Therefore the poet is trying to demonstrate Essay

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Therefore the poet is trying to demonstrate

Hopkins was born in 1844, and died just 45 years later in 1889. He was a deeply intellectual and religious man, and became a Jesuit priest in 1877, the same year of which he wrote Pied Beauty. In the poem, the author expresses his gratitude in God for making all the beautiful things that we now see in this world (assuming that what he saw is not that far off from what we now see of course) and how we should all “praise him”. Significant poetic devices and their significance (eg: Metaphors, symbols, rhyme scheme, form, imagery, repetition… etc)

Structure-based analysis 1) Funny rhyme scheme here. ABCABC DBEDE. Note how every rhyming lines are indented to the same extent. This perhaps portrays the different hierarchies of the world that we see today, whether it is caste, wealth or class. He perhaps is trying to link them all together, and express the feeling that there is room for everyone in the kingdom of God, or God sees all, from the rich to the poor, no matter what your social status.

The peculiar rhyme scheme could represent the fact that we often find God a very mysterious entity, one who works in mysterious ways. We cannot fully understand why he often does things so out of convention (ie storms, hurricanes) but they are all part of his plan to make everything work. The break in the rhyme scheme illustrates the fact that God is unpredictable, when you start to understand what he does and how he works, the more he changes and does something completely different.

Therefore the poet is trying to demonstrate the fact that we cannot even begin to comprehend the concept of God, and that ‘the only thing we are certain about him is his uncertainty. The last line in the poem “praise him” is indented differently from the rest of the poem, providing a very powerful message for the conclusion, as if the poet was saying ‘Amen’ at the end of a prayer. 2) Iambic pentameter not used, rather Sprung Rhythm is used. This is a poetic rhythm designed to imitate the rhythm of natural speech.

It is constructed from feet in which the first syllable is stressed and may be followed by a variable number of unstressed syllables. In this case, the poet uses this to make his poem sound more genuine; emphasizing the fact that he truly feels this sense of love towards God. The fact that it sounds like natural speech also creates a stronger empathy link with the reader and the poet, thus making it easier for the poet to get his point across.

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