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There are many diverse identity groups like race gender religion

There are many diverse identity groups like race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation within our society. From those many identity groups gender is the most easily identifiable and common identity group in our society. The most recognized gender in our society is male and female. Male and Female are different in many physical and emotional ways. This paper will analyze how female are represented in a children book, movie, and personal interview. Furthermore, I will explain what I have learned about female through three sources.

The first source is the children book called Allie’s basketball dream. This book is narrating how Allie’s experience of breaking a gender barrier. Allie’s father bought a basketball for Allie. So, she went to the basketball court to play basketball. All of her female friends doesn’t wanted to play basketball or sports in general. Instead those girls wanted to play with jumping ropes to do things like double dutch. All male friends didn’t wanted let her to join to the basketball game, because they thought girls are bad at basketball.

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After having the conversation with Allie, boys let Allie play basketball with them. Then Allie surprise everyone by making every shot she took. Except Allie this book represented women as someone who doesn’t want to play sports. Typically, men are more likely to participate and perform better than women in very physical sports like football. However upon reading this children book, I learned that some women athletes can perform better than men athletes.

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With this in mind when I am teaching and learning in a diverse society it is very important for me to not judge someone’s ability based on their gender.

The second source is the interview with Ria Guddanti. She is one of my best student from the taekwondo school. Her family background is very interesting. Her mother is from China, and her father is from India. They met each other in US and married back in 1997. According to Ria a woman is very important figure, and backbone of the household. Instead of going out to work, woman would cook, clean house. Most importantly Ria said that it is woman’s responsibility to teach and pass down the core idea of their religion. Ria’s family practice the Hindu. Hindu is the most important thing that Ria’s family value. Ria explained that Hindu would teach their family how to deal with people, many problems that can come to their lives, and always be peaceful. Other than religion, it is also woman’s responsibility to teach rules of society, manners, and discipline to their children. This is why woman are high honored, and considered as the person who maintain the house. It was very interesting to hear her story. In my family, male are the portrayed as the one who are going to the field doing the heavy duty work to support their family. Compare to male, woman are just seen as someone who just cook and clean the house. So, in my family culture, male are shown as the backbone of the house. Also, it was fascinating to see how it is woman’s responsibility to teach manners, and discipline to children. Again, in my family, it is male’s responsibility to instruct manners to children. By interviewing Ria I learned that family with different background, the traditional role of women and men can be reversed. When Teaching in a diverse classroom environment, it is very crucial to respect other family’s culture. My family and Ria family had different opinion towards the role of women in the family. Just like this we can have different opinion on the same topic from others because of our different cultural background.

The third source is the movie called White Chicks. This popular comedy movie came out in 2004. The main characters of this movie are Marcus Copeland and Kevin Copeland. They are African American FBI agent. They are assigned the mission of protecting Brittany and Tiffany Wilson from danger. However, Wilson sisters get a minor cut on their face from the car accident. They refused to do anything until those wounds are healed. So Marcus and Kevin disguised themselves as white women and live the life of white billionaire girl. This movie shows many different stereotypes of women. This movie represents white women as rich, shopping addict, and party lover. Also, this movie represents African American women as someone who are loud, angry, and aggressive. For example, in one scene main character Marcus Copeland disguised as white women and went to shopping with three white friends of Wilson sisters. Then women clothes wouldn’t fit on him and the store employee tried to helped him out. While he was doing this, he accidently to hang up the phone call conversation with his girlfriend Gina Copeland. When the store employee said, ‘ah its (the clothe) too tight’, Gina thought that Marcus is cheating on him. So, she yells out in anger ‘tight?! The only thing that’s going to be tight is my foot down your throat’ in public.


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