They poured fire on us from the sky Essay

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They poured fire on us from the sky

They Poured Fire on us from the Sky was a courageous tale about three young men; Benson Deng, Alephension Deng and Benjamin Ajak. Through the story these three young men experienced some really harsh treatment. The Dinka tribe was their homeland a peaceful, grassy and active homeland, until the Muslims came. All the commotion happened when the Dinka tribe refused to participate in Islam’s culture. Islam did not like their refusal so they started the Sudanese Civil War. Islam invaded all tribes of south Sudan; they burnt homes, killed people, stole cattle and overall raised hatred and a lot of commotion. People started to hide, run and basically migrate to other places now that their beloved home and tribe was now burnt and destroyed.

This is how The Lost boys from Sudan started. The Lost Boys from Sudan was a very large group of male toddlers, boys and men. This group was so angry even the places they stopped at the people there were angry and pitiful. They experienced over 5 months of walking to Kenya with an additional break every once in a while. Many of them died while walking because of yellow fever, thirst, hunger or sickness. The boys and men had to work hard carrying things up hill going to fetch water and food for themselves and toddlers; they went through so much agonizing pain it was sad. If you even attempted to escape you had to go to a thorn made jail. But soon the three boys did escape. They went to a refugee camp called Kankuma where they found their uncle also where they spent some time becoming accustomed to smiles. After this the process to America began the 3 young men went to the Kankuma airport where they flew to an airport called the Nairobi International Airport where they rode buses to a place called Goal Accommodation where they waited 3 days. August 12, 2001 is when they boarded a flight from Brussels to New York.

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