Thematic Analysis Macbeth Essay

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Thematic Analysis Macbeth

Act 1: The theme status/money is shown in this act when Lady Macbeth is driven to pressure Macbeth into killing King Duncan. In this act, Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth to kill Duncan when he tells her that the witches revealed him a prophecy about being thane of Cawdor which came true then the King of Scotland. But Lady Macbeth has no patience the sense of power and wealth overcame her morality and nothing can get in her way of status. She creates a plan to kill Duncan when he arrives at her castle for dinner.

Act 2: The theme money/status is shown in this act by the murder of King Duncan by Lady Macbeth and Macbeth. For power/status/wealth Lady Macbeth puts an idea in Macbeth’s head to kill Duncan because they’re not patient nor composed enough to wait for the prophecy to come true by itself. This shows us that Lady Macbeth is a manipulating person and it also shows that Macbeth is a pushover, this means that he gives into peer-pressure too easily. Also, this act tells us that humans would do anything for status/wealth.

Act 3: The theme money/status is shown in this act by the killing of Banquo. Macbeth feels uneasy because he suspects that because Banquo knows about the prophecies so he might know about the killing of Duncan. He hires two murderers to kill Fleance (son of Banquo) and Banquo because Macbeth thinks that they will sabotage his title as king and make everyone turn against him. Which means no wealth or crown for him, which is everything for him right now and he’ll do anything to stop this from happening. This shows that Macbeth is starting to act like Lady Macbeth feeling no remorse for the killing of his best friend just over money/status. Macbeth starts to worry about every little thing which makes him obsessive over the fact that he is successful now and he’ll even kill his best friend if he has to.

Act 4: The theme money/status is shown in this act by the killing of Macduff’s family. Macbeth receives another prophecy from the witches stating “The power of man, for none of woman born, shall harm Macbeth.” But Macbeth didn’t care or maybe didn’t hear properly, he hires murderers to kill Macduff but when they couldn’t find him; they killed his family to show him that Macbeth is serious when it comes to his throne and people sabotaging it. This shows that Macbeth is a control freak when it comes to his wealth and throne/status. Shakespeare shows in this act that if you have a lot of power it is easy for you to corrupt/ruin everything you have.

Act 5: The theme money/status is shown in this act when Macbeth was fighting Macduff. Macbeth because of his status and prophecy told by the witches that he can’t be killed by a man who was women born which is everyone thought he was invincible but when Macduff tells him that he wasn’t women born but was born out of C-Section, he started to fear his life. This shows that Macbeth is a coward without his prophecies he used to be a good soldier but when he started to absorb his status as king and how much money he had he started to feel invincible but without his status/wealth he is nothing. Macduff took that away from Macbeth when he told Macbeth that the prophecy didn’t apply to him.

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