Things People Do Essay

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Things People Do

Ignorant, self centered people have a certain quality that really sets me over the edge. Illiterate teenage girls have the need to makes everyone’s business their own. Girls will go out of their way to gossip, or dig for gossip from other people. This has been going on for centuries, but it seems to be progressing in the last few centuries. Further, it shouldn’t take any normal human being 10 seconds to respond to a question which only requires an answer such as “good” or “cool”.

Talking really slow isn’t going to make people pay more attention to the things you say; only to care less the longer you pause. Similarly, plenty of young teens think it’s cool to act dumb for attention. Acting dumb will get no one nowhere fast. The only attention given is of the negative variety. These things get on my nerves simply because the majority of people can refrain from infecting our world with this useless excuse for attention. It is very unneeded and pointless to make everyone’s business your own.

Most of society would think that the amount of wasted information consuming the youth brain would result with a constant headache, but you’re wrong. Most of the time, the people gossiping and spreading untruthful rumours are the most satisfied with their selves. Also, these people do not care about what they are saying or even who they are gossiping about, half the time they might not even know who they are. The only thing these people care about is making them selves feel better by other peoples mishaps.

The thing that irritates me the most about this is the disrespect these “ladies” have towards the victims of this information. High school is full of unwanted drama and girls who will do anything for it. Talking unnecessarily slow is becoming much more popular in the teenage cry for attention. In no way possible should it take 10 seconds for someone to respond to a question, expressly if it is as simple as “good” or “nice”. After about 3 seconds the human brain will forget it even asked the question and your answer will become pointless to the person who asked.

It miffs my brain when someone will ask the same question over and over again but not listen to the answer. For example, someone asks the time while looking at their phone, you give the answer anyways but your answer is ignored and the question is repeated 30 seconds later. Granted that talking slow man give the impression that the point being made is important, it is also a waste of time. Having the same conversation for an hour and a half because you’re talking so slow is not an ideal use of time.

Acting dumb wont get you anywhere in life, so what’s the point. As children become teenagers their view on how society should see them changes. Young girls, mostly, see things as if they fail a class their friends will think higher of them. As the girls get older it becomes more constant. Talking in a baby voice, pretending not to know what someone is talking about, and constantly asking “what” is the most irritating voice will not guarantee you to get friends people will only see you as annoying or immature.

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