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Antigone Reaction

This play leaves quite a bit to the imagination of the director, actors, and designers. For example, it never describes the set in extreme, minute detail. This menas that the designers can make the set look just about anyway they want as long as they stick to the general outline of where the scene is taking place. Also, it never describes the characters in minute detail. This means the actors and ...

The Shavian Theatre of Ideas (Modern Drama)

“Effectiveness of Assertion is the Alpha and omega of style. He who has nothing to assert has no style and can have none; he who has something to assert will go as far I n power of style as its momentousness and his conviction will caryr him. Disprove his assertion after it is made, yet his style remains.” With his union of assertion and provocation, his style is never dull. There is the furth...

Pillowman Review

The play was directed so well. All the cast and crew do their best to execute the play. Most of the casting members were professional and graduate students interested in theatre. The two plays that I watched during this semester “The Pillowman” and “KOYAANISQATSI”. The opening scene of “The Pillowman” and “KOYAANISQATSI” both were really good. Among these two play I like “KOYAANI...

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Fuddy Meers

They endowed many things on the set, most of the things looked pretty realistic. In the scene when Richard and his son go looking for Claire they used a paper joint to endow the marijuana they were smoking but they did not portray being under the influence as well as they could have. Usually people that smoke pot are really laid back and giggly with short term memory loss not knowing what their do...

Australian Theatre Ruby Moon and Stolen

Ruby’s dialogue delivered with out expression suggested her shock, while jimmy’s innocence was emphasized by his line “oh ruby”, reflecting his lack of awareness of what happened to ruby. In conclusion, Stolen has demonstrated how through dramatic techniques, Australian Theatre can stage the personal experiences of the characters. Harrison has aptly demonstrated this by exploring the perso...

Cosi Lewis Nowra

The aspect the audience gain from another message from Nowra’s ideas expressed throughout the text & dramatic techniques is the frequently noticeable question, are the people in the asylum really mad? When there is insanity all around us. Society labels these people as ‘insane’ when they are no different to each and every one of us, only with different desires to some. The only people wh...

Australian Contemporary Theatre

Matt Cameron used this confusion to make the audience understand that even these characters aren’t what they seem. Australian Contemporary theatre is a tool to address those thoughts which are a part of Australian life. It plays on the fears and insecurities of the audience using characters which people, although they may not wish to, find connections to. These characters provide a medium in whi...

Practical Play Analysis

Lastly, behind the inspiring acts, elaborate costumes, and colorful props, the message of the story must be retained.   This is one important part that can be shared with the audience.  The lesson that they can learn from watching a play can help them personally.  Once the audience is touched by a play’s story or vision, he/she can use the message or apply it once he g...

The Tempest: A Critical Analysis

The entreaty is made most specific in Prospero’s parting monologue. This is a direct address to the audience asking for them to release him from the confines of the theatre. Now that his “charms are all o'erthrown” he is sinking in strength and is at the mercy of the audience. He asks them not to confine him in his world of fiction, especially so since the real world beckons, where he has re...

Blasted by Sarah Kane

It seems difficult to place the work of Sarah Kane in the same pantheon as Anton Chekhov and Arthur Miller, if only because they seem the opposite ends of the spectrum, but both playwrights have contributed to the spirit of change and were once considered radical departures from the norm.  As Blasted continues to gain acceptance and grows in popularity, Kane’s pl...

Theatre in the age of Shakespeare

One must remember that at entertainment came from few sources, and with no modern technology, people had to create their own entertainment. Acting and the theatre did this well but also made the audiences think. The existence of these plays, to carry the audience through space and time suggests that Shakespeare needed and expected neither intervals, nor any music beyond a few bars when a character...

Key Components in the Leisure and Recreation Industry

Like any leisure facility such usage will have an impact which in turn will lessen, and even threaten, the leisure experience itself. Organisations working in countryside recreation are therefore primarily stewards who maintain, manage and regulate the environment and also produce information and education. An important organisation funded by the Countryside Commission is the National Parks Author...

Augusto Boal and Jacques LeCoq

LeCoq’s philosophy and practical training are also realised in Theatre De Complicite, where le jeu, complicite and desponsibilite are all demonstrated. We were fortunate enough to see ‘the Disppearing Number’ and this production was an incredible example of how all the elements of mind, body, actor, audience, and space worked together in perfect unity, and the physical transitions were seaml...

Form and Structure - A Dolls House

I believe that Ibsen is trying to show that all women are affected by the expectation for them to give up their integrity. As previously mentioned, the playwright might have done this under the belief that if such an issue was to be resolved it would first have to be acknowledged. Ibsen took a risk by trying to adjust the tried and tested form and structure of a play. However, the risk paid off an...

"A Thing of Beauty" by Charles Kray

Both Sister Benedicta and the Colonel are very strong characters and strongly support their point of view. They both fight and argue about the situation and their arguments are very sturdy. "Sister, you are preaching fear. Do you think you can intimidate me? We are masters at this type of strategy," the Colonel says, proving his point. As they both explain to each other about their strong point of...

Midterm (Actor)


Intro to Theatre


Hamlet, Part 4: Comparing and Contrasting Interpretations


Final Theatre




History of Broadway Musicals & Theatre

How many times are we reminded of a song we hear earlier that day and sing it in our head? The only real difference between musicals and everyday life is that when we do sing our songs throughout our lives they aren’t always originals, everybody around you doesn’t join in and automatically know every word and we don’t have perfectly choreographed dance numbers to go along with them, however ...

Educating Rita

Let’s go to the pub and drink pots of Guinness and talk. ” Rita then replies with “I’ve got to do this Frank. I’ve got to. ”Her strong passion motivates and interests the audience because they may have faced similar struggles. Although Into the World is a very difficult topic to achieve, Russel has managed to make it both interesting and entertaining. Two-hander plays are difficult to ...

"Cosi" by Louis Nowra

The use of two contrasting acts displays the transformation of many significant characters and invites the audience to the concept of transformation of the individual. Moreover, the frank and straightforward dialogue assigned to the characters prove to the audience that Cosi is a play worth viewing and create the desired 'shock' response by the audience. Furthermore, Nowra scripts a 'play within a...

Community Theatre

By creating this play, Marmalade Gumdrops, Carol Lauck has shown the true meaning of imagination. The telling of so many stories all within one big story is such an effective way of grasping an audience’s attention. This is exactly what community theatre is all about. Using characterisation and relatable scenes, Carol has created an ideal way to show this community a message. It has shown us a c...

A Woman of No Importance, Final Act

It is a just law. It is God’s law. ” to her now saying “I was wrong. Gods law is only love. ” Because she is in love with Gerald and has managed to listen and understand all of the things that Mrs Arbuthnot has had to face to bring up Gerald alone. At the end of the play when Gerald sees the glove lying on the floor Mrs Arbuthnot picks up and changes the title line of the play and once aga...

"Professor Bernhardi" by Arthur Schnitzler

We as an audience now need to take a step back and have a critical look at the problems in our own society in order to create a resolution. In conclusion, it can be seen that theatre is an outlet to convey political opinion and thus can be used as a tool to incite some form of change to a system. Playwrights tend to take problems they see in their society and bring light to them in the form of the...

Some time before the innovation of current advances for example

Bertolt brecht's play mother courage was a direct response to hitler's invasion of poland in 1939. The play is considered by some to be the greatest play of the 20th century and the greatest anti-war play of all time. The scenes give a feeling of valors vocation yet without creating nostalgic sentiments and identifying with any of the characters. Mother mettle isn't portrayed as a hero. With the e...

is theatre a good platform for activism and social

Often, we recognize entertainment as a way of disconnection mainly with something that it will not make us think or worry about our personal lives making us feel relief. We are bombarded constantly with superficial news made it by the media and specially controlled by governments. Mostly with their only goal of communicate or entertain rather than to educate us. Then unconsciously we are manipulat...

The History of Musical Theatre

Producer's at Baltimores WJZ TV cancelled the Buddy Deane show - which he was a devoted fan of - rather than integrating the popular teen dance programme. During the years 1957 to 1963 only white teens where allowed to spectate or dance on the weekly broadcast of the Buddy Deane show with the exception of one Monday each month where black teenagers filled the studios and were allowed to dance on l...

My way to the programme leader

In September I will be starting back at Richmond Gymnastics Association (RGA). I started coaching gymnastics at RGA two years ago and last year became the programme leader of the gymnastics floor and vault squads. In September I hope to be promoted again and work more hours per term. By coaching more of the recreational classes that are also on weekday evenings, leave my day times free for meeting...

Watching Movies at Home V.S the Theatre

Theatre movies V.S movies at home is one of the most popular things done by most people around the world. The benefits of watching a movie at home, is that it's more relaxing and comforting around the people we know. As stated by Joydoulos, "being able to watch movies at home your able to interact a lot more time with family and the environment is way quieter than in the theatre"( Joydoulous). Eac...

Les Belles Soeurs for Ethiopian Theatre

I would have to translate the play into Amharic and change some of the sayings because direct translation would not make sense. I will highlight messages the play sends about identity, generation gap, materialism, jealousy and keep the use of informal language but change Joual to working-class Amharic. To represent Ethiopian culture the characters will dress in traditional costumes...·.....Les Be...

I had the privilege of seeing Fences at Ford's Theater Featuring one

Fences at Ford's Theater was an impressive experience of theater I'm immensely pleased to have experienced. It showcases the black experience in the 50's, I yet does not isolate its audience in the emotional impact an abusive patriarch can have on a family. These characters were brought to life by fantastic performers and it's inspiring to so theater major like myself to strive for that honest per...

My aMeriCa Critique The narrative espousal of the hardworking

After seeing My aMeriCa, I knew I had to recommend it to some other friends (unfortunately it was just playing one more show and no one was able to make it). The play was as gratifying as it was thought provoking. I can honestly say this is the best performance I've seen out of Montgomery College Theater, and I look forward to seeing more. I hope the people who worked on this play were proud of it...

Female Wits and Theatre history

All of these women made a difference and were good at what they did this is why they are important to history. At this time, it was far from respectable to be a playwright as a woman, but these women found a way to make a difference in many ways. However, Delarivier out of the three was the most harshly treated, because of the scandalous acts. Whereas Mary was treated the gentlest because she was ...

Great Expectations Project DevelopmentWithin the industry there

Furthermore, in order to keep the productions cost to a minimum, Bright Spark would utilise the system proposed by Grotowski, using minimal amounts of props and set, relying mostly upon the actor's ability to convey a character. This system feeds into the workshop and hot seating medium which Bright Spark aims to use in this production as both require minimal materials, aside from some costume ele...

Actresses in Modern Indian Theatre

It is apparent that the ideological place of the society straight reveals the altering constructs of the adult females creative person. The on-going inventions and experiments carried out by adult females performing artists underscore the impossibleness of subsuming modern-day women’s engagement in play under a unvarying frame. Contemporary phase has witnessed the immensely different sorts of pu...

British Theatre and Cinema

Established in 1993 by Adele Hartley, this is a discovery festival showcasing mostly independent films, both short films and feature length films. Dead by Dawn is a member of the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation and occurs once yearly, usually in mid-April. The Cardiff Film Festival was an annual film festival that took place in Cardiff, Wales. It had previously been called the Cardiff...

Colonial Beginning of Modern Theatre in India

Between the late thirtiess and the 1950s, a scope of events ; the colonial atrociousnesss, the Bengal Famine of 1943, the Telengana ( in Andhra Pradesh ) and Tebhaga ( in Bengal ) provincial motions, the Second World War, communal force, Partition, Failure of Nehruvian ideals created demand for an alternate civilization and generated responses in the signifier of aesthetic productions across music...

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