There Will Be no Plastic Packaging in Canadian Landfills

Industry wants zero packaging in Canada’s landfills by 2040. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, retrieved from Main Points In this news article, Canadian want to recycle 100% in plastic packaging in 2030 in which there will be no more plastic packages in the landfills at 2040. Base on this, they have suggested many ways to have this recycle and introduced that the disposable tableware have become one of the most problems during this recycle action. For examples, the Canadian Plastic Industry Association and the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada said that they would like to recycle the plastic packaging and turn it into chemical feedstocks, fuel, and lubricants.

Unfortunately, it had also said that during the process of recycling, they should set a standard of recycle and ban the recycle of plastic that are hard to recycle and harmful additives which are very challenged for them to recycle. Reliability This news is posted in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) which is a stated-owned company which is owned by the Canadian government for the public television services around the Canada in which may be reliable for me to use it as a resource as the information will be given by the government directly in which is more accurate than those new announced by the company.

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As a result, it is reliable for me to use in my research projects.

Relevance / Usefulness As this news is talking about the targets for recycling or reduce the plastic waste through different years. And plastic has become one of the main types of wastes in these years around the world.

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This can help me to know more about the determination of the Canadian to improve and protect their environment through different kinds of action. Also, it shows some in 2025, they want to eliminate the use of disposable tableware in which to reduce the large amount of plastic waste. Thus, from the information given in this news article, I think this will be useful for me to use it as a resource in this project. Main Points The main idea of this news is about the government in United Kingdom is planned to have a tax on the plastic packaging which contain less than 30% recycling materials in 2022.

With this tax, the government think that this can act as an incentive for the companies to use the recycling material when producing packaging which lead to an increase in producing the recycling materials and encourage them to turn the plastic into oil for reuse in the future. N However, Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond had also said that this act could only help to recycle, but it is difficult to use this policy in reuse. Reliability This news is published by Reuters. This news publisher is an international news organization that is also the top three in today’s world. It is also famous about the speed and accuracy of the information that they have given which prove that they will not giving the wrong or misleading news to the people. Thus, it is reliability for me to use the news for my research.

Relevance / Usefulness As this news is talking about the United Kingdom government is planned to set a tax to the non-recycled plastic packaging in 2022. From this new, I can see that the United Kingdom government is not just doing action after the wastes have produced, but also having a prevention before the wastes have produced. As we know that plastic has become the main waste in United Kingdom but also the world. This kind of action will a big step for the United Kingdom to reduce the waste produced and even it is easy for them to recycle the waste and turn it into a more useful things in which is related to my topic for these research project.


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