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Essay on Therapy

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Nursing Shortage

...In Pennsylvania, six new nursing education initiatives have been announced to address faculty shortage by encouraging current nurses to return to school, earn graduate degrees, and teach the next generation of nurses. Illinois is unveiling a plan to provide faculty scholarships and grants to nursing schools in order to expand student enrollment. California, whose nursing programs currently have wait lists over three years, is trying to expand nursing education through a $90 million initiative....

Medical Tourism in India

...It is India’s vastness that challenges the imagination: the sub-continent, 3200km (2000 miles) from the mountainous vastness of the Himalayas in the north to the tropical lushness of Kerala in the south, is home to one sixth of the world’s population, a diverse culture and an intoxicatingly rich history. Desert in Rajasthan, tropical forests in the north eastern states, arid mountains in the delta region of Maharashtra and Karnataka and vast fertile planes in northern states of Uttar Pradesh...

Emotional health

...Providers sometimes have a problem in their beliefs about domestic violence as a health care issue and screening as a health care practice. Providers may feel that screening is an invasion of patient privacy or that screening is unlikely to result in positive outcomes. Providers have indicated that they lack sufficient knowledge and skills to do routine screening. So if I would want to initiate help it would be with the medical community and community law enforcement, giving them the training to...

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Effective communication in Health and Social Care

...Like assumptions, belief systems and values can therefore create barriers to understanding. It is therefore important to try to learn about other people’s beliefs and values in order to make sense of what they are trying to communicate. To prevent assumptions a health care worker should be open minded and try to get to know the service user so the care worker knows more about them and so that they don’t jump to conclusions because of their appearances. This is beneficial as it enables the ca...

Business Case for Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project

...8.0 Schedule EstimateThe sponsor feels that the project can be completed in 6 months, but there is some room to go over without adverse effects. The system should have an indefinite lifespan, as the increased participation by employees will keep our health insurance cost down.9.0 Potential RisksThere are a few risks involved with the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project. The main risk is in our employees not participating in the various services offered. Therefore, employee input is necessar...

Difference between Anatomy and Physiology

...It is important for a nurse, physician or allied health profession to be knowledgeable about all organs, how each develops, functions, and how each is situated within the human body. If a nurse for example, has a thorough understanding of how the body works, he/she will be better prepared to give safe, quality patient care. The nurse would able to completely understand the specific ways illness affects patients and the rationale behind treatment modalities. Anatomy and physiology is also very us...

Communication in Health & Social Care

...You also need to fact in those people with hearing difficulties or those who are visually impaired. You need to consider whether the person's hearing aid is in and working, speaking clearly and concisely, ensure you speak directly to the person's face or in front of them. Use facial expressions to aid understanding. With visually impaired ensure you introduce that you are there before launching into a conversation, use light touches on the body to let someone know you are there and make sure cle...

Health Organization Case Study

...Nurse leaders must have ability to learn and use new health care concepts quickly and should be able to access and integrate these concepts effectively. The role of a nurse leader in the reengineering health care involves the use of interpersonal skills, such as the ability to communicate effectively or be collaborative, to influence fellow members of the nursing staff to accomplish goals regarding patient care. Clearly, the nurse leaders are in the position to take a greater role in the plannin...

A Personal Theory of Counseling: The Holmes Approach

...Such authenticity allows the counselor to interact with the client in a congruent way and be ‘real’ with the client. Unconditional positive regard and acceptance as well as empathetic understanding are also part of the relationship. These aspects of the relationship allow the client to experience their interaction with the counselor as genuine and foster trust and self acceptance. These attributes help the client see themselves in a more positive light and encourage the client to take risks ...

Patient-Physician Relationship

...Lastly, the increased power given to the patient will eventually lead to low morale in medical workers as the patients will be so bossy, this will lead to poor service delivery (Lazare, 1987). The improvement of patient-physician relationship has associated pros and cons. There is thus an urgent need for medical governing bodies and governments to come up with legislations that will ensure that the medical code of conduct and ethics are adhered to and medical services are within the reach of the...

Patient Satisfaction Survey

...Significance of the Study Since the Medicare Survey, particularly the questions and answers, would be posted on its website in an effort to push hospitals into improving health care and promote quality service delivery (Kowalczyk, 2005; Skehan & Petrillo, 2003), current literature could help paint a picture of the state of health services being given to patients across the United States today. Existing literature could also show how far implementation of the project has come through, especi...

Discrimination: Health Care and Care Workers

...If a patient requires surgery and the risks outweigh the benefits the doctor has no right to make the decision for them as the individual needs to understand the conditions of the treatment so they are able to think thoroughly before they agree on the decision and if they are willing to accept the risks of the operation. This is one of the reasons why the government had made laws to protect individuals and make sure they are still in power and are able to make decisions for themselves. This can ...

Natural Resources/Remedies For Common Health Problems

...This is a very well known bloom of a plant, most importantly for health conscious people. Alfalfa is found in those minerals which are grown in the deep soil. The roots of this plant reach up to 40 feet deep so it is also a very major source to find out or extract the minerals from the ground. The leaves of the plants contain a lot of vitamins and fiber including magnesium, calcium carbonate photesium etc. It is used to treat the kidney stones, prevent fluid confinement in the human body and rel...

If Women Ruled the World

...If women ruled the world, if they there were less wars because of what I stated earlier, we wouldn’t have to spend much money of weapons for war, we could use that saved money to spend it on better schools and health care, so, as you said “the entire community prospers’’. In conclusion, I honestly do not know what the world would be like if it were ruled by women, for it never has been and probably will not be for a while, all we can do is purely speculate because of our believes and our...

Benefits of Being a Single Parent


The Importance of Truth-Telling

...Our health is a joint effort, and we need to be able to rely on and trust our medical professionals to let us know what really is happening. I believe that the least amount of harm in the long run would be in telling the complete truth, however I understand that we are all different and our situations are different and it then stands to reason that the solutions will all be different as well. By keeping in mind the who, what, where, when, why and even how, I think the acquisition of this informa...

African American Heritage Paper

...Factors influencing food choices, dietary intake, and nutrition-related attitudes among African Americans: application of a culturally sensitive model. Ethnicity & Health, 9(4), 349-367. Purnell, L. D. (2009). People of African American Heritage. Guide to culturally competent health care (2nd ed. , p. 21-35). Philadelphia: F. A. Davis Co. Revell, M. A. , & McGhee, M. N. (2012). Evolution of the African American Family. International Journal Of Childbirth Education, 27(4), 44-48. Revell, ...

Counseling African Americans

...As a therapist, I am responsible for guiding and supporting the client in making the shift from object to subject; transferring ownership of self from one whose self is externally determined to one who is self- determining (Freire, 1990). And practice practice practice, with an open heart, ears, and mind. References Braun Williams, C. (1999). African American women, afrocentrism and feminism: Implications for therapy. Women & Therapy, Vol. 22(4) 1999. Freire, P. (1990). Pedagogy of the oppre...

Health Safety and Security

...If the information is shared between these professionals, they understand that it will not be used apart from where it is needed. An example of this would be a school and carers or social workers. The school would need to know what situation the child is in and then they can adequately safeguard him/her. It may be that one parent is not allowed contact with their child. This keeps all involved safe. ‘Where information is shared, there is an implied understanding that the information will not b...

The Unhealthy Lifestyle

...The IPod is one example of gadget that may isolates people from real world. By putting in your ear buds and immersing yourself from the real world. In addition, lack of personal communication due to excessive internet usage can have an overall negative effect on mental and physical health. According to Affonso (n.d.) the internet actually detracts from the communication abilities of society. In conclusion, we have learned some kind of unhealthy lifestyle such as eating late at night, smoking and...

Impact of Stress on Student Health

...According to an article on dealing with stress, some of the effects of stress on thoughts, feelings and behavior are: anger, anxiety, burnout, depression, feeling of insecurity, forgetfulness, irritability, problem concentrating, restlessness, sadness, fatigue, eating too much, not eating enough, sudden angry outbursts, drug abuse, and relationship problems (Nordqvist, 2009). Female rats were repeatedly stressed in an experiment, and their litters grew up to have altered long-term memory and cog...

Safe Motherhood

...Domestic chores should be both participated by the couple or have to hire a servant to be paid for because both couple has shared and contributing to household expenses. However, a certain study states that the drastic transition of women role in the society brought many marriage couple into separation due to higher percentage of educated and working women lead to a lot of reason and some of these are personal differences, money conflicts (some women earned more than men), differences of opinion...

Rights of Medication Administration

...Cases such as these can result in lawsuits being brought against the healthcare team involved in the patient’s care and the healthcare facility. In order malpractice to be determined four elements are required: 1) a professional relationship has to exist between the patient and the healthcare provider. 2) The conduct of the professional has to be below the standard of care 3) damages occurred (patient was injured), and 4) the actions of the healthcare provider was the cause of the damages. Mal...

American Association of Medical Assistants

...American Association of Medical Assistants (1996-2012) Mission and Core Values. Retrieved September 28, 2012 , from American Association of Medical Assistants. http://www.aama-ntl.org/about/mission.aspx American Association of Medical Assistants (2007-2008) Occupational Analysis of the CMA (AMAA) Retrieved September 28, 2012, from American Association of Medical Assistants. http://www.aama-ntl.org/medassisting/OA.aspx American Medical Billing Association (1998-2012) Information on Joining AMBA...

Penn Foster Exam

...My boss, Ms. Levine has a position available for an assistant here at Northeast Propane. I think this would be an excellent job opportunity for you. From your previous experience, I know you are more than qualified for this position from your interaction with customers in the retail field, you have excellent written and verbal communication skills, you work independently, you are organized and you are great at multitasking. You are always willing to offer help and assistance with coworkers and y...

Nursing Care Study

...As the writer worked on the ward mentioned a strong therapeutic relationship had been built between patient and student nurse, this allowed the patient to feel at ease when asking questions regarding his condition enabling the writer to educate the patient at a higher understanding. Upon Mr. Scott’s discharge he expressed a better understanding of his knowledge about his condition, he also felt that if or when he experienced another exacerbation he would not feel as anxious and be better able ...

My Most Valuable Possessions

...Self-confidence is so valuable to me because someone with confidence can be a strong leader when needed and can deal with a difficult or stressful situation much easier. In addition, being confident with myself has made me stand out as better employee at work and a better student at school. In brief, life presents another challenge we have to overcome. With the right tools, it can be much easier to deal with these difficulties and stresses. My success is a result, in most part, because of my fam...

Health Conscious Consumer

...The consumers were also asked what are the major criteria they judge a health-related products on. The results shown depict how different reasons lead to preference of one product over other. It can also be considered as parameters which effect the consumers the most in this category. Firstly, a very important insight visible is that only 24 % of the people surveyed pointed out price as their parameter to decide the preferred product. Two-Thirds of the consumers use the specified nutritional val...

Speech Pathology

...Work sites are constantly expanding and work schedules may be heavy. This occupation is expected to grow 19% from 2008-2018 because of the maturing baby-boom generation. There is a steady increase in neurological disorders and medical advances that will lead to Speech Language Pathology growth. Enrollment in schools is increasing also and there are openings because of retiring SLP’s. SLP’s are needed across the region. Speech Pathology covers a spectrum of requirements and important and nece...

Healthcare Interview

...Communication is the most important part of success in any position. Agastein said that from the janitor to the director if there is no communication everything will shut down and the business will not function. With his success in her current position he says that he has learned that throughout his entire career that communication was always what got his where he wanted to be. Another attribute that he attributes to his success is good old fashioned hard work. He says that he has always had to ...

Multi- Professional and Multi- agency working

...They implement language and communication programmes with individuals and groups. They offer advice and support and assist with target setting and strategies According to Tassoni, (2003, p79) “the type of support that a child receives will depend on his or her need, but usually exercises and strategies are shared with everyone involved in the child’s care and education, especially parents” In my current role as a Speech and language therapy Assistant, (SLTA) I regularly liaise with the SLT...

Sick Around the World

...The medical facilities should be privatized as well, where the government has some control over prices charged for medical services. Doctors should be competing for patient services, instead of hospitals competing for funds. This widens the playing field because doctors should earn their salary, instead of being paid a salary. Everybody individual physician would have to contribute his/her skill to their respective medical center for it to prosper. Instead of hospitals shutting down because of l...

An Analysis of the Social Gradient of Health

...This essay has attempted to demonstrate that in an environment where well grounded, evidence based socioeconomic initiatives are failing to have the desired out comes, it is perhaps time to focus more on altering those strongly held health beliefs which not only dictate responses to social determinants of health but also dictate responses to initiatives designed to address these inequalities; “Healthful behaviours are due to more than just an inability to pay. A mix of psychological characteri...

Indigenous Disadvantage

...Sydney: University of Technology: 237-258 Lewis W, Balderstone S, Bowan J (2009) Events that shaped Australia. Sydney: New Holland Publishers Trudgen R (2000) Why warriors lie down and die: towards an understanding of why the Aboriginal people of Arnhem Land face the greatest crisis in health and education since European contact: djambatj mala. Darwin: Aboriginal Resource and Development Services Inc. Howitt R, McCracken K, Curson P (2005) Australian Indigenous health: what issues contribute to ...

Baby Boomers: Effect on Health Care

...Many healthcare practices are now preparing for the baby boomer generation. Baby boomers will have new technologies and medical services available to help them to live longer. Chronic conditions will create a demand for continuous medical management in both inpatient and outpatient settings (Peterson, 1999). Some health care providers are preparing themselves as well by looking at the amount of space they have available for increased amount of patients, training their staff for diversity, and ha...

Voice recognitio

...Parente, R. , Kock, N. , Sonsini, J. (June, 2004). An Analysis of the implementation and impact of speech-recognition technology in the healthcare sector. Perspectives in Health Information Management 2004, 1:5 (June 18, 2004). Retrieved July 11, 2010 from http://library. ahima. org/xpedio/groups/public/documents/ahima/bok1_035951. htm .Wager, K. A. , Lee, F. W. , & Glaser, J. P. (2005). Managing health care information systems: A practical approach for health care executives. San Francisco:...

Service Area Analysis for Beaumont

...About 3.80% of families and 5.50% of the population were below the poverty line, including 6.50% of those under age 18 and 6.50% of those age 65 or over. In the year 2000 the census for households with seniors was 96,585 in the year 2010 census the number of households with seniors was 116,768. that is a percentage change of 20.9 percent. The number of households with seniors who live alone age 65 and up in 2000 was 39,910, and in 2010 the number of households 65 and older living alone is 47,290...

Role Development for Advanced Nursing Practice

...American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2011). The Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing. Retrieved from http://www.aacn.nche.edu/education-resources/MastersEssentials11.pdf American College of Rheumatology. (2012). The Role of the Advance Practice Nurse in the Management of Rheumatic Disease. Retrieved from http://www.rheumatology.org/practice/clinical/patients/healthprofessionals/advanced_practice_nurse.pdf American Nurses Association. (2010). ANA Nursing Scopes and Standards of ...

Working ethics and dental hygiene students

...Closely related to the above fact, the value of non maleficence demands that the dental hygienists and the dental health care providers engage in practices that will not harm people. This advocates for the fact that the practitioners be well versed in the field of dentistry since it involves humans, and that extra care be taken when handling the patients. In addition to this, the justice and fairness values require of the dental health care practitioners being honest when exacting fee from the p...

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