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Essay on Theatre

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"The Duchess of Malfi" by John Webster Drama Analysis

Although in part The Duchess of Malfi exaggerates what men can do to women, more importantly, at its core, it shows what women can do to men. The duchess’ advances really are exceptional especially for a female character on the stage in that time. The play deepens this significance by highlighting the pressures that are all around her. It is the Duchess that conclusively gets the last word, beca...

Dance Pieces by Nacho Duato

An example of this is present in ‘Jardi Tancat’ where Duato has adopted a varied range of motifs such as reaching up to pray, ploughing movements, and circular patterns, which all symbolise the actions seen on the fields of Catalonia. His use of stage spacing is also significant, the dancers continuously move horizontally on the stage from right to left, this represents the cycle of the day an...

Cosi by Louis Nowra Dramatic Elements Analysis

Berthold has placed them like this to direct the audiences’ concentration to one place rather than scatter the energy through the entire set. By manipulating the use of vocal delivery and positioning Berthold has been able to highlight the important aspects of this scene. The evidence previously given supports the fact that David Berthold has indeed created a thought provoking theatrical piece....

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Masculinity in A View from the Bridge Play

Without a doubt, Miller has many different views on masculinity. You have Eddie and Marco, who are two extremely strong men, and you have Rodolfo, who is extremely keen on more feminine activates. In my opinion, there isn’t a lot of difference between these. All three are men in their different ways, but one thing in my view is a must is respect. And Eddie had lost it, all of it by the end. He u...

The Definition of Avant-Garde

In our performance we used the music of Massive Attack, 'Teardrop' which is about a foetus in the womb, we chose a poem about sacrifice, change and love, and we took the form of a foetus making the journey from womb to world. Visually our performance was simple; we combined movement and drama, with the poem being read over the music. Although simple because we had five different people displaying...

Theatrical property

Props have become more and more specialized due in large part to realism as well as the rise of theatre in the round, where few sets are used and the simple prop becomes as important a design element as costumes and lighting. Besides the obvious artistic creations made in the prop workshop, much of the work done by the property designer is research, phone searches, and general footwork in finding ...

My Favorite Singer Maria Calais as a Diva

But despite these, by modern standards, media restrictions, the newspaper article does help to put Ms Callas singing qualities into context and perspective. She is obviously a more than competent singer, her unique voice is not ‘dime a dozen’ (reference) for the review describes it as ‘impeccable’ (reference). The article can also be seen as conferring on her the ‘something compelling’...

Restoration Comedy

The increasing representation in drama of the urban gentry and middle class rather than royalty or aristocracy also corresponded to shifts in the society in which the merchant middle-class was growing in numbers and wealth and introducing into the culture the middle-class values of private ownership and individual rights. Hume believes the rake-hero illustrates the upper class rebellion against th...

The Abduction of Figaro

His vast knowledge of music, variation, musical phrases, polyphony, and harmony are shown throughout the duration of this comic opera. This type of skills requires the composers as well as the musicians and singers to be adept at sight and reading with the ability to coordinate with others as the opera is performed. I definitely have a new type of appreciate for composers and creators of operas/sy...

I am Performing in a Play Called Trojans

The royal families are not similar however due to the fact that the real tragedy at the end is not to do with them as it is in Oedipus, it is to do with the youths. Reflecting on this I will play my character as flippant, perhaps a little ignorant and nai?? ve. The attitude he takes to the Royal family is that of disrespect and he has a bit of a love hate relationship with them, as they are his fa...

Jacob Marley

Although impressive, Jacob Marley's entrance was quite alarming and younger children found it quite scary, especially along with the chains on his wrists and ankles acting as the chains binding him to hell. Compared the quietness of the room before, this huge explosion of noise is very effective. He comes to warn scrooge and is desperate to get the message to him, we can tell this by the way in wh...

Actor Skills According to Stanislavski's System

However, who so ever have studied and have been trained in the Stanislavski System know that it is a diligent method that requires a lot of work, but also makes seem more effortless and believable. Stanislavski always told his actors to "leave your ego at the stage door as you come in" and those who intend to follow the Stanislavski System must know that it is not solely based on the actor himself...

Tennessee Williams' Play A Streetcar Named Desire

In conclusion, Williams has successfully accumulated tension through Stanley and Blanche's resentment, aural effects, language and dialogue; leading to an outburst of the tension- the brutal rape. Even Williams himself addresses that "the rape is pivotal... without which the play loses its meaning". The melodramatic climax is essential because without it the tension built before is suspended, disa...

A Little Story of Mary Rose

She meant the world to me. I know one time Anna told me Mary Rose talked about me all the time but what if she was lying? I start to cry but I don't know why because Mary Rose isn't dead. And that's final. So yea. I look up at the doctor and he is writing on the whiteboard. He sets it back on my lap. I don't look at what he has written. I am too afraid. What if it is more bad news? I can't handle ...

"An Inspector Calls" - Sheila's Analysis

Finally, Sheila's shifting attitude is also reflected by how she is portrayed by Priestley; as she begins to be portrayed as the ideal figure, reflecting the ideals of Priestley, asking interrogatory questions "But that won't bring Eva beck to life will it?" and contradicting her mother, "No, because I remember what he said". Significantly, at times, her resemblance to the inspector, supporting hi...

Tartuffe Act IV and V Analysis

Religion isn't the issue; or possibly, the maltreatment of religion for individual get up at the expense of guiltless, confused people is Molière's worry. Works, for example, Tartuffe as a general rule offer help to anchor and advance religion by revealing impostors for who they really are and delineating the veritable risk they stance to society when they go unchallenged. The play's real complem...

Tension in Miller's Play All My Sons

Should have Chris vowed to prove that his fathers alibi was the truth? At the time when Steve Deever called Keller for help and Kate answered, should she have taken responsibility? And finally, should we, as the audience, be so harsh upon Kate Keller, is her only fault to love her family more than ever, thus pitying her state. Miller has indeed purged our emotions till the very end of the play, bu...

About Danforth

Danforth then tells Mary that if she really was faking it then to fake it for him right there, she could not and as a result the tension builds because the audience and Proctor all wondering what will happen now. "it is a... wind" Abby breaks it up and starts to fake being witched by Mary, the other girls follow, Mary gets scared and tries to run out the court to which John gets extremely angry an...

Abigail Williams In "The Crucible"

At the end of the play, however, John realizes his selfishness and dies while saving his honesty. Abigail's actions show that once a person begins to do evil things, and sins, it becomes almost second nature, and they don't really mind it so much. In time they even don't care at all, and they may even continue to do sins just for the fun of it. This is shown when Abigail continues to sin, and cont...

'Death of a Salesman' In A Play

If my impression is correct, following my study of it, the play will continue to pull in audiences for another 54. It is incisive in its critique of the experience in 'a capitalist system that promises unattainable glory'xxi, more so in recent times. It is a portrayal of a failing family striving to stay together, but most of all, it is the tragic death of a man, living in past and present but wit...

Miller's Play

Miller writes Act 3 very cleverly so that the audience know information that the judges do not, this is a way of making the tension and intrigue in the crowd rise. This form of audience participation is used often by great play writers such as Shakespeare even though their styles are completely different it still has the same effect and makes their plays interesting and exciting for all the member...

A Live Theatrical Performance of Play Gagarin Way

When things started to go wrong, you could see through the dialect, and emotion played by the actor, that this was a man on the edge. I became empathetic, and sympathetic to the character. In the final scenes, when Eddie began to stand, and appear normal, it was the image of Gary, a huge, and intimidating man, sitting crestfallen at the demise of his one defining moment in life, that moved me the ...

A Play Baal by Bertolt Brecht

There were no uncomfortable silences in between what each girl said, which meant that they were very well prepared. If they weren1t as prepared, they wouldn1t have been able to follow each other as well. Their preparation was also quite clear because there were no uncomfortable spaces in between what each girl said. They did not have much physical acting to do, but the way they used their voices a...

Impact - Louis 14th, Lully, Moliere

During the 17th century, France witnessed many occurrences triggered by the interaction between the monarchical power and art. The King Louis 14th, who was the great admirer of music, shaped and supported the musical and theatrical progress by taking a stand against the obstacles of these artists, especially Lully and Moliere. Their passions shaped their relations between them. Sometimes they ran ...

Dramatic devices in "The Inspector Calls"

This is slightly different to how it used to be but it is still separating people into class. Money is still widely talked about amongst most people and although we may not boast about it or talk of how little we have, people still make assumptions about how they think your financial state is. It is important these days to have designer clothes and flash cars but we all need to look past this and ...

Strong contrast

The Inspector was very calm, collected and organised. Mr. Birling was talking as though he was going to be arrested for the death of Eva Smith. He was not talking calmly but almost arguing with the calm Inspector that it was not his fault for the suicide. Mr. Birling was very guarded about the situation like the Inspector in fact. This is very ironic as the person interrogating is as protective as...

The Duchess of Malfi

Bosola too, however, becomes tangled further in a web of murder, and ultimately is killed himself. Throughout the play, Webster explores many themes which appear to be relevant to his society at the time, whether it be the nature of the court, or the general conventions in society. It is arguable that 'The Duchess of Malfi' to a certain extent is based upon the world in which Webster lived in; it ...

Threepenny opera

The play comes to an end with a final speech from Peachum who delivers a final moral. Brecht takes a very unfamiliar approach as Peachum's words force the audience to not become caught up in the emotion of Macheath's freedom, he asks the audience to accept the happy ending which in real life would have been seldom. Peachum's final words make the audience leave the play considering the issues that ...

Unusual love scene

However the two individuals think, speak and perceive things differently and that the only way to success is learning the language in order to directly communicate. The scene also conveys the message that enthusiasm and desire leads you nowhere, just as was Yolland, nonetheless this took him nowhere near communicating with the Irish and the effect was devastating. In conclusion to this essay Friel...

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