Themes of Incredibly Close and Extremely Loud Essay

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Themes of Incredibly Close and Extremely Loud

There are many different themes in this novel but they all seem tie into one major theme which is loss and closure. The little themes would be family/friends, grief/mourning.

Loss and closure is definitely the main theme in this book. Almost every character has lost something in some sort of way. For example Oskar has lost his father, Thomas has lost his first love Anna along with his unborn child which also lead to is capable of speech and the grandmother has lost her husband, parents, sister and her son. Not all of the characters in this book end up receiving closure but they all attempt to in different ways. They all spend their lives trying to find out why these things have happened which in return would help lead to closure.

All the character deal with their loses differently. We see how different people react and how they mourn in different ways. Oskar deals with his grief by reliving a game he used to play with his father. Oskar mourns this way believing it will help him to stop missing his dad. Thomas mourns in a way that helps him connect to his first love Anna. *** he does this by marrying the grandmother and living with her. This helps him remember her and is his way of mourning. The grandmother finds her closure through Oskar. She loves him unconditionally with helps her deal with the grief of all the loves ones she has lost.

Family is a theme that connects to all of this because we see how family can be a huge factor of dealing with losses. In the book family is seen in many different ways to help deal with this. Oskar helped to bring closure to his grandmother with all of he loses of loves ones. Oskar’s mother also helped Oskar on his journey to find closure with his father, without Oskar’s mother he would not have been able to do all that he need to deal with the grief of losing his father.

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