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Theme For Essays

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1130 words)
Categories: Activity, Anxiety, Anxiety Disorder, Culture, Essay, Essays, Literature, Writer, Writers, Writing, Writing
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1.  I would write about love because I feel love is a tree and romance is just one of its branches. There are other dimensions of love as well apart from romance. In the essay I would touch upon all these dimensions. Apart from love between a man and a woman, there is love between a teacher and a student, love between two friends, love between a man and his pet, love between a celebrity and his fans, love between siblings.

I would touch upon all these dimensions of love in the essay.

Then I would bring into focus the most divine form of love and that is the love between a mother and her child. I would elaborate on how unique this form of love is and it cannot die or change no matter how advanced the world becomes. I would write that the bond between a mother and her child is natural. This is because they are physically attached to each other for nine months.

Due to the capacity of bearing children mothering instinct comes naturally to women. The intensity of this instinct might vary from person to person but it cannot be completely absent in a woman.

A mother always prioritizes her child above herself. This selflessness is rare in all the other dimensions of love. I would also focus on the main concepts like jealousy, codependency, idealization, stereotyping etc. that involve different types of relations and would connect all these concepts to a mother-child relationship. This would help in understanding this divine attachment between two human beings in more depth. I would conclude the essay by weaving all the main points highlighted above into a string of points that would point towards the main idea that though there are many forms of love, the love between a mother and a child always excels above others.

2.  I would write about why we need gossip in our culture. I think that gossip is one of the necessities of human beings and all of us love to indulge in it whether consciously or unconsciously. But there are very few of us who like to accept our inclination to indulge in gossip. Even when we are gossiping about our classmates, colleagues, neighbors, celebrities, teachers etc. our conscious mind always tries to project ourselves as a person who does not indulge in this kind of lowly activities.

In the essay I would like to focus on the fact that the intensity of our indulgence or love for gossip might differ from one person to another but just like other necessities like food, water, shelter etc. this also becomes one of our needs. I would write that one of the main reasons why some people gossip less when compared to others is because they have less time than the others in this fast paced world. In this context I would quote the example of the reality show, ‘Big Brother’ where the participants are not allowed anything other than the basic necessities and apart from food it is gossip that gives them the strength to survive in a controlled environment.

I would write that no matter what the age or the background of the participants is every one uses this tool to ooze out his anger, distress or dissatisfaction. Some people start instantly while others take a little time to open up but ultimately every one engages in this activity. To conclude I would point out that all of us abhor the term gossip attached to our personalities. But in reality this should not be the case. We do not want to accept this important need of our existence because we relate only negative points to this activity. We should consider gossip as a way of socializing which is yet another important requirement of a healthy human mind. It helps in taking out the baggage that we carry in our inner self. However we should always try to indulge in healthy gossip instead of dirty gossip meant to malign others. In healthy gossip many people would be our friends while in the latter we will invite more foes.

3.  I would like to write about the changing attitude towards dating. Years ago dating was a taboo. Then it became an acceptable part of our society. Now it is indispensable for any relationship to bloom. The courtship period that comprises of dating and calling cannot be imagined without these elements of love. In the essay I would write about changing attitude towards dating not only in the western culture but also in other cultures. There are a many cultures for, example in Asia, where interaction between girls and boys was not acceptable till recent times but since dating has become an integral part of western culture, these cultures are also getting influenced by this concept.

The difference in the change of attitude in the Asian countries compared to the western countries is that though it is being accepted the level of acceptance is lower in the Asian countries. I would highlight the point that how gradually dating has started being considered as a means of just spending a good time with the person towards whom one is romantically inclined unlike the yesteryears where it was considered a foundation of long term relationships. In the conclusion of the essay, I would write that courtship consists of dating but not vice versa. Where dating is just for fun, flirting is likely to be one of its components.

4.  I would like to write about anxiety disorder. In the beginning of the essay I would present an overview of the disease. I would mention that many disorders are collectively referred as anxiety disorder. These disorders are generalized anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, specific phobia, agoraphobia etc. In fact anxiety disorder is a blanket term that encompasses within itself different types of anxiety, fear, nervous condition or phobia. It can occur suddenly or gradually and can affect people of different age groups and genders. Then I would focus on the causes. Apart from the psychological causes, I would also touch upon the hereditary and genetic causes of the disease. This disease disrupts the day-to-day activities of the people suffering from it.

I would write about the symptoms of anxiety disorders. For example there are psychological symptoms like social avoidance, depression, frustration, lack of concentration etc. Apart from that there are physical symptoms too, for example dizzy spells, fatigue, chest pain etc. This would throw light upon how it affects the people suffering from it. Apart from medication there are other things like good family atmosphere, indulgence in some constructive work and exercises that help in the recovery process. I would mention that the people suffering from it should be honest to the practitioners so that they get cured in the right way.

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