Things That Describe Me Essay

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Things That Describe Me

My name is Anthony Derick Grant and I’m an athlete. I’m age seventeen; in the eleventh. I live in Brooklyn, New York, in East Flatbush, in a house. My family background is Guyanese, but I’m American. I’m a very kind person and my personality is unique. My favorite sport is basketball and volleyball because it keeps me happy and active. My favorite color is red because it is a bright color and red is a sign of love. Love is something that I show and give out to others from my heart.

Basketball is a sport that was invented by James A. Naismith. Basketball is a sport that I started playing in my freshman year of high school. At first, I wanted to quit because I would lose a lot of games but as my skills developed, it encouraged me. Sometimes aiming to be the best you can and not producing enough because your skills are not up to par, hurts. This is my favorite sport because it helps me to make the right decisions and to find a way to be a champion. A second item that is important to me is my key chain.

My key chain was given to me by my sister named Nakesha. She has been my role model ever since I was a toddler. She taught me how to read novels that were beneficial to me. When she went to Hawaii, she spent two weeks there and she missed me. Before she left, she thought about me. When she was about to leave to go back to Brooklyn, she made a key chain with my first name on it. I cherish the key chain because she doesn’t live with me anymore and she has always been somebody I look up to.

My basketball sneakers Derrick Rose 2. 5 are very light and comfortable. Derrick Rose was my favorite point guard in the NBA before he got injured and I admired how he played. When I was watching a commercial, it brought my attention and amazed me, so I decided to buy his sneakers. His sneakers are very light so whenever you jump, you don’t feel as if the shoe is keeping you from jumping your highest. I always wear these basketball sneakers whenever I play basketball because I feel like it gives me good luck.

My three items are very important to me because it gives an important part of what type of person I am and it brings out my attitude toward the things I cherish or love. Everybody has different personalities and things that represents him or her. Being yourself is what makes you stand out from others. People have hobbies and things they do to keep them happy or stress free. It’s good to be yourself because sometimes you can learn or help others to show them what is right and wrong. A lot of things that represents me inspi others.

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