Theology Proper Essay

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Theology Proper

The study of God is known as Theology Proper. This study is vital in knowing and experiencing the one true God. God goes by many names and He has revealed Himself to us, through His word and though revelation. By studying Theology Proper we can discover much about the Character of God like His attributes, His law and His will. When studying Theology Proper there are two different categories of studying God’s attributes. There are His absolute attributes and His comparative attributes. His absolute attributes are simply who and what God is. God is absolutely Holly, God is absolutely love and God is absolutely Good. These are unchangeable and consistent attributes of God. He can’t be any more or any less of any of these; if He were, He would not be the perfect holy, loving and good God that the Bible teaches.

God also has comparative attributes. These attributes are ones that can be more difficult for our human minds to comprehend. God is Omniscient, which means He is all knowing. He knows everything, from every thought to every action that will ever be made. God is Omnipresent; this means that He is everywhere all the time. God is beyond time and space, so in essence no one is ever alone at any given point in time. God is finally Omnipotent, this means that he is all-powerful. God created the earth and rose from the dead. He can do all things and He chooses when to use his divine power for His purpose. God’s law is vital to know when studying Theology Proper. By knowing God’s law for His creation we can better understand His purpose for our lives.

The law of God isn’t just an idea of what’s right and wrong, it is an expression of the nature of God. It is a revelation. Through God’s law, creation is controlled and God’s desires are carried out. Because we are sinful by nature, we must live under the law (not necessarily the mosaic law), without the law there can be not judgment or sanctification. The law is necessary for human existence. God is impartial, which means he must judge every violation of His law. Because of God’s perfect nature He cannot overlook the violation of His law.

In order to know the Will of God when studying Theology Proper we must realize how this can be done. We can know God’s perfect will through prayer and talking with God. We can learn His will through studying His word and through listening to the Holy Spirit. These are ways God reveals His will to us. We can also know His will through divine circumstance and by being active in our faith. By being closer to God through these examples we are able to better understand God’s will for our lives. In conclusion we can better understand the study of Theology Proper and ultimately, better understand out Creator. Furthering our understanding of God’s attributes, God’s law and God’s will.

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