Theatre Essay Topics

A live theatrical production

On the 12th November at the Phoenix theatre I went to watch ‘Blood Brothers’. The playwright is Willy Russell. Blood brothers is about two brothers who get separated at birth. One goes to a high class family the other goes to a middle class family. They both die simultaneously. The themes that are explored and… View Article

Educational Theatre

We have been trying to put these issues into different types of drama and trying to put across all the different sides to these issues. For example rape: Is one rapist, worse than another? In this essay I am going to be explaining what we did to put these issues across in a form of… View Article

Theatre Evaluation of The Woman In Black

On December 11th 2001 we went to go and see a production of Woman In Black at the Lowry Centre in Salford, Manchester. The play was a thriller based on a story of man that he had to explain, and needed to tell some one about his experience. This man went to a theatre and… View Article

Theatre in the age of Shakespeare

Theatre was a very different business in the 16th and 17th century. London, the home of The Globe theatre was possibly the central hub of theatre in England at the time. The Lord Mayors hated plays because they took apprentices and workmen away from their jobs. Plays had to be performed in the daytime in… View Article

Political Theatre

Modernism came about due to a change in international thinking, with the likes of Darwin’s evolution theory and the publication of Karl Marx’s ‘ The Communist Manifesto’ (1848). People wanted a clean break with tradition, presented through the arts as Romanticism and realism. Consequently, Modernism – an artistic experiment and immensely complex movement – encompassed… View Article

A theatre review of Les Miserables

We went to see a performance of Les Miserables on Thursday 19th October 2000, which was directed by Trevor Nunn and John Caid and written by Victor Hugo and was staged at the Palace Theatre. Brief The performance is set in France after the French revolution, a woman had given birth to a young girl… View Article

20th century innovators of theatre

In this essay I will contrast and explore the key innovations and methodologies of the director/practitioner Peter Brook, and the Polish director/practitioner Wlodzimierz Staniewski and the workings of his theatre company, Gardzienice. One of Peter Brooks methodologies that I feel is key is his use of site specific work. Peter Brook felt a need to… View Article

The Greek Theatre

The amphitheatres of Ancient Greece were located on hillsides. A bowl shape was dug into a north facing slope for maximum sunlight. The amphitheatre complex contained the koilon, orchestra, proscenium, skene and parados. The koilon was the semi-circular, stacked seating area for the audience and was split into two sections; upper and lower diazoma. The… View Article

Theatre Crit

She Stoops to Conquer is a comedy of manners set in the 1770’s. Kate Hardcastle stoops to play the part of a barmaid to encourage her suitor. During his stay many tricks are played including the disguise of Mr Hardcastle’s house as an inn. The aims of the play are to show that marriage should… View Article

Theatre Company

“Ashes to Ashes” was presented by the “Badac Theatre Company”. A tragic piece of physical theatre telling the story of two Jewish men held in captivity at Auschwitz concentration camp during the Second World War. Although this piece is non-naturalistic it portrays the horrifying truth of the ordeal that thousands of Jews suffered. The play… View Article

Manila Metropolitan Theater

“Something that possesses true beauty such as The Met will never lose its allure and splendor regardless of age and time.” Anyone who passes by Lawton, Manila in one way or another may have seen the Manila Metropolitan Theater, The Met, or the “great dame” of theaters as others would call it. It is a… View Article

The Role of Jobs In Theatre

The Role and Jobs of the Producer, Director, Designer, Play-writer, and Actors within the play and how each of their Roles interacts with Each Other A theatre stage drama is very interesting complex task that has been admired for years by the viewers. The success of a theatre depends on how many quality stage plays… View Article

African American Theatre

Harlem Renaissance was the name of the African American cultural movement that gained its popularity in the 1920s and early 1930s. It got its name because it took its roots in Harlem of New York, an area which had been always associated with the African American inhabitants. It emerged toward the end of World War… View Article

Tennessee Williams

The American theatre public first took notice of The Glass Menagerie by Mississippi-born Tennessee Williams when it was presented in Chicago in December 1944. Opening in New York on March 31, 1945, it ran for more that 500 performances and won both popular and critical acclaim. It is now considered one of the most delicate… View Article

Practical Play Analysis

Theme/Vision Guan Hanqing’s Snow in Midsummer centers on the idea of social injustice and human suffering particularly the unfair treatment of poor people during the Chinese Golden Era.  The play must transcend a great sense of oppression as intended by its playwrights to reflect the dark side of the society they were in, as the… View Article