Thesis: Hotel and Online Reservation

Relevant Literature and published studies were limited but were none the less considered to find support for the objectives of this study. Durenberger (Encarta 1998), According to his, the need to deal with increasingly stiffer competitions, brought about a growing trends among hotels to offer guests greater convenience. Indeed, surviving competition not only meant offering luxurious accommodations, modern facilities as well as first class amenities it also meant keeping service efficiency as highest level at all times. Reservation, bring the initial points of contact between guest and hotel service personnel, should then meant managements careful attention and consideration for automation.

Accessibility, the speed which a hotel is able to confirm a guests reservation and most importantly to ensure a hassle-free check-in, all spell convenience for guests.

For all intents and purposes and any prospective guests lost at this point due to in accessibility, unavailable, inaccurate and incomplete information as worse failing up a confirmed reservation, is lost for a good. Sprague (Encarta 1998) he also made mention of another trend which brought on the necessity of computerized reservation among hotels.

Chain operations in the industry are a continuing trend worldwide particularly in the United States. Central reservations among others make efficient management possible for such an operation.

Bowen (Encarta 1998) he said that about 30 percents of all American hotels are affiliated with chains or franchised groups. Douglas H. Haden “Total Business: Computers in Business”, (1997) According to his, one of the significant aspect of business data processing is that it sets it apart from their computer applications, the massive amount of data that must be the typical computerized business system.

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A second significant aspect by which greatly compounds the first is the large number of interrelationship among the data items which the business system must content. Local Literature

PSICOM(June 1997) According to PSICOM, technology means using computer devices which has the ability to cut us free from mundane activities, but it can also slice deeply into profits, security and personal privacy and our society in general.

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To the hotel industry, where survival hinges on an establishments ability and success in the delivery of high quality service, automation certainly seems inevitability from the start apart from reservations, other areas in the industry that have undergone on “computer-life” are credit and collection, supplies inventory, and personal records among others. Graham, Neil S. “The Mind Too” (2003) he stated that, today computers are almost everywhere. Many small business have their own computers. Many professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers use computers in their field of work. Savitch, Walter D. “An Introduction to the art and science of Programming”, (2003) he mentioned that computers controls manufacturing process keep track of reservation, predict another, computer government economics, control space probes and the list goes on seemingly with out Local Literature.

Online Reservation System(2006) states that, nowadays books can be ordered and purchased online; this made easier for anyone to buy a book they want instead of wasting their time searching through the bookstore. Andre, et,al java Script present as “On-line Ordering System”, (2001) with the use of simple but easy to use , user interfaces. Clients can register in their website and order an item by emailing the company through the system, the company can minimize wasted time, effort,, and money because the processing of orders is done fast, accurate, and on-line. Danee Rivera and Christian Santos (2008), stated in their research that “computer and the internet became one of the most used tools for the communication, several processes that usually takes several manual process that takes time and is prone to mistakes which can cause problems especially if it involves registration and booking.”

Riva, Khristine Maala “Entrepreneur ” they say, as more and more people use the internet to transact business, many websites are starting to offer their services to resolve disputes between buyers and sellers. Andres and Goran “Organization and Management” they said that, a system can be organized cooperation between people in order to process and convey information more precisely that it has been developed in order to collect, store, distribute and interpret information without hiding.” Bernardo and Estrella’s unpublished and undergraduate thesis “Computerized Hotel Reservation System” they said that. Today, new computer have been employed to automate many aspects of human activities. Business became the major beneficiary of this constantly evolving technology , providing solutions to problems involving repetitive and interactive calculation, database management accounting, file handling, and many others, many of this business organization are just using a manual operating system.

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Michael Langendorf (2005) a secure online reservation system developed by accommodation business owners for accommodations business owners. It’s a custom piece of online reservation software perfectly suited for small to medium hotels, and bed and breakfast business. More and more travelers are booking all of their needs online, and this internet reservation software is perfect for their ease and for your needs.

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