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Analysis of the last scene in the play “The History Boys”

...This passage explicitly talks about Hector, the English teacher who is not alive at the moment. We gather that he had died earlier on in an accident. Being a passage that is ending the play, it effectively captures the attitudes of the rest of the characters about Hector. The language used portrays a mix of moods; sadness and happiness. It is sad when everyone remembers the contributions that Hector had in the teaching fraternity and he is now dead. It portrays happiness w...

An Acting Critique of Legally Blonde the Musical

...Like I said from the start, I was a little biased towards this play from the beginning simply because my little sister was in it. However, even when I put my bias aside, I can honestly say I was thoroughly pleased with my experience as an audience member as a whole. While I must admit there were various issues with things like actor projection, lack of proper blocking, and lack of line memorization, the overall quality of acting was quite enjoyable. The character work done by most of the actors...

Play Critique

...The costume design for this play was also another challenge to create I saw. The play tended to jump a couple centuries at a time with leads to vastly different wardrobe changes. Like in the beginning they were wearing very basic white sheets, yet underneath you could notice the other layers they would be needing for later. The sound however was probably the biggest drawback for this play. Maybe it’s because the speakers aren’t the greatest but it seemed at times the special effect sounds we...

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Reaction paper Adarna

...Although there were some elements added to make the story more entertaining, the characters, plot, and setting were unchanged. In conclusion, beyond mere entertainment the play showed the different side of Ibong Adarna by using comedy and creativity, bringing to stage the characters with more depth of personality, not just the stereotyped identity which viewers had known and watched. It was as if, the audience, after watching the play, knew much intimately the characters and could even identify ...

Drama Essay

...Theatre is simply a mirror to our society; a reflection of our past wrongs and future endeavours with the aim of social comment and audience engagement. Both Cameron’s ‘Ruby Moon’ and Harrison’s ‘Stolen’ address contemporary Australian society content: whether it is the warped world of suburbia or our country’s mistakes, both employ dramatic and theatrical techniques and style to reflect this and strengthen the actor-audience relationship. As Matt Cameron quotes, “theatre exists...

Woman in Black theatre review

...What really stood out for me was the exceptional use of such simple effects. In each scene the simplistic setting would not be able to portray a realistic one so a simple use of layering and only lighting what you want the audience to see, with the added accompaniment of sound effects would give the intended audience reaction the director (Robin Herford) wants. Sound is one of the fundamental elements of this play. To create a sense of location such as a train station there are recorded voice-ov...

The Movie Exhibition Industry

...On the flip-side of new release is the issue of studios having shorter time windows between theatrical releases and DVD release. To help capture those consumers who didn’t go to the theatre for the initial release and may decide to wait until the DVD, you could lower the ticket price for pictures that have been out for more than four weeks. By doing this consumers may be willing to spend slightly more than a DVD rental to see the movie sooner and on the big-screen. Ideally, all of these patron...

Brecht and Stanislavski notions of acting

...At first glance, Brecht and Stanislavski seem to be at opposite ends on the acting theories scale. For example, Stanislavski believed in the actor portraying total truth and reality, whereas Brecht believed the actor should simply represent a social archetype. Stanislavski didn't see the need for props or other means of presenting information, that the actor only needs his body to express things. Brecht on the other hand thought that the actor should be concerned with presenting issues through p...

Elements used in Raisin in the Sun

...However, without stagecraft, a play cannot be complete. The elements of design produce a world that actors could never create on script alone. In the Playmakers Repertory Company’s production of Raisin in the Sun, the scenic, costume, lighting, and sound design worked cohesively to enhance and develop all aspects of the characters and plot. The provocative themes of escaping poverty, chasing dreams, and overcoming racial discrimination were illustrated brilliantly by tremendous execution of th...

Diary entry for a Shakespearian actor

...My instruction often took the form of simple imitation. My instructor often says, "Right you playing [whoever], I am going to show you how its acted and then you will imitate me." I find this a very good way of teaching because you are able to see how professionals perform your part. Mr.Jones originally played my part and when he got too old to perform it he handed it down to me and taught me how to speak and act it. This way I would be as good or even better than him when it came to performing....

Salarino and Solanio

...Salarino and Solanio play key roles in bringing new parts of the play to stage in order to get the audience involved and in helping to define the characters in the play. Without them, the play would be more confusing for the audience, for they would not know what has happened off stage like Antonio’s ships being wrecked. Also, without Salarino and Solanio, the audience would not fully understand the characters and why they think and act a certain way. By Salarino and Solanio’s defining chara...

Elements of Drama

...The Essential elements of drama are present in any play that you see, but the ideas have changed slightly over the years. Aristotle was the first to write about these essential elements, more than two thousand years ago, yet we still discuss his list when talking about what makes the best drama. Aristotle considered six things to be essential to good drama. Plot, Character, Theme, dialogue, music/rhythm and spectacle. In modern theater, this list has changed slightly, although many of the elemen...

English composition drama essay

...The functionality in a drama to provide the audience with the same outlook compared to the various different messages fictions can convey is the main advantage watching dramas has over reading fictions. The concise detailing an author provides in their dramas lets the audience find the meaning in a simpler way. Watching a drama is proven to be much more effective because of the overall experience each audience member get to appreciate. Work Cited "Reading Drama Study Guide: GED Language Arts, Re...

Definition of Drama

...* Genre: Genre refers to the type of play. Some examples of different genres include, comedy, tragedy, mystery and historical play. * Audience: This is the group of people who watch the play. Many playwrights and actors consider the audience to be the most important element of drama, as all of the effort put in to writing and producing a play is for the enjoyment of the audience http://newtestamentyouths. org/index. php? option=com_content&view=article&id=84:drama-classification-and-desc...

Drama and Handsome Captain

...Evidence of this is his migration from Haiti to Guadeloupe, in search of a job to better his state of living for himself and his wife who remained in Haiti. Language is not heavily concentrated upon in this piece, however, the dances, music and repetition of words and phrases like, “Shriveled-up”, “Wilnor, how are you? ” and “Handsome Captain”. This illustrated that unlike Constance, Schwarz- Bart explored other mechanics involved with language to show Wilnor’s plight and the impor...

Seminar Play Analysis

...I loved this set a lot, with paper scattered about, and a little Buddha on his desk to resemble something he had gotten on his many adventures to different countries that he was always bragging about. By being in this class, I’ve started to notice the small details like that in a play that I would have never noticed before. When the professor poured a drink of Jack Daniels, it looked so real that I actually questioned whether or not it was fake. I had to ask one of my friends in theatre if the...

Renaissance in England

...Public theaters visited and well-off citizens, and the aristocracy were located in the lower tiers of boxes galleries, and sometimes on the very front of the stage, the upper gallery and stalls filled with a more democratic public - anyone who could pay for the very small amount of input. Popular theater in all classes of society should be to explain the variety and diversity of the repertoire created for him. The repertoire of this was created by a group of prominent playwrights, which are the ...

War Horse from Book, Movie and Play

...This shows how depending on the way a piece of media is be presented changes many aspects in that piece. When a book is transformed into a movie or play it has to go through many different modifications and sometimes there is even omitting some parts that the readers of the books think is good. The reason for these changes is because in order for a movie or play which is based on a book to thrieve and be successful it has to be adapted. The definition of adapting is to make suitable to or fit fo...

Opening Scenes of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

...However the opening scenes are mainly a way to introduce characters and therefore do not hold many events which show dramatic comedy and the scenes involve more farcical comedy and dramatic irony, the exaggeration of characters and events is the main humour behind the play. Comic confusion also is a major factor of the audiences humour at the beginning of the play as Viola dresses as a man this disguise causes misunderstanding for Orsino who thinks she is a man and as the play proceeds through t...

Analysis of Andre’s Mother by Terrence McNally

...By releasing the balloon, they were letting go of the sadness of his death and for some, the secret he’d been keeping from his family. This also represented the crossing over of Andre. In the story, Andre was afraid of being rejected by his mother, whose silence throughout the play proves that she was incapable of offering acceptance to his homosexuality. With Andre’s love of the theater and specifically Hamlet, he is relating himself to one of the most recognized internal struggles of the t...

The Comic Scenes in Doctor Faustus

...The scene, in which Faustus teases and troubles the Pope and his party, seems to be too crude and vulgar to come from Marlowe’s pen. But the Ralph-Robin episode, in the first and second scenes of Act-lV seems to have very little connection with the main theme of the play. The other two comic scenes, Act-IV, Scene iii, iv which show Faustus as playing an ordinary conjurer’s role either by making horns grow on the knight’s head or by outwitting and duping the horse-dealer are really crude an...

Naturalism in Depth

...Many naturalists based their work on true historical events. Less is more… In reverse… Instead of simplifying any given character, naturalists really tried to present characters reactions and experiences in a very elaborate manner. Naturalistic “cross sections of life” often lacked an overwhelming message. John Osborne said, “It combines, often in a perplexing way, such features as the traditionally German distaste for social and political reality… A distrust of the rational, on the ...

Representation of ethics in the stage dramas of Pakistan

...The Play was Performed both in Lahore and Karachi. It was Created and Directd by Salmaan Peerzada, Starring Kursheed Shahid, Perin Cooper,Salman Shahid, Rubina Saigol, Imraan Peerzada and Samina Peerzada. Over past three decades the Rafi Peer theater workshop has produced diverse and amazing body of work in Drama, Puppetry, Dance, Music, besides this it hosts four major Art Festivals. Rafi Peer theater workshop has done enormous service for performing Arts in Pakistan, by supporting Artists and ...

Ancient Greek Theatre

...The orchestra was a large area at the center part of the theatre normally circular. It was there where play, dance and acting took place. The earliest orchestras were simply made of hard earth but later in the Classical period some orchestras began to be made of marble and other materials. The orchestra of the theater of Dionysus in Athens was about 60 feet in diameter. The skene was a large building behind the orchestra which was used as a backstage. It was the place where actors change their c...

Musical Theatre

...Musical comedy is a combination between the elements of musical revue and the elements of Operetta. The music is always the most important element. The plots are usually fairly weak. All the characters are more believable. Dialogue they use is clever because it’s also comedic and it has to be creative. The emphasis of Musical Play is on the character. There are real people in real life-like situations. Acting and choreography as well as music are integral to the production as a whole. It usual...

Jerzy Grotowski

...Being a theater director, a theoretician, an educator, and a creator of acting methods is a great achievement. His ideas are very interesting and insightful. Most of his methods and philosophies are truly helpful to an actor. His thoughts on the actor-spectator interaction were the most fascinating to me. I had never thought of theater in that way before; therefore, he opened my eyes in learning new and astute ideas. Grotowski is one of the most influential figures behind the development of thea...

Theatre of Cruelty

...Many young, skillful actors and actresses have considered taking up the cruel task of performing a theater of cruelty. These actors and actresses have been wanting to know if there were specific kinds of training or exercise that could help them improve their skills to be a better actor and actress for the theater of cruelty. I personally have to say, the exercises that have been described by Antonin Artaud requires a lot of physicality from the actor. One could first start by warming up your vo...

Antigone Reaction

...This play leaves quite a bit to the imagination of the director, actors, and designers. For example, it never describes the set in extreme, minute detail. This menas that the designers can make the set look just about anyway they want as long as they stick to the general outline of where the scene is taking place. Also, it never describes the characters in minute detail. This means the actors and directors can portray the characters however they wish as long as they stay true to the characters p...

Pillowman Review

...The play was directed so well. All the cast and crew do their best to execute the play. Most of the casting members were professional and graduate students interested in theatre. The two plays that I watched during this semester “The Pillowman” and “KOYAANISQATSI”. The opening scene of “The Pillowman” and “KOYAANISQATSI” both were really good. Among these two play I like “KOYAANISQATSI” better because the Hopi Indian chanter played really well. Also, action was well executed ...

Fuddy Meers

...They endowed many things on the set, most of the things looked pretty realistic. In the scene when Richard and his son go looking for Claire they used a paper joint to endow the marijuana they were smoking but they did not portray being under the influence as well as they could have. Usually people that smoke pot are really laid back and giggly with short term memory loss not knowing what their doing half the time. They also endowed the officer’s gun which still look pretty real. When Claire w...

Cosi Lewis Nowra

...Lewis Nowra not only wrote a play containing aspects such as love & fidelity & illusion vs. eality but through the use of dramatic techniques like characterization, dialogue & symbolism throughout characters such as Lewis, Julie, Roy, Lucy & Nick in act 1 scene 3 and the rest of the play, but to give the audience a broader understanding on the plays meaning, but we also question although the play was set in the 70s, this era was experimental with ‘free love’ the reality is wi...

Australian Contemporary Theatre

...This Darkness is metaphorical, referring to the question which was needing to be answered by Australians ‘ what is out there? ’, ‘ Who is out there? ’ these people (characters) are part of our lives but do we know and understand them. This is what the Darkness represents. It draws the audience’s attention to how little we know about the world around us and that these characters who the audience try to understand are perplexing. Parts of who these characters are can be understood though...

Practical Play Analysis

...The Snow in Midsummer is a play about tragedy and drama.  However, the whole production team must keep in mind that as the story is based on real struggles of poor people in the past, it might leave a great sense of grievance to the audience.  This is good but only to the extent that it will stimulate their sense of awareness since basically, though the storyline dates back to old times, it is very symbolic of the abuse and tyranny that still exist even in our time.  Th...

The Tempest: A Critical Analysis

...The entreaty is made most specific in Prospero’s parting monologue. This is a direct address to the audience asking for them to release him from the confines of the theatre. Now that his “charms are all o'erthrown” he is sinking in strength and is at the mercy of the audience. He asks them not to confine him in his world of fiction, especially so since the real world beckons, where he has regained his lost Dukedom. His “project fails” if they do not join in with the applause of their h...

Blasted by Sarah Kane

...It seems difficult to place the work of Sarah Kane in the same pantheon as Anton Chekhov and Arthur Miller, if only because they seem the opposite ends of the spectrum, but both playwrights have contributed to the spirit of change and were once considered radical departures from the norm.  As Blasted continues to gain acceptance and grows in popularity, Kane’s place in the canon will be assured, and perhaps she will become a part of conventional theatre, like C...

Theatre in the age of Shakespeare

...One must remember that at entertainment came from few sources, and with no modern technology, people had to create their own entertainment. Acting and the theatre did this well but also made the audiences think. The existence of these plays, to carry the audience through space and time suggests that Shakespeare needed and expected neither intervals, nor any music beyond a few bars when a character entered. It is unlikely that he received any more than he needed or wanted. When a change of scene ...

Key Components in the Leisure and Recreation Industry

...Like any leisure facility such usage will have an impact which in turn will lessen, and even threaten, the leisure experience itself. Organisations working in countryside recreation are therefore primarily stewards who maintain, manage and regulate the environment and also produce information and education. An important organisation funded by the Countryside Commission is the National Parks Authority. This is responsible for the regulation and interpretative service inside twelve National Parks,...

Augusto Boal and Jacques LeCoq

...LeCoq’s philosophy and practical training are also realised in Theatre De Complicite, where le jeu, complicite and desponsibilite are all demonstrated. We were fortunate enough to see ‘the Disppearing Number’ and this production was an incredible example of how all the elements of mind, body, actor, audience, and space worked together in perfect unity, and the physical transitions were seamless. It was beautiful to watch, and highlighted the importance of the body in theatre, and the possi...

Form and Structure - A Dolls House

...I believe that Ibsen is trying to show that all women are affected by the expectation for them to give up their integrity. As previously mentioned, the playwright might have done this under the belief that if such an issue was to be resolved it would first have to be acknowledged. Ibsen took a risk by trying to adjust the tried and tested form and structure of a play. However, the risk paid off and Ibsen has been applauded as one of the greatest writers of his era. Many writers today use his for...

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