requirements of individual countries.

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