Theology of ecology do we find in Gen 2 and others places in the beginnings accounts? Essay

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Theology of ecology do we find in Gen 2 and others places in the beginnings accounts?

The insights we get from Genesis 2 and from other places in the Bible regarding the beginning accounts are that human are given custody of the earth by God. So, we are given responsibility to care for the natural beauty around us, especially caring for all the animals and plants. Even in this time, when we need natural resources to satisfy our lifestyle, we still need to heed the ecological insights we get from the above chapters and verses. It is still incumbent upon us to fulfill our role as caretakers by practicing sustainable resource use. Give back to the earth wheat we take from the earth, so to speak 1-M3.

God promised Abraham that he would make of him a nation that would eventually bring God’s blessing to the whole world. In what ways did the actions and experiences of the patriarchs provide the religious, social and geographical foundations of that nation? Abraham and the other patriarchs like Isaac and Jacob provided the necessary guidelines to create a nation that they claim is chosen by God himself. In so doing, they differentiated themselves from other nations by becoming the only monotheist nation that arose from the land of Palestine during that time. All other nations worshipped many gods and goddesses during that time.

It was a religion of which Abraham and his family worshiped one God. Such religious practice became a basis for the creation of the social laws and geographical foundations for their nation. Israel grew up knowing that there is one God, and that all the laws from him must be obeyed. The people of Israel also believed that they had been given a promised land, which shaped their geographical foundation until today. 1-M4. In giving the covenant laws and institutions to Israel, God was molding them into a nation that would reflect his character and reveal his salvation to the nations.

What did these laws and institutions say about the character and purposes of God? First of all, it revealed that he is a jealous God and does not want any other competitor to take his place, so he forbids the worship of other gods and goddesses. This became a key foundation of Israel’s society and faith. Secondly, the covenant law provided for the promise of existence of a nation chosen in a geographic territory called the Promised Land. 1-M5 What military and spiritual battles did Israel face as they moved into the land of Canaan at the same time of the conquest? Which battles did they win; which did they lose? why did they win or lose?

They had many battles against other tribal nation contemporaries such as the Philistines (always their favorite enemies), the Assyrians, the Chaldeans, even the Canaanites from whom they were considered as land grabbers; later on Babylonians and Egyptians became their enemies with whom they waged war against. In their battles, one can predict either victory or defeat by knowing who their leader and whether he righteous or not. If it was a righteous leader, then the battle turned always into Israel’s favor; but, if the leader was unrighteous, one can be sure that God will not bless his endeavor even though they outnumber their enemies.

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