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Theory, Design, and Specification Essay

Essay Topic:

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The development and application of programs and projects are indeed complicated as they involved numerous aspects and concerns, critical challenges and problems in its procedures, and other hindrances that are likely to affect their effectiveness and relevance. To preserve the effectiveness of the relevance of the programs, the projects must carefully, strategically, and systematically planned and organize to ensure that all important concerns are addressed and covered to avoid complications and unexpected hindrances.

In the premature stages of every project and program is the systematic organization and planning of its processes and procedures wherein the organizers expect likely problems, the value of the necessary elements, the approach that the program is to be applied, its actual relevance and others.

Through taking in this course before the actual application promotes the success and effectiveness of the program.

            Consider the case of establishing a certain social program that is concerned with providing healthcare assistance towards children that are out-of-school and are highly impoverished subjects.

This program is founded based on the ideal vision of helping children through providing critically needed assistance in their healthcare needs, which are often negated due to certain financial and social hindrances. However, regardless of its ideal vision, this project also has its own shares of stumbling hindrances and problems, which are critical for its development and actual social application. Due to which, strategic and systematic planning and organizing are necessary to secure its relevance and success regarding its social value.

            Considering the factors and elements involved in this social program, the plan regarding this social program is outlined under three concerns namely the theory behind the projects, the design of its operation, and the specifications and scope of its actual application. This program is mainly based on the view and realization with the importance of healthcare assistance for children, which is often negated due to their financial and social condition. Because healthcare is viewed also as a fundamental necessity for a healthy lifestyle and well-being especially for children, this gap needs to be fill with and this program will serve as a mean to provide this need.

This program is aimed towards children as they have greater needs for health assistance due to their physical vulnerability in terms of developing a foundation for their healthy adulthood. Its design will particularly takes approaches such as founding healthcare personnel visits to targeted communities, supply of medicinal provisions and health supplements for children, awareness campaigns in targeted communities regarding the importance of healthy living and prevention of common problems and diseases, and assistance projects with the financial responsibilities involving children in healthcare institutions.

Since the funding of this social campaign is not much of a problem, the establishment of the healthcare and the accreditation from various healthcare organization and institutions would be the main priorities. The main concern for this program will also include establishing a social link enabling this project to be aware of the its needing subjects and their needs and concerns. This social link or accreditation is also necessary, as this will serve as a mean for the program to be enacted in intervening and assisting its established subjects or targets. This steps and procedures are necessary to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness towards providing healthcare assistance towards its subjects.

Through the application of these systematic procedures in the establishing and development of this project, this healthcare social program is likely to become successful in developing health awareness for children in their early stages of their respective lives and attracting wider efforts and concern from other social groups for the same cause. In addition, the systematic development of this program will surely promote its effectiveness towards its ideal purpose of highlighting the healthcare needs for the development of a healthy society in the future.

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