Thesis Syanadt Payroll System Uploaded Essay

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Thesis Syanadt Payroll System Uploaded

Computers have the great impact on the profession of accounting. With the rapid growth of technology today, there is no doubt that computer will become a common asset in all profession. As computer technology changes at such fast phase, many businesses sectors try to cope up by upgrading computer system constantly in order to stay competitive. The multi-function ability of technology for its advance system is also an important factor for a company to use software.

As our project the payroll system is one of the software that the professional is develop, thesystem is good for its specialty in the fields of accounting, it is easy to use and effective and efficient in organizing and calculating the payroll process and it is more important application that should be used by businesses of any size. Payroll systems are very simple to use, they can easily be incorporated into any business applications being used by the company. These systems are a guaranteed way to make sure your payroll is done on time and in agreement with all taxing authorities. Tax laws and rates have continually changed in recent years, new tax credits, expiration of old credits and rate changes can all affect the outcome of your payroll.

These systems can be programmed to calculate taxes and deductions to your specific area. Most systems have an internet database that can be accessed for updates to tax codes and changes in the law. These systems also can help the business owner calculate the amount of taxes they be obligated the government at the end of each quarter. Failure to submit the correct taxes each quarter is the number one reason that business owners find themselves in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service.

Many companies specialize in providing payroll systems to other businesses. If you are not ready to install and use a system like this in your own company, you may consider going to this type of business to have the service performed.

Rainbow Trucking Services is operating for 12 years in area of comprising Brgy. San Pablo Extension, Carmona, Cavite . Presently, Rainbow Trucking Services is practicing the manual process on their Payroll System. It has seperate manual process for the Regular Employees. The total number of Employees in Rainbow Trucking Services is 40.

Statement of the Problems

So much time is being wasted in retrieving and there is a possibility of saving the same files in the process and it cannot also be help that the margin of error in this kind of process is large.

General Problem

As a manual payroll system is done entirely by hand, there are plenty of points at which things can go wrong due to human error. An individual carries out all timesheets, taxes, wages, checks, verification and recordings, and there are many small calculations that can be slightly mistaken that will cause far more serious problems further down the line. The fact that a manual payroll is done by hand can cause problems with liability. If one individual is in charge of the payroll system, then anything and everything that goes wrong is their responsibility, meaning they will have to deal with the consequences. If there are any mistakes made with taxes, then the individual can infer penalties from the government.

Specific Problem

Due to the process of manual system the calculation process of the salary of the employees are taking slowly and time consuming and the result are less accurate.

1. How to eliminate redundancy of data?
-for their might be a chance that a data can be duplicated.
2. How user prevent prone to error in typing their record ?
-a typographical error is typical to happen due to the user error.
3. How user has a security functionality?
-does not have any login username and password function.
4. How user can manage less time consuming in retrieving files?
– because another file will be opened to view a different record.

Research Hypothesis

General Objective

The researcher’s purpose is to maintain the security of files and records of their company. To make their records more organized and to speed the processing of their payroll and to make a system that will benefit the person that will use the system.

Specific Objective

1. To eliminate data redundancy the system will checked if a certain record already exists. 2. To secure the data processing due to the login password setting the records are secured to unauthorized access. 3. To accurately calculate the payroll values because of the formula that has been written inside the system. It automatically displays the calculated values. 4. To give less time in retrieving files a function will be included that display employee record.

Significance of the study

Using a new system in computing employee’s payroll is very much important. Actually many have been benefited of upgrading their software to handle different transactions of the company. Having new systematized software in computing a payroll can benefit the Rainbow Trucking Services the fullest. The company can accomplish their job in a short period of time having more time in operating their other transactions, the possibility of progressing further will be within reach.

The employees will certainly be the one to be benefited the most, to actually having a more accurate system in computing their payroll. Having more organized materials to be used in searching for their records and files. Having an organized system will surely lighten the work of each employee a fully automated system that can respond to the process the given transaction is requesting. The jobs of the payroll staff will truly be lessen in computing employee’s payroll that will let them concentrate to their other job.


This study is designed to develop a Computerized Payroll for Rainbow Trucking Services It covers the process of preparing the Pay slip of each employee, keeping of records safety and computing the exact wages of each employee.It includes the features that can Add employees record, Edit employees information, Delete employees records,print/save the Pay Slip of Each Employee and Updating employees informatio as well as the weekly salary, Cash Advance, rate per day, overtime Gross payment,and Deduction such as with holding tax,SSS and Philhealth, adding up with log-in ,log-out process for security purpose.


The proposed Computerized Payroll System for Rainbow Trucking Services does not support network topology implementation and online program or online transaction. On the other hand, this study limits only to the proposed enchancement Computerized Payroll System of the Works. A proposed system which can only be access by authorized person.It does not support network topology implementation , online program or online transaction.

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