Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds Essay

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Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds

Two years after the re-opening of the building, following restoration and development Theatre Royal is now sufficiently knowledgeable about the intricacies of its business operations. This deep insight about the business will enable the organization to plan for the years ahead. The Theatre now has a stable staffing structure for the first time in recent history, which will go a long way in development of an actionable business plan.

There are significant challenges ahead but the organisation has a strong, shared sense of where it is going. The theatre’s programme of work has gone from strength to strength, with many of its objectives for the past year – have been successfully achieved. Currently, the theatre is developing a national profile for some of its works and the audiences have been predominantly enthusiastic about the diversity and quality of the work which they have been offered.

The theatre’s produced works have been very successful and the year in prospect contains plans for further development of this activity. Additionally, the Creative Learning programme has been re-established after some time in the doldrums and its continued success will probably make it  a core activity. The Heritage programme continues to develop at steady pace. While, presented programme remains variable, particularly in terms of touring Drama, Classical Dance and Opera.

The theatre’s Commercial activities are gradually becoming key contributors to the organisation’s revenue. There has been an increase in the usage of the building even when there are no shows in progress, with catering being the most sought after service.

At a recent Board Retreat the Board approved the development of the initial outputs of the STEP FORWARD programme which has given rise to TRAIN – Theatre Royal Apprenticeship and Intern Network. This programme, if successful in its development, will go a long way in reconciling the friction which exists between ambition and available resources.

The year ahead will witness the delivery of a consolidated programme of activity to be delivered within available resources. This consolidation will attempt to deliver a programme of activity which is at least equal to that of 2009/10.

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