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Essay on Therapy

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Compensation Strategies

...Communication is going to be the fundamental key to getting the buy in and positive reactions to implementing these compensation benefits. The best merit increase plan, healthcare plan, and 401(k) plan can generate positive employee reactions or a negative employee reaction. The actual effect depends on whether these plans are understood and accepted and whether employees' perceptions of the facts are positive. Finally, it is important to make sure we keep pace and understand what other organiza...

Mama Might Be Better Off Dead

...In conclusion, “Mama Might Be Better off Dead: the Failure of Health Care in Urban America” really shows many areas of human suffering. In a country based on freedom and equality for all, the area of health care could not be further from equal in America. Every day we see talks of health care reform in the news. Political candidates form plans in their campaigns. However, this book puts a real face on the failure of health care in America. I hope more people become aware of how badly change ...

Practicum Evaluation Summary

...Create a program to educate nursing staff to learn and understand how to care for veterans with PTSD at the rehabilitation center using classroom lecture with PowerPoint presentation for all shifts.Michele Reed, JD,MSN,RN Orlando VAMC-Conduct a review of literature to use evidence-based nursing practices -Design a teaching/learning plan using a PowerPoint presentation, handout and test -Implement the program to the nursing staff at the Rehabilitation Center -Evaluate the teaching/learning progra...

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Critical incident in public health

...1. Schieber GJ, Poullier JP, Greenwald LM. Health care systems in twenty four countries. Health Aff (Millwood). 1991;10:22–38 2. Kamerman SB, Kahn AJ. Home health visiting in Europe. Future Child. 1993;3:39–52 3. Buhler-Wilkerson K. Public health nursing: in sickness or in health? Am J Public Health. 1985;75:1155–1161 4. Weiss HB. Home visits: necessary but not sufficient. Future Child. 1993; 3:113–128 5. Baker JP. Women and the invention of well child care. Pediatrics. 1994; 94:527–53...

Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

...Aiken, L. H., et al. (2003). Educational Levels of Hospital Nurses and Surgical Mortality. Journal of the American Medical Association, 290(12), 1617-1623. Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing, at the Institute of Medicine. (2011). The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. IOM, Pg. 97. Retrieved from http://books.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=12956 Institute of Medicine. (IOM). (2010, October 5). The Future of Nursing: Leading Change...

HIPAA - The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

...A breach in HIPAA can be very serious, so it’s important to practice good prevention precautions. Some of the guest speaker’s tips on preventing a breach were locking files to secure important papers. Also securing areas that have any health information, so only the people who are authorized have access to them. Not only do health care workers take precautions to avoid a breach, but so does HIPAA. HIPAA officials do random checks on health care patients in different facilities to ensure tha...

Code of Ethics

...Dean, Hazel D ScD, MPH and Fenton, Kevin A MD, PhD. (2010). Public Health Reports. Addressing Social Determinants of Health in the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS, and Tuberculosis. Retrieved from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles Finegan, J. (1994). The impact of personal values on judgments of ethical behavior in the Workplace. Journal of Business Ethics, 13(9), 747. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview Fremgen, B. F. (2009). Medical law and ethics (3rd ed.). Upper Saddl...

The Differences Between Modern Day Nursing Education and the Old Hospital Based Training Model

...1b When did the Diploma of Nursing become the nationally recognised entry level qualification for Enrolled Nurses in Australia? Why did this occur? The diploma of nursing was nationally recognised in 2010. It coincided with the establishment of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority (AHPRA) (AHPRA 2012). This was essential as previously, each state had different systems and standards and this was not practical for national management .This was evident when enrolled nurses (EN) ...

Ethical Self- Assessment

...In conclusion, as healthcare professional, it is your obligation to continue to work at better ethical behavior for the organization and the patients. It also helps to encourage that same type of environment with fellow co-workers. “Work to promote a healthy work environment which includes freedom from harassment, sexual and other, and coercion of any kind, especially to perform illegal or unethical acts”, (Board of Governors, 2011). Always report anything that is unethical. The Code of Ethi...

Half the Sky Final Essay

...Her family contacted them, and they sent a missionary plane to bring Dina to their hospital. This was at the expense of Heal Africa. When Dina arrived, she was one of dozens of women in the hospital, all like her, incontinent due to fistulas. Here, she began physical therapy to start walking again, and had two surgeries, each to fix her fistulas. Without HEAL Africa, Dina would have never received help due to the cost. HEAL Africa has an annual budget of $1.4 million, with more than one third of...

Sdlc with Example

...Two business school professors, one an MIS scholar and the other retired from the accounting faculty, were called upon by a local hospital to assist with the procurement of software for the Home Health area. These academics were up to the challenge, and pleasantly assisted the hospital in their quest. While both researchers hold terminal degrees, each learned quite a bit from the application of principles taught in the classroom (e.g., the SDLC) to the complexities surrounding real-world utiliza...

Patient-centred care is a fundamental issue

...During the discussion forums in my tutorial class, patient-centred care was one of the topics which grasped my attention. The forum provided an insight into what is involved in patient-centred and examined some effective strategies. I found this topic interesting as the class shared their experiences and viewpoints on the issue. One participant shared that when recently working in aged care as an assistant nurse, patient care was often carried out in regards to time restraints and thus resulting...

Family Health Assessment

...A person should sleep average 6-8 hours at night. Nyennoh’s family has no sleep deprivation. They go to bed at 9 o’clock and get up 6 o’clock in the morning. They have a good sleeping pattern so they never use any medication to induce sleep. The elimination pattern is varies in individual. This family is not experiencing any bladder or bowel problems. There is no evidence of diarrhea or constipation in the family. Bowel movements and regularly in every day. Parents always take special atte...

Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project


AIDS and Needles

...For 5 years, Becton Dickinson manufactured only 3cc safety syringes. During that period, Becton Dickinson did not license its new safety syringe technology to another manufacturer that might have produced a full range of syringe sizes. Most hospitals and clinics, including the medical facility where Maryann Rockwood worked at drawing blood from many patients with Hepatitis B or HIV, did not stock the Becton Dickinson safety syringe. Most nurses in the United States continued to use unprotected s...

Prepare Environments and Resources for use during healthcare activities

...3.7 Consumable materials are replenished by either advising the individual, or their family (or whoever does this for them) what they need more of, or advising my care manager of the individuals requirements. This does not always happen of course. I care for a man who is bed ridden and we visit him four times a day. We use baby wipes when changing his pad in order to ensure that he is clean, however, he never has any wipes as his family don’t bother with him. The office has been informed on a ...

OSIM Company

...1. Janus Corporation, Quality of Life in Singapore. http://www.guidemesingapore.com/relocation/introduction/quality-of-life-in-singapore 2. Melissa Tan, Straits Times, 2013 May, OSIM International's Q1 net profit jumps 13% to $25.1 million. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/money/story/osim-internationals-q1-net-profit-jumps-13-251-million-20130507 3. Michael E. Porter (1998) Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors 4. Ministry of Manpower, foreign manpow...

Compare and Contrast of a Two Grand Theories

...In Merritt’s article, it is both important for the nurse to work with the patient and family as well. In both articles, I feel that the “nurse” serves as an “advocate” in different ways, one from a medical perspective, and the other from a psychological perspective, however these can be intertwined as the families who lost a loved one due to “brain death” and a transplantation will occur, also need emotional support. Nurse-patient relationship encompasses many strategies throughout...

Pain Management

...Finally, this review opened my eyes to the many barriers in the way of proper pain management for patients. I now realize that there are patient, provider, and institute barriers effecting optimal pain management as well as many others. And that these barriers include educational, personal attitudes, beliefs, and more. This review helped me realize that identifying and acknowledging these barriers is the first step in overcoming these barriers in order to provide the best pain control and best t...

Understanding Medical Marijuana: Laws, Uses, Safety

...One survey study in the US showed that citizens of states with medical marijuana law had higher chances of marijuana usage and marijuana abuse/dependence. Prof. Miguel Enrico Ayson, a political science professor from UP Los Ba?±os, voiced out his concern over its implementation. 'The event that marijuana will be diverted and used for recreational purposes is plausible due to the persistent weaknesses in policy implementation in the Philippines, ' he said. Also, prof. Ayson proposed that further...

U.S. Healthcare Costs

...Antos, J. (2011). Medicare reform and fiscal reality. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 30: 934–942. Retrieved from http://www.aei.org/article/health/healthcare-reform/medicare-reform-and-fiscal-reality/ Faria, M. (2012). Obamacare: Another step toward corporate socialized medicine in the US. Retrieved from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3424675/ Gilbert, C. (2013). Obamacare is crippling America. Retrieved from http://www.obamacare.net/obamacare-is-crippling-america/...

Family Nursing Diagnosis

...I explained to A.T. that the Forsyth County Department of Public Health can provide more education on the need of the vaccination and can administer the vaccination free to the family. Education for this family will include healthy eating habits, daily exercise regimen, smoking cessation, the effects of second hand smoke, health management, and health access. Resources available to this family are Forsyth County Department of Public, Community Care Clinic, Southside United Health Care center, a...

A Reflection on Chasing Zero

...Now, when people visit a healthcare facility for any reason, they will understand that the professionals working with them are human, and can therefore make mistakes. Through the documentary, people can learn to be their own advocates and to question anything that their healthcare provider is doing which is unclear to them. Chasing Zero presented many concepts to think about and a goal that, if worked for, can be achieved, at least on a personal level. As technology advances and awareness increa...

Professional Career Action Plan

...In my area, there are many professional organization that can help to achieve my professional goals. Even with my current employer, although I work as a caregiver, they would give me the opportunity to work within the office doing volunteer work and or even helping me with questions that I may have about my career goal. I could also do some research for hospitals in my area that offer internships so that I could get that feel of exactly what it is that I will be doing. There are health care orga...

Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

...ICTs can play a critical role in improving health care for individuals and communities. By providing new and more efficient ways of accessing, communicating, and storing information, ICTs can help bridge the information divides that have emerged in the health sector in developing countries—between health professionals and the communities they serve and between the producers of health research and the practitioners who need it. Through the development of databases and other applications, ICTs a...

Underserved populations

...When I think of underserved communities my mind travels back to memories of the little girl in Bombay. To me, an underserved community is one that lacks the basic necessities of life. Communities are deprived of money, food, water, and equal opportunity. My travels abroad to several underprivileged countries have help prepare me to work in disadvantaged communities by teaching me an understanding of what these people go through. I have gained first hand experience by volunteering at health clini...

Understanding Employment Responsibilities

...No one tried to talk to these children, to hear their voices, ask them how they felt or what had happened. Some children don’t find it easy, some have language barriers, different things that may have happened in their life’s that may have affected their ability to express themselves. Lack of communication in all areas, were missed chances for the authorities to save lives. Lack of communication between, social workers, nurses, doctors and police officers allowed Victoria Climbies great aunt...

Erickson stages of child development

...Assess the history of thyroid or diabetes disease such as excessive thirst, hunger or urination. Delay in puberty and abnormal hair distributions. Nurse should know the anatomy and physiology associated with body system to be able to differentiate normal findings from abnormal findings. Health assessment is performed according to developmental stages. The parents and care givers should relate important health information of a child to the nurse for effective health care delivery. All information...

Persuasive Speech

...So now we have a wellness program designed that is based off of our group goals, a budget in place, and the program is ready to be implemented. It will now become important to keep the program running smoothly. By the use of meetings we can discuss our movement towards our goals and highlight positive personal stories. We could also provide health and wellness screening that can give both the employees and our company important feedback. Also we could look into group packages for gyms and health...

The Impact of the Institution of Medicine (IOM) report

...After reading the IOM report on these concerns I am glad that I decided to go back to obtain a higher education. It is a fact that a higher education and becoming a leader in nursing will improve patient outcomes and patient health. The colleges and Universities are changing their curriculum for nursing programs to meet the new demands of health care. The bigger picture in lowering costs of health care is integrating public health and primary care. Becoming a Nurse Practitioner and working in p...

Provide information and advice to young people

...When approaching situations when the young persons choices are different to those of us as carers we need to be able to demonstrate good listening skills and encourage the young people in our care to give an explanation for their choices, supporting these if the explanation holds but also offering realistic and proprotianal alternatives when their explanation doesn’t make sense etc. We as responsible adults who value the input from the young people have to mediate between the two ideals from y...

Community Diagnosis

...Nature of Problem| 2/3 x 1| 0.67| It is a health resources problems since it may affect the ability of the each family in the community to sustain and support their future problems which may arise| Magnitude of problem| 2/4 x 3| 1.50| Approximately 42.17% of the total population is affected by the problem.| Modifiability of the problem| ½ x 1| 0.5| -The level of income of each individual depends on the type of their jobs.-Families can look for other alternatives for source of income | Preventiv...

Legalizing Marijuana Research Paper

...Cannabis for Therapeutic Purposes: A Gender Analysis of Users'' Perspectives. Substance Use & Misuse, 46(6), 769-780. GHERGHI?AN, M., & CISMARU, I. (2013). PRELIMINARY RESEARCH CONCERNING OPTIMAL PERCENTAGE OF HEMP HURDS FOR LINING PANELS AND FILLER MATERIALS IN BUILDINGS. Pro Ligno, 9(1), 61-70. Lamonica, A. K., & Boeri, M. (2012). AN EXPLORATION OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE USE OF METHAMPHETAMINE AND PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. Journal Of Ethnographic & Qualitative Research, 6(3), 1...

Health Care Marketing Reflection

...The internet approach to current trends of health care marketing establishes new and creative ways for pharmaceutical companies to advertise there products related to current health care and consumer trends, the internet has helped to influence health care providers decisions for medication manage along with researching other available products to help with a variety of health conditions, it has provided opportunities for consumers to learn about pharmaceutical companies and the products they a...

Watson's Theory of Human Caring

...http://watsoncaringscience.org/about-us/jean-bio/ This webpage provides a detailed biography of Dr. Jean Watson. It is the official page for Watson Caring Science Institute, which was originated by Dr. Jean Watson. It includes Watson’s Curriculum Vitae and updated information on her latest activities. This is a trustworthy source because it provides reliable scientific information. Fitzpatrick, J. J., & Whall, A. L. (2005). Conceptual models of nursing: Analysis and application. Upper Sadd...

The Concept Analysis of Pain

...Many patients have different concepts of pain and measures to relieve their pain. Not every patient wants to be medicated. Some patients are strong in the faith and belief of channeling the pain and can tolerate pain better than a child or younger adult. Young or old, the age doesn’t matter, it is up to us as health care professionals and nurses to relieve their pain and make them as comfortable as possible. During this review of literature I have gained a better understanding of the concept o...

Health Promotion in Nursing Practice

...The goal of this level is to return the patient to an optimal level of functioning and preventing further progression of the disease. Support of the patient’s current health status and educating them to prevent complications as a result of the disease. This is demonstrated as educating a Hepatitis C patient on the importance of discontinuing alcohol consumption and safe sex practices to prevent transmission and coinfections. The nursing role extends well beyond primary care and basic skills. H...

Aging Population Effects on Health Care

...Ultimately the current state of the health care system in the United States must address the concern of the aging population and adapt to the needs of the elderly. In the current era of advanced technology, more and more elderly people are connected to the internet and have a wide variety of receiving health care information. As the health care market moves into a more diverse and technology driven state it is important to market these wellness programs as well as changes in health care coverage...

Benefit to Home Country

...Every woman should have the choice for a planned pregnancy, safe birth and healthy newborns. To deliver a maternity service that enables women to have a positive birth experience and gives midwives the satisfaction of providing quality care, it is important to consider the organizational structures and environment in which it is delivered. The aim of WHO strategy based in Maldives in the year 2005 was safe pregnancy, evaluation of health care workers and development of guidelines for reduction o...

Support individuals at the end of life

...6.1 People approaching the end of life may benefit from specialist services and support organisations. Support organisations are made by people who understand what the terminally ill individual is going through. They can provide emotional, practical and financial advice and point in the direction of the further help that may be needed. Specialist’s services like palliative care has specially trained staff that will deliver service sensitively and effectively. Care teams are carefully selected ...

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