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Essay on Theories

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Measurement Theory And The Foundations Of Utilitarianism

Compared to utilitarianism, ethical egoism opposes by suggesting that people should be more self-centered and only undertake actions which will benefit them more despite the outcome ton the majority. Self-interest is the primary concern before the interest of other people under utilitarianism (Dougherty, 527-37). On the other hand, deontology is based on the rule or rules th...

Social interactionism: an introduction, an interpretation, an integration

Conclusively, different theories have given different causes of artifacts and events. Among the discussed theories in the essay, interactionism theory appears to be the most wide and broad form of theory. These theories have been viewed by different sociologists where some are recommended, and others criticized. Interactionism is the most criticized the theory as a result of its weaknesses in prov...

Harlow’s Theory: Love

Harlow’s experiments showed the significance of having a mother or a parent, or even a mechanical mother. The monkeys showed tremendous affection for the artificial mother and it demonstrated how much they needed them. This only leads me to think of the poor abandoned babies whose parents past away or simply left them for adoption and the effect that that is going to cause in their future. I’v...

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Michael Porter Diamond

Michael Porter put forth a theory in 1990 to explain why some countries are leaders in the production of certain products. His work incorporates certain elements of previous international trade theories but also makes some important new discoveries. He identifies four elements present to varying degrees in every nation that form the basis of national competitiveness. Analyze the current situation ...

Planning Baby Case Study

The third theory they have studied is Ainsworth’s attachment research in which he addresses the idea of secure attachment, insecure attachment, and other such ideals. The idea is that securely attached children are more likely to perceive their primary caregiver as a secure base. This is illustrated in the fact that once this child is born, she will feel an emotional security and attachment to h...

Bowlby’s attachment theory

To conclude, in the case of Genie, the affects of her isolation proved not to be reversible, however, this could have been down to the fact that she was discovered at the age of 13. The earlier children are discovered, as in the case of the Czech twins, with good support and emotional care, it is possible. One could argue that the twins had each other and were able to form an early attachment. Rut...

International Trade Theory

Nevertheless, the United States also imports a vast amount of goods and services, as US consumers use their wealth to purchase what they need and want—much of which is now manufactured in other countries that have sought to create their own comparative advantages through cheap labor, land, or production costs. As a result, it’s not clear that any one theory is dominant around the world. This s...

Theories Provide Framework

Then, it is followed by the Compatibility which means the measure of how well an innovation is consistent with existing social and cultural practices, if it is likeable, and whether it meets the need of potential adopters. On the other hand Complexity is the level to which the innovation is perceived to be difficult to understand or use. Another attribute is Observability which is used to describe...

‘Social learning theorist’ - Tina Bruce

In relation to my own understanding, this specific theory has provided me with a greater breadth of knowledge and understanding of how the 10 core principles can be incorporated into children’s education. In practice I am aware and able to differentiate between structured and unstructured or free flow play. An example of free flow play within my placement was when the play house was turned into ...

Kohlbergs Theory

Kohlberg’s Theory covers the moral development stages of an individual and I think this theory is a huge help for a person, especially those who have children. Kohlberg’s theory may serve as guide on how a parent would treat their child’s behaviour. Parents would understand why their child is behaving in such manner and they can make disciplinary action or decision on how to correct or impro...

Attachment Theory

This theory can help the counsellor to become aware of all the different types of anxieties and disorders that their clients may be facing theory it serves as a map, which offers insights into different types of relationships , effective coping strategies and the underlying dynamics of the persons emotional difficulties , it also helps the counsellor to understand the strategies that many individu...

Maslows Hierarchy of needs

If the work load is too much or difficult for me, I usually need more time at the task in order to reach a goal. If this is the case I usually give up my spare time in order to work on the more complex and difficult parts of my course. If I am under too much pressure I will be demotivated so this is why I carry out the goal setting theory in order to keep motivated and to ensure that I reach my g...

Modernization and Classical Dependency Sociological Theories

When it goes back it becomes iphone and it cost more expensive. In other words, the countries that produced metal and have limited technology are making those developed countries richer. Instead of exporting those products, utilized it within the country and profit more from it. Lack of technology is not the reason to depend in the western countries, impatient and being contented for what they hav...

The social process theory

Without even being aware people are being directed and led to a certain path in life, and it is unfortunate for those born into a life where people around them are living the wrong way. Yes, people have a choice on how what they do, no one is forced to commit a crime, however, it is very hard to look outside of what you were taught and raised to be. All people can commit crime and most likely wil...

Projectile Motion Lab Report

A possible source for error may depend on the way in which the corn starch splatters onto the construction paper after falling. This may cause an inaccurate reading of measurement of distance. Another possible source of error may originate with the distance of the dropped marble from the top of the head. The marble may not be dropped at the exact same distance each time altering the results, possi...

Criminological Perspectives

Therefore, I do not believe it is possible to integrate both theories while keeping the main concepts together. To conclude, Low Self Control Theory and Social Learning Theory both provide exceptional analysis of Colin’s scenario. By understanding the key concepts of the Low Self Control Theory and Social Learning Theory, the explanation of where and why crime occurs would give reassurance to in...

Measurement of Length, Mass Volume and Density

As expected in the beginning of the experiment there were several uncertainties or error. But this uncertainties and error were not large enough to alter the results in a major way were they effected the experiment in to giving false data. From this lab we were able to determine the densities of a number of cylinders, and gain an understanding of how different measurement techniques can affect the...

Level of Awareness of BSTM Students

Two (2) data gathering instruments used in the study were in the Index of Heritage Sites and the Preservation and Protection process. The questionnaires were taken at face value. Index of heritage sites (IHS). The Index of Heritage sites determined the awareness level of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management of Filamer Christian University. The Index of Heritage Sites and the Preservation and ...

Thermal Expansion and Contraction Research

III. Decreasing the temperatures of the rectangular plate and circular piece I. If we increase the temperatures of the plate and circular piece, expansion of the hole and the circular piece will be the same. Thus, this option can help us. II. If we decrease the temperature of the circular piece, it contracts and hole becomes larger than the piece. This option can also help us. III. If we decrease...

Systems and Theories of Social Statification

Three theories explain the origins of global stratification: colonialism, world system theory, and the culture of poverty. Global stratification is currently maintained through neocolonialism (the economic and political dominance of the Least Industrialized Nations by the Most Industrialized Nations) and multinational corporations (companies that operate across many national boundaries). Working c...

Daughter from DaNang

The video portrays though Vietnamese have less materials belongings than Westerners does not mean they are less happy. Vietnamese place much more importance on the family relationships and love for each other. I think if Heidi had prepared herself for her visit by educating herself on the Vietnamese culture, thing would have turned out differently. At least she would not have been taken off guard ...

Neo-malthusian theory

He wrote the book “Population Bomb” which warned us of a coming mass starvation because of over-population and pushed population control (abortion and birth control). He encouraged government intervention into the population issue. Lastly the Neo-Malthusians advocated race discrimination, it can be observed in societies today that there is not only a division of class, but also of race and col...

Shaping, Chaining, and Reinforcement Schedules in Prison

The utilization if positive reinforcement schedules have been proven to be effective in prisons across the United States. Anger management programs have not always proven to be successful within prisons. Shaping and chaining of anger can be done within the prison system through the implementation of anger management workshops and reinforcements schedules. Several studies have shown the successes o...

Gerontology and Social Exchange Theory

While these are the dominant theories, many other theories are in varying stages of development. In addition, theories are constantly being tested and modified as new data from aging research emerges. It is only in the last half-century that researchers have begun to focus their attention on older adults as a population worthy of special consideration. While earlier theories of aging were few in n...

Parenting According to Erickson’s Psychosocial Theory

Erickson viewed development as a reflection of relationships with parents and family within the broader context of society (Brewer, 2006 p.21). Teachers that follow Erickson’s belief will develop programs that allow children the opportunity to build trust and bonds. School age children are dealing with the demands of learning new skills, fitting in with their classmates and accomplishing goals (...

New Imperialism in Historians' Theories

The main contrast between Robinson and Gallagher's thesis and the thesis offered by Cain and Hopkin's is in their explanation of the New Imperialism that began to occur after 1870. After 1870 the informal colonial system began to breakdown and their was a larger increase in the expansion of the formal empire. Robinson and Gallaghers explanation behind this was the increasing rivalry between the Gr...

Main Principles of Strain Theory

There are a few areas that Merton's strain theory fails to explain in relation to shoplifting. His theory does not explain shoplifting committed by people who have high financial status; these people are not conformists, nor are they innovators. However, Merton's strain theory fits well with explaining the majority of shoplifting. He predicted that most criminals fall into the innovator category,...

Triple Bottom Line Theory

Most times, it would seem to this author, that when companies begin worrying about people and the planet, these concerns usually affects their bottom line. The trick, then, is for businesses to find a happy medium between making its shareholders richer while making the community stronger and happier. Businesses need to "look at how it can prosper financially while protecting and renewing the soci...

A Reflection of the Cyborg’s Manifesto

It was used differently on various parts of the manifesto. Haraway had implied different meaning of cyborgs in the essay aside from the ones she specified. She implied vagueness to word. She referred to it as something we could only see in the distant future but she also considered all of us as cyborgs. Reference: Haraway, Donna. A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in t...

On Saussure’s Linguistic Theory

As a kind of “scientific linguistics”, Saussure’s view should have its certain historical position, and it has finished corresponding historical mission. What we really need to do is that we should not regard Saussure’s linguistic mode as the only possible existence. We should break the traditional way of observing language phenomenon, and examine them from different sides and different po...

Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Jean Baptise Lamarck, who was a French naturalist, discovered his own theory before Charles Darwin discovered his Theory of Evolution. Lamarck’s theory was that organisms would pass their attribute down to their generations for example if someone was to loos their arm then their coming baby would be born without a arm and then it would get passed down the generation and then eventually you would...

Dispositional Personality Theories vs Biological Theories

One can also see how traits relate to other variables such as confidence, music preferences, and more. One can also observe how different stages of life change which traits are dominant. Overall, dispositional and biological personality theories give one a lot of insight into personality, whether it is correct or not, it is a way to delve deeper into oneself to learn about motivations and behavior...

Out of Africa or Multiregional Theory

The ancient teeth and jawbones of the tiny, monkeylike creatures shed new light on the poorly understood evolution of early anthropoids, a suborder of primates that includes apes, monkeys, and humans. The discovery, researchers say, is evidence that the common ancestor of living anthropoids arose in Africa and that anthropoids have been evolving on the now separated Africa-Arabia landmass for at l...

Equivalence in Translation

The disadvantage of formal equivalence and structural equivalences is readers often miss or fail to get the real meaning and writer’s thought as from the original texts. Dynamic equivalence, on the other hand, aims to transfer the spirit and meaning of the original texts, giving impact to TT readers as same as the impact of ST would have to its original readers. The disadvantage of dynamic equiv...

Does True Altruism Exist?

By taking both of these articles and experiments into account, and regarding the theories posed by each, I have favoured the argument that true altruism cannot exist in the normal parameters of human psychology because by nature we are designed to ensure our own continued existence and will therefore perform acts and behaviours that will promote our survival, and avoid performing certain behaviour...

Theories Implemented in Nursing

MRM theory makes use and reflects Carper’s fundamental patterns of knowing. It promotes the role of the nursing as an art while utilizing scientific and social theories that expand the role of nurses by giving them authority to interpret and analyze the patient’s condition based on personal knowledge. The plan and implementation depends on the nurse’s relationship, acceptance and impression ...

Wordsworth's Theory of Poetic Diction

Modern critics such as T.S. Eliot have brought out other inherent contradictions in Wordsworth’s theory of poetic diction. Why should the ‘real language of men be confined to the lower and middle classes of society?’ is the question asked by Eliot. If the character belongs to the upper classes of society, the use of language of that class is as proper as the use of rustic language when the s...

Handmaid's Tale Passage Analysis

Throughout the novel, the text can be seen to show a great distinction in two classes (ruling and working). So, if the text was analyzed through the lens of the Marxist literary theory, plenty could be said. This is due to the fact that there is an obvious class struggle seen in the Republic of Gilead, which is the setting of Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaids Tale. With Marxism being a theor...

Sigmund Freud's Theory of Id, Ego and Superego

Normally the id will demand for an act; the superego put restrictions on how the demand can be reached while the ego will negotiate between id’s demand and superego’s restrictions. Anxiety and unhappiness will form when the id or superego does not get things done according to it’s way. The constant id-superego inner conflict is Freud’s view on how the personality works (Ciccarelli & Wh...

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