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Theories of Human Nature Essay

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In this paper I will contrast the five theories of human nature, and explain why I believe one to be more superior to the other four. To begin, the five theories of human nature are, rationality, divinity, man-machine, existentialism, and cultural. The first of the five theories is rationality, and simply states that one uses knowledge with the process of thought to draw a conclusion. If a dog’s bowl full of food in the morning, but later in the afternoon it has become empty.

One could rationally draw the conclusion that the dog could have eaten all the food out of the bowl.

The second is the theory of the five is divinity, and states that humans have all the qualities that the god of the Hebrews has. This would mean that all humans are immortal and infinite. Also this means that humans would be all loving, all knowing, and perfect. Man-machine is the third, and states that everything works like a system much like a robot.

This means that one is the way he or she is because he was set up that way. This means that the only reason one acts the way he or she does is because that is the way he or she is “wired”.

The fourth, existentialism, which states that one, must find or create his or her existence outside uniformity. One must get away from all the vices, problems, and routines of life, and must find his or her purpose in life. Finally the fifth, which is the cultural theory of human nature, and it states that there is not only one to define human nature. But, rather a mixture of the first four is the correct answer to the theory of human nature. I believe rationality is superior, and the other four fall short, because reason was used to conjure all other theories. Let’s consider a divine human nature.

If we all had a divine human nature we would have no need to debate this, because we would be all knowing, and would know what our nature is. Man-machine falls short simply because it states that there is no rationality; however, it was probably thought up by a man who was searching for a reason why people act the way they do. Next, existentialism, where one must get away from everything and find out for him or her self what his or her purpose is. I really don’t mean to make a joke but this seems like Amish rationality. Then we are left with the cultural theory of human nature.

This one just seems like someone wanted to end an argument between the other four. Also it just creates a circle, and does not help us determine which theory of human nature is superior; however the final nail in the coffin is the fact that this theory is trying to find a reason why they saw more than one of these in theories in human nature. I believe that rationality and logic are gifts from God, and are given to us to let us know he exists, and to draw us closer to him. For example take painting, how does one know that the painting had a painter?

Because, the painting exists you can see, touch, smell, and even taste it even though you can’t see the painter. Likewise one knows a building had builder because it exists. Also, so that we can know that we have sinned against God by breaking His law. One of the Ten Commandments states: “you shall not bear false witness” or lie. If one were to tell a lie he would be a liar not only in the sight of God but also by the standard of men, and the bible states in revelation twenty-one eight “…every liar will have his place in the lake of fire”.

Because, it also states “the wages of sin is death…” (Romans 6:23a), and this means that we have earned hell for what we have done. Now, rationally who wishes to spend eternity in a lake of fire? But, thankfully it didn’t stop there, because after we find out what we’ve earned we read about what we haven’t: “…but, the free gift of God is eternal life…”. This gift was given to us through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross for the payment of our sins, and all we must do is put our faith in him, and turn away from our sins in repentance. And, rationally who doesn’t want eternal life.

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