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There are many beautiful land marks around the world such as the

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There are many beautiful land marks around the world such as the golden gate bridge, the statue of liberty, the opera house, Sydney harbour and much more that people admire for hours that without boilermakers would not be possible this is what has inspired me to be a boilermaker.

Good morning/afternoon ladies and gent my name is Domonic Facelli,

I am here this morning/afternoon to express my knowledge through an informative speech, about the learning and career path of becoming a boilermaker.

This presentation will cover the fields of; the general job description, compulsory skills and experiences required in the field and workplace of a boilermaker.

There are four years of learning the essentials of becoming a boilermaker before entering the workplace as a full qualified tradesmen. Generally speaking, a boilermaker is a tradesmen who is required to weld and grind.

Although, a boilermakers duty is much more than just to weld and grind. A boilermaker also perform tasks such as using hand held tools like, gas torches, and welding equipment in addition general cleaning and painting.

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Greatly enough boilermakers do much more than sit around, and weld all day they perform many tasks instead of doing the same thing day in day out.

A boilermaker workplace could be anywhere which welding is necessary from sheds to mining to the middle of the street general performed in a workshop. The condition of boiler making are hot and hard and heavy work, a very active job which always performing tasks in.

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The pay can range from anywhere from $25-$60 depending on the work condition the more dangerous the greater pay, such as mining. As a boilermaker, you will perform tasks that your boss has assigned this job is based on a wage meaning you get paid on an hourly wage. The conditions will vary according to the work environment you are in, the danger or heat a boilermakers in and what tasks they perform. A boilermaker must also attend toolbox meeting at the start of each day. Boilermakers are required to make plans before commencing work and get this checked over by their manager and approved. Therefore, the working conditions of a boilermaker vary heavily depending on many aspects and the pay scale also varies depending on experience.

There are safety and workplace health and safety requirements also learning, that must be met before you start as a boilermaker or work in general. This includes successful of a four year apprentice ship through trades centres such as tafe. There are many ways to get into tafe, the most common is by completing year 10 and receiving a year 10 certificate that allows you to gain entry. The apprenticeship is 4 years, and can cost from · once finished your four year apprenticeship you are a fully qualified tradesmen, in an apprenticeship you can start work from day one on your apprenticeship the more experience you gain the greater your pay. Learning health and safety a big part of becoming a boilermaker.

Although Boiler making come with it ups and downs, it is also rewarding making things people look at each day or use making you feel that you give to the community and are a part of it devolving and becoming better each day. Even though the skills and learning of becoming a boilermaker can be a challenge. The essential skills, to become a boilermaker include, but are not always limited to; safety, working under rough conditions, patience, teamwork, work ethic; communication skills and leadership. These skills are needed along with knowledge that has been taught to you through training. The skills of becoming a boilermaker are a vital part of the job and if not used every day could accident. For example safety is important for a work field full of dangerous tools that produce high amounts of heat also heavy thing that could fall on someone. In addition hardworking skills are a must as a boilermaker as boilermakers need to get things done people as if they on people could be injured if the product isn’t made to standard. All in all these skills are essential for becoming a boilermaker.

There are a lot of workplace texts that are used within the tradesmen workplace. These text range from health and safety being a major one then code conduct and learning text also blue print and planning .

A work place text that is used on a daily basis is health and safety in addition to work plans for the day. Work plans help boilermakers see what tasks they are performing for the day also to see what they are s made in the tool box meeting at the start of each day with your supervisor. Work plans give you what task you will be performing. The work plans give boilermakers an exact way of making the project of their making so they can accurately make the project. Work plans are used on a daily for boilermaker to perform their tasks.

My speech this morning/afternoon was to tell you about the career path of becoming a boilermaker, this speech covered the topics of; the job description, essential skills and experiences required in the field and workplace texts used. If you are interested in finding out more you can ring or email the closest tafe or trades training centre to find out more in addition to talking to your career advisor.

Thank you for listening.

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