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Therapy Essay Examples

Essay on Therapy

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Professional nursing boundaries

...Health providers can choose to change or develop new disciplinary boundaries after identified new areas of work according to their interest of work such as an advance practitioners nurse in anaesthesia or as a clinical nurse to gain more knowledge and skill in their own field. According to Chang et al (2011,p3), that the advance practice nurse position is a result of changing healthcare needs and positive effects from this new roles have been widely document, improve patient out came and increa...

The Nursing Shortage: an Annotated Bibliography

...Evaluation: Harriet R. Feldman's book includes a chapter on the role of nursing schools to discuss the nursing shortage. Harriet R. Feldman is the editor of the 2003 Springer Series on Nursing Management and Leadership. She carries the credentials of having a PhD, being a RN, and is apart of Fellows of the American Academy of Nursing. This chapter has a page of references used in the writing of the chapter. The chapter provides facts and insight to what nursing schools could be doing to reduce ...

Prison Healthcare

...to those the general public receives from the NHS” (What Healthcare Services is Prisoners Entitled to). This means that prisons already provide health education, patient education, prevention and other health promotion interventions in that general context.” In addition, it is a requirement that each and every prisoner be able to find the penitentiaries’ policy statement regarding the health care services that are offered. In this policy statement it must be able to be viewed in a noticeab...

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Long term conditions

...Australia. The Department of Health and Ageing (2009) A picture of rheumatoid arthritis in Australia. Canberra: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (9) (pp.1,3,4) [Online]. Available at: http://www.aihw.gov.au/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=6442459857 (Accessed: 14 May 2014) Canada. Ontario Medical Association (2009) Policy on Chronic Disease Management, Ontario: Health Policy Department [Online] Available at: https://www.oma.org/Resources/Documents/2009ChronicDiseaseManagement.pdf (Acces...

Contemporary Issue in Health and Social Care

...1. Cleland, D. I. Gareis, R. (2006). Global Project Management Handbook. "Chapter 1: "The evolution of project management". McGraw-Hill Professional, 2006. ISBN 0-07-146045-4 2. Csikai, E. L. and Bass, K. 2001. Health care social workers' views of ethical issues, practice, and policy in end-of-life care. Social Work in Health Care, 32 (2), pp. 1--22. 3. Hardill, I., Spradbery, J., Arnold-Boakes, J. and Marrugat, M. L. 2005. Severe health and social care issues among British migrants who retire t...

Banning Junk Food Advertising

...Thirdly, we shouldn’t permit that a law or ban assumes parents’ role in the education of their children, it would be strengthen their irresponsibility as for kids’ health care, so to prevent that a ban simply postpones the learning process to later years when parents lose the control, we need to start teaching them a better lifestyle from home first because is into the family that children build healthy or unhealthy habits. Finally, banning fast food advertising won’t encourage consumers...

Self medication

...The latter could perhaps be termed • "under-the-counter" although there is nothing secretive about their sale. Even in the pharmacies, which.~perate legally under the supervision of a qualified pharmac~t, prescription-only drugs can ~ bou~ht without a prescription. People acqurre therr knowledge about the use of these medicines from relatives, neighbours, sales people and old prescriptions, as we will see below I. •Recentlv Odebivi and Femi-Oyewo have reported on the correspanding situation ...

Uninsured and Underinsured in America

...of the 2005n current population survey. Retrieved from aspe.hhs.gov/health/reports/05/uninsured-cps/index.htm. Voelker, Rebecca. (2014). Community Health centers and their patients take a big hit in Medicaid opt-out states, report says. Retrieved from newsatjama.jama.com Voelker, Rebecca. (2014). Emergency visits up in Massachusetts after reforms enacted. Retrieved from newsatjama.jama.com Wayne, Alex. (2013). Uninsured population swells in advance of U.S. health. Retrieved from www.bloomberg.co...

The biological perspective and social learning theory (SLT)

...With the biological theory all the aspects can be used in a health setting but not necessarily in a social care setting. Maturation theory (Gesell), and work shift patterns have both been explained for both health and social care settings but other aspects of the biological theory such as medication is the cure for everything, genes/DNA and chemical imbalances are the cause for illness and disease can only be really placed in a health setting as most social care settings have a more holistic app...

Argumentative Essay Against Euthanasia

...Lastly, the continued improvements and innovations in the field of medicine and health care make euthanasia illogical to be implemented as an option. The reason why medical experts continue to work hard to come up with improved medical technologies, medicines and treatment methods is that they want to make sure that the sick people are able to recover faster and healthy people become even healthier. All of these efforts are being done to make the society become more productive due to the presenc...

Family planning

...The Women and marginalized are prioritized by providing for their needs such as legal, affordable and quality reproductive health care services. After the implementation of the bill, the State guarantees universal access to medically-safe, legal, affordable and quality reproductive health care services, methods, devices, supplies and relevant information thereon even as it prioritizes the needs of women and children, among other underprivileged sectors (SECTION 2, RH Bill, 2008). Furthermore, wo...

Personal Health Records

...Policy Statements Adopted by the American College of Physicians. (2006). Retrieved March 10th, 2011, from www.acponline.org Personal Health Records Standards. (2010). Retrieved March 13th, 2011, from www.recordsforliving.com Sensmeier, J. E. (2010). Tech update:the journey toward a personal health record. Retrieved March 11th, 2011, from www.nursingcenter.com SentinelNewsService. (2009). Nurses Engineer lead efforts to radically change personal health records. Retrieved March 11th, 2011, from ww...

Self Medication Practices in a Rural Filipino Community

...Zafar, S.N et.,al, 2007, Self -medication among university students of Karachi: Prevalence, knowledge and attitudes.| To determine the prevalence, attitude and knowledge of self-medication among university students of Karachi, Pakistan| KnowledgeAttitudeAgeMedical and non-medical student| Method specific to the study: Cross-sectional studyLocale: Karachi, PakistanParticipants: 2 medical and 2 non- medical students of university in Karachi, PakistanData Gathering: questionnaireData Analysis:SPSS ...

Organizational Structure and Culture

...The development of an organizational structure and processes by which it communicates through all disciplines is important of the success of any health care environment. While Carey Surgical Associates may be a small practice, proper and effective communication is just as important as any large facility. In fact, in a smaller organization, communication in passing can be taken for granted which is how things get forgotten or misconstrued. The best tool that has been implemented thus far has been...

Vulnerable populations

...Health care reform legislation has spurred efforts to develop integrated health care delivery systems that seek to coordinate the continuum of health services. These systems may be of particular benefit to patients who face barriers to accessing care or have multiple health conditions. But it remains to be seen how safety-net providers, including community health centers and public hospitals—which have long experience in caring for these vulnerable populations—will be included in integrated ...

Quality Improvement Plan Final

...When infection rates are reported to external agencies it allows consumers to make informed decisions as to the safety of the care provided by TWH and speaks to the transparency of the quality improvement programs. Lastly, since everyone in the hospital will have contact with a nurse, the reporting of patient satisfaction with nursing care will promote the compassionate nursing culture of care available at TWH. Monitoring and reporting quality indicators externally allows the organization to kno...

Types of Nursing Care Delivery Systems

...Nursing is a synergistic and dynamic profession, one that integrates art and science in a unique way. Just as unique are the consumers of health care (patients). Regardless of the type of care delivered, adhering to a set of numbers alone would miss the overall picture of this distinct aspect that differentiates nursing from other health professions. To provide a stronger basis for practice, one that can be integral in improving efficiency, quality, and reducing cost, the quantification of front...

Health & Wellness

...My health philosophy is to maintain my physical activity, proper nutrition as well as my emotional and physical health. Combining all of the these together I should be able to have a healthy lifestyle and prosperous life. Physical activity is important therapy for your emotional and well being, it makes you feel good and that you have accomplished a goal that you set for yourself. Maintaining proper nutrition is required to keep up with your physical activity, the “better you eat, the better y...

Johnson and Johnson Analysis

...Johnson and Johnson have built a reputable brand in the world and it is recommended they go deep down into the rural areas and poor countries to improve way of living. Provide free vaccination for children and help in providing affordable drugs to people that cannot afford mostly the under developed countries. Also it is recommended they help in making awareness of protecting the environment. They should concentrate more on the segment that provide most profit for the organization and not waste ...

Affordable Care Act

...Foster, R. (2011). Estimated effect of the Affordable Care Act on total national health spending. Retrieved on March 1st, 2014 from http://www.intellectualtakeout.org/library/chart-graph/estimated-effect-affordable-care-act-total-national-health-spending Kaiser Foundation. (2014). Summary of the affordable care act. Retrieved on February 24, 2014 from http://kaiserfamilyfoundation.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/8061-021.pdf UPMC. (2013). The Pros and Cons of ObamaCare. Retrieved on March 1s, 2014 f...

Future of healthcare

...The challenges that were addressed included the information technology advancements such as the electronic medical record/electronic health record challenge, the accreditation, quality of healthcare, and organizational compliance challenge, the access to health care including the uninsured and those in the poverty levels challenge, the market shares and advancing age of population challenge, and the maintaining a skilled workforce challenge. I also described how an FUTURE 7 organization can adap...

Medical Office Management

...Medical records should be organized in an orderly fashion, and all of the information within the record should be legible to the average reader. The information within the medical record must be accurate and corrections should be made and documented correctly. The wording in medical records should be easily understood and grammatically correct. All of these steps are important to remember when maintaining a medical record for future reference, or even legal issues. Discuss and explain the five b...

Disengagement Theory

...Some choices may not always be appropriate or possible so this means the staff must be trained and taught how to overcome these situations especially against patients that may prove a little difficult. Health and social care workers must work together to give all patients the best care possible. This means regular meetings with different levels of staff in the hierarchy so every staff member is kept in the loop to ensure patients feel valued and cared for, especially those with no family or fri...

?Reflective Essay

...February 2014]. Driscoll, J., 2007. Practising Clinical Supervision: A Reflective Approach for Healthcare Professionals. Elsevier Health Sciences Johns, C., 2013. Becoming a Reflective Practitioner; Oxford: Blackwell Science Ltd Lowe, M., Rappolt, S., Jaglal, S. and Macdonald, G., 2007. The Role of Reflection in Implementing Learning from Continuing Education into Practice. Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, 27(3), pp.143-148 [online] Available at: http://www.onlinelibrar...

Individual Analysis

...Many factors play a role in the individual nurse’s daily practice and quality of care. It is vital that the RN professionally act within the legal standards and limitations set by forth by state laws. The RN must always strive to work fully within his or her scope of practice. Individual understanding of the code of ethics is fundamental in maintaining the integrity of the profession for all nurses. Awareness and self-assessment of the RN’s personal philosophical beliefs and value system are...

International Business

...The main people that benefit from globalization are a doctor’s patients or cliental. The patient or cliental will pay a sufficient amount less for medical care, but receives just as high quality care as they would in the United States. The insurance companies would benefit from globalization of health care because they too would be paying sufficient amount less. The countries would benefit from the globalization of health care because of the money the patients or cliental or tourists are bring...

Health tourism,a boon or a curse

...It make health sector highly commercial and the common man in the country will be hard pressed for medical care; 2) All the resources of health sector will be thrown open for the international tourist so much so that even the so called middle class will be able to ill afford the medical care. 3) Patients from overseas, if they come in droves, may bring in new types of diseases and the risks of infection. 4) In the name of medical tourism, many people who want to enjoy themselves in this country,...

The experience of inter professional collaboration in an area of practice

...The patient case study shows the collective efforts of an interprofessional team and the impact this has on a patient. With the patient being informed and making decisions on their own treatment every step of the way, they become more comfortable and less anxious about the care they are receiving. Explanations from specialists during consultant led ward rounds and the results of MDT meetings mean that each patient is treated as an individual and the pathway of care is suited to them. IPW still h...

Evidence based practice

...1. Anne M Barker. Advanced Practice Nursing-Essentials of knowledge for the profession. United States of America: Jons and Batlett publishers; 2009. P.337-338 . 2. Suresh k Sharma. Nursing research and statistics. Haryana: Elsevier; 2011. P. 22-27. 3. Dennise F Polit ,Cheryl Tatano Beck. Essentials of nursing research-Appraising evidence for nursing practice. 7th ed. Noida: Lippincot Willaims and Wilkins; 2009. P. 25-47. 4. Potter Perry. Basic Nursing. 7th ed. Haryana: Rajkamal Electric Press; 2...

Professional Action Plan

...Medical and health services managers typically need at least a bachelor’s degree to enter the occupation. Prospective medical and health services managers have a bachelor's degree in health administration. These programs prepare students for higher level management jobs than programs that graduate students with other degrees. In addition to education other needed qualities consist of: analytical skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, technical skills, and b...

Values Clarification

...Understanding and Designing Organizational Structures. In P. S. Yoder-Wise, Leading and Managing in Nursing (pp. 137-156). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier - Mosby. NC. (n.d.). Retrieved September 4, 2013, from Chat at the Cooler: http://www.chatatthecooler.com/2009/02/how-to-discover-your-personal-values-in-less-than-10-minutes/ Nelson, W. A. (2011, March/April). Ogranizational Values Statements. Healthcare Executive, 56-59. Retrieved September 6, 2013, from http://www.ache.org/abt_ache/ethicstoolkit/MA...

The Biomedical model

...Counseling is another field that often uses a more holistic approach to healing. Proponents of this framework note that, in the biomedical model, a patient looks to an expert for a specific diagnosis and treatment. Many counselors often try not to label patients with a specific condition, and instead help them recognize their strengths and build on their positive traits. The relationship is far more collaborative than in the biomedical model where a health care professional instructs a patient t...

Limitations and Criticisms of the Adlerian Theory

...It has a wide variety of empirically supported techniques used by behavioral therapists. Another upside to behavior therapy is it's availability to a broad spectrum of individuals. the efficiency of behavior therapy has allowed for the patient's complaints to be addressed more quickly than other forms of psychotherapy. Behavior therapy focuses on techniques to address current problems, instead of trying to get to the internal root of the problem through years of intense therapy or looking throug...

Health Care Transparency

...With expanded information more people will be properly informed of all their choices. Transparency means freedom for consumers. It means more access to information, and more freedom to select the best choice. Without transparency health care is more of a guessing game. Does the facility perform well with back surgery? Who knows guess you’ll have to find out on your own. Of course, that’s risky. But why risk, when you can be informed? At least with information the public can make better decis...

Health Insurance Matrix

...Dimmitt, B. (1996). Can Point-of-Service Go The Distance? Retrieved from http://av4kc7fg4g.search.serialssolutions.com.ezproxy.apollolibrary.com/?ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004&ctx_enc=info%3Aofi%2Fenc%3AUTF-8&rfr_id=info:sid/summon.serialssolutions.com&rft_val_fmt=info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:journal&rft.genre=article&rft.atitle=Can+point-of-service+go+the+distance%3F&rft.jtitle=Business+and+Health&rft.au=Dimmitt%2C+Barbara&rft.date=1996-08-01&rft.pub=Medical+Economics+Inc&...

Employment Responsibilities and Rights

...The different types of occupational opportunities are gaining a level 3 NVQ and working as a senior carer and eventually working towards becoming a unit manager. 4.2 Identify sources of information related to chosen career pathway. Information relating to a chosen career pathway could be to talk to your unit manager about progression to a senior care assistant and find out the relevant training and qualifications that are needed for the role. Another source is the NHS website for job similar to ...


...Health policy-makers and health systems research institutions, in collaboration with economic policy study institutes, need to gather information about the prevailing disease burden at various geographical regions; to develop standard treatment guidelines, to undertake costing of health services for evolving benefit packages to determine the premium to be levied and subsidies to be given; and to map health care facilities available and the institutional mechanisms which need to be in place, for ...

Nurse ethics

...ANMC National Competency Standards for Registered Nurse, statement 6.3 and 8 both highlight that documentation of care plan must bring about towards achieving expected outcome based on continuity of assessment and to be transparent (ANMC, 2006, p. 5 & 6). A’s decision should be clearly documented on the progress notes highlighting the issues of her decision maker and the treatment recommended to her. Situations that offer ethical dilemmas are common in the healthcare industry. In such situ...

Clinic management system

...According to Charles Namibara , the aim of his study was to build a computerized records management system that would be more effective and efficient than the existing manual system in Kitagata Hospital. This was done by looking at the existing health records management system , analysing its strong and weak points design and implementation of a new system. Interviews, observation and document reviews were tools used in data collection. MySQL database management system, Apache server, PHP script...

Health Informatics

...Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (n.d.). CPHIMS Become certified. Retrieved from http://www.himss.org/asp/certification_cphimsApply.asp Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (2011). HIMSS 2011 nursing informatics workforce survey. Retrieved from http://www.himss.org/content/files/2011HIMSSNursingInformaticsWorkforceSurvey.pdf Health Care Informatics Education and Training Program Summaries. Retrieved from http://www.education-portal.com/articles/Heath_Care_In...

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