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Theory Based Character Description

Antwone Fisher

Antowne Fisher is a movie based on a true story of an African American man’s struggle with his emotionally unstable life. Antowne is the main character who never knew his father because he was killed just before he was born. Antowne was then abandoned by his birth mother. The foster home that he was raised in the home of the Reverend and his wife, shortly after Antwone was thrown out and forced to live as a homeless teenager due to a fight with Ms.

Tate. Antwone Fisher then joined the Navy and once aboard the vessel he then again is involved in an altercation and is sent to see the psychiatrist. It is a struggle getting Antwone to talk and open up to Dr. Jerome Davenport, eventually the two develop a relationship and Antwone is able to open up and discuss the emotionally instability of his past. Dr. Davenport is able to get Antwone to open and confront his past and work toward a successful future.

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Antwone is able to change his life in the end for the better and was then able to reconnect with the family he longed for.

Antwone Fisher is a young man who has anger and temperament issues steaming from his childhood associated with emotional and physical abuse caused to him by authoritarian figures within his family. Antwone Fisher has since then suffered from self-image as well as trying to find and identify who his true self really is. Some of the events that Antwone has encountered within his Navy career has triggered the memories that he has tried to hide deep within himself.

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Denzel Washington plays a psychiatrist that accepts the challenge to aid and assist Antwone with human development techniques. The intervention techniques are going to help Antowne shed some of the layers of negative emotion from his past.

Psychodynamic Theory

Psychodynamic is the perspective to try and gain an insightful understanding of what is going on within the mind of an individual to gain as much understanding as possible as to what is going on within the clients mind. Psychodynamic therapy is going to help the client look at their relationships, experiences along with how the client views the world and how their preferences affect their behaviors and for their affecting their personality. With Antwone Fisher the psychodynamic theory is going to assess and bring up incidents, experiences and behaviors from his childhood and relate them into his adulthood which will then help to confront and overcome them. So many things have followed into Antwone’s adulthood such as the fighting. As a young boy he experienced such abuse and as he grew into adulthood he entered the Navy finding himself involved in numerous fights. As a young child being abused and being abused and neglected in Antwone’s mind he grew up thinking that this was normal and it became an intricate part of his personality.

Psychosocial Development

Sigmund Freud believed that many of the neurotic behaviors that one might experience within their adulthood steams from childhood experiences. With the gaining knowledge of childhood experiences might lead one to the clues as to why behaviors are being behaved in adulthood. (Brennan 2003) Freud believed that the first five years of life pave the way for the formation of adult personality. The beginning years of Antwone’s life were critical, this was where he was abused, neglected and just kind of tossed aside.

Personality and behaviors derivefrom the conflicting psychological interactions with the three different levels of awareness. Antwone has a lot going on within his unconscious mind and I think that his feelings and memories include pain, conflict and anxiety. The unconscious mind continues to influence Antwone’s behaviors even though he might not realize that his behaviors stem from an underlying influence.

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