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There will come soft rains Essay

Furthermore, it is Ironic that such a sophisticated example of technology, the computerized house, can be destroyed by nature, represented by the tree limb which crashes through the window and starts the fire. The use of metaphors and the irony makes the reader think about the way they are living their own life, which then leads to the reader thinking more about the story, thus their entire mind-set is focused on the plot and that builds tension, chaos and confusion. Another way in which Bradbury creates a sense of chaos and confusion is his effective use of punctuation.

Throughout the description he uses simple, short sentences to make the audience read faster through the story, thus building and building on the sense of chaos. Examples of these short sentences are: “In the nursery the jungle burned. Blue lions roared, purple giraffes bounded off”, “Ten more voices died”, “The crash” and “Smoke and silence. A great quantity of smoke”. Not only does Bradbury build tension through the use of short sentences, he also uses long, detailed sentences to enhance the process of imagery.

Examples of these sentences are: ‘The house shuddered, oak bone on bone, its bared skeleton cringing from the heat, its wire, its nerves revealed as if a surgeon had torn the skin off to let the red veins and capillaries quiver in the scalded air”, “The panthers ran in circles, changing color, and ten million animals, running before the fire, vanished off toward a distant steaming river”, and “In the kitchen, an instant before the rain of fire an timber, the stove could be seen making breakfasts at a psychopathic rate, ten dozen eggs, six loaves of toast, twenty dozen bacon strips, which, eaten by fire, started the stove working again, hysterically hissing! “.

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Due to these detailed sentences, the audience can create an accurate picture of what is happening in the story, thus they empathize more with the characters and pay closer attention to the occurrences of the plot. This will help the audience understand what is going on, and make them more willing to find out what will happen as an outcome.

This means that a sense of chaos and confusion is effectively created. Word count: 989 Miles Murdoch 24/09/09 Miles Murdoch 24/09/09 There Will Come Soft Rains There Will Come Soft Rains Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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