There nothing like old shoes Essay

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There nothing like old shoes

Shoes,people have been wearing them for more then 100 years.There are all different kinds of shoes like,high heels,boots,flipflops,and cobbers. Every shoe has its own purpose like boots there for the snow ,and flipflops for water. All shoes have one thing in commun they all protect your feet.The three most important things are: new shoes,kinds of shoes like flipflops,and the company it comes from.

First,have you ever noticed how new shoes can bother.Thats because your shoes haven’t adjusted to your feet.When your picking your shoes the most important thing is that it look like it can adjusted easly and how soft it feel.It should be a month or two before your shoes adjust to your feet.Some people don’t like to wait for there shoes to adjust to their feet, so they precostum order there shoes.

Next,there are many tipes of shoes for differents ocacions and diferentes seasons for example: when is winter or fall most people used boots, when is summer or spring people like wears sandals, if you go to play soccer you probably used sport shoes. When you travel to Central or South America you would see seasons don’t exist like here the people generaly don’t use boots. If you live in the North Pole,you probably will need to used shoes that are made with animals furs.

Then,exist differents companies that make shoes like Nike, Puma, Sckechers, etc… . Each company uses different materials to make their shoes like plastic,leather,yarn, and other differents materials. There are also differents prices on shoes depending on the quality of the shoe, probably when its animal skin it cost more. Long ago there were no companies to make shoes,so people made them of trees or other tipes of plants.

In conclusion ,exist many variety of shoes depending on colors,sizes,prices,and where you live.People can chose what they most like depending on their needs and wants. I personaly would not buy shoes made of animals skin, because I like animals very much. In many cases shoes are very expensive because they come from designers frecuently are used by famous people. So take care of your shoes before there old.

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