There are many threats to global food supplies Essay

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There are many threats to global food supplies

The food security is a potential crisis to the world in terms of food supplies and food safety while the global population is projected to reach 9 billion by 2050 (Black, 2010). This essay, first of all, willjust focus on the threats to global food supplies from two main aspects: the threats caused by the objective factors in a broad sense, and the challenges attributed to the subjective factors which closely related to the human behavior.After the analysis of the problems, a number of feasible solutions will be suggested with the implications which will be further discussed accordingly.  Although population,conditions of technology and economy, and climate changes seem to be correlated with the human beings, they are both factors which cannot be changed by a simple policy or a short-term plan less than a decade. Therefore, in this essay, they are classified into the objective factors challenging the food supplies. As iscommonly known, population booming will directly lead to the severe shortage of land and water which are essential to the food production.

Weak conditions in terms of technology and economy accelerate the ‘yield gap’ and aggravate the threat, making the poor area more vulnerable (Godfray, et al, 2010).Also, extreme weather along with the deterioration of global climate will damage the crops. Climate changes including global warming will change the seasonal patterns of pollination for crops which would influence their production (Slaght, 2012).   On the other hand, human factors contain more complicated reasons which are different from nations and industries. Generally, several main reasons can be concluded: mismanagement on ecosystems causes the dramatic decline in some species which eventually leads to the reduction of food supply(Slaght, 2012). Along with the regional industrialization, the exportations offruit and vegetables to developed countries displace local staple crops, which indirectly impacts the undeveloped areas suffering further from the malnourishment (Slaght, 2012). Besides, food waste during the transportation and processing, retail and home stages comprises a large proportion both in developed and developing countries (Godfray, et al, 2010).

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