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An exercise that asks the actor to re-experience, through the use of first-person narrative, a specific moment in their life that can then be remembered and used onstage in a play that has a similar emotional situation is called an Emotional ______________.

Who is considered the first important Greek dramatist, and thus the first important Western dramatist?

The works of ________ likely influenced Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

A ________ dramatizes a series of biblical events.
mystery, or cycle, play

A ________ uses religious characters and religious themes to teach a lesson.

morality play

No one knows how theatre began, or where or when it originated.

The god Dionysus, to whom the Greek dramatic festivals were dedicated, was the god of war, death, and chastity.

The Greek amphitheatre is the first example of a proscenium theatre space

Thespis is considered the first playwright

From what historians can gather, the speeches of the Greek chorus were sung and danced

Written in the everyday language of the people, morality plays and mystery plays are the two types of Medieval _____________________ drama.


The leader of a Roman acting troupe was called the ___________________.

During the Middle Ages, the person who supervised the production and mounting of plays was called the __________________ master.

In Medieval theatre, the individual scenic units placed upstage of the platform playing areas are called ___________________; actors made entrances through them and they helped indicate locale and character.

In an ancient Greek theatre, the space where the audience sat is called the ____________________.

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In ancient Greece, the person who functioned as a modern-day producer, paying for all aspects of the production and helping oversee its success, was called the _______________________; he was even expected to pay for a feast if his play won!

Which of the following was NOT a function of the chorus in a Greek play:
To sell merchandise to the audience between acts of a play

The first reappearance of drama in the Middle Ages were several plays written by a nun in a convent, although they were never produced. Her name was:
Hrosvitha of Gandersheim

The scene-shifting method of changing wings and back shutters via one giant winch underneath the stage that was developed by Italian Giacomo Torelli is known as the
pole-and-chariot system.

Which of the following was NOT a category of personnel in an Elizabethan acting company?

Italian commedia dell’arte had no set text; it was improvisational.

English acting companies would rarely perform the same play on two consecutive days.

. Each character in commedia dell’arte uses a variety of _____________, repeated bits of comic business, like doing a somersault and not spilling a drop of wine.

Stansislavski observed that gifted performers always appeared to be fully concentrated on some object, person or event onstage

Which of the following is NOT one of the neoclassical ideals of dramatic unity?
Unity of Character

Critics were more influential than playwrights in formulating dramatic rules during the Italian Renaissance

. The Italians in the Renaissance are credited with creating the “pit, box and gallery” audience configuration

The scenery moving design called the ______________ System featured painted scenic flats that could be pushed on or off stage via slots in the floor and support from above.

Known for his early skill using iambic pentameter, this Elizabethan playwright’s “Mighty Line” ended when he died in a bar brawl at the age of 29.
. Christopher Marlowe

The first reappearance of drama in the Middle Ages were several plays written by a nun in a convent, although they were never produced. Her name was:
. Hrosvitha of Gandersheim

The most influential playwright of the French Renaissance was _________, excelling at slapstick and subtler comedy in his plays, which are still frequently performed today.

In Elizabethan theatre there was so little time for rehearsal and so many plays to learn that actors were often only given _______________, the portions of the script containing only their character’s lines and cues.

The most popular style of play in Restoration England was the Comedy of __________________ which made fun of the upper classes, especially their obsession with reputation.

The stage architecture of Restoration English theatres was unique because:
The stage was divided into two equal areas in front of and behind the proscenium

German playwrights of the 1700’s created the _____________und Drang (Storm and Stress) movement which rejected the neoclassical ideals and paved the way for Romanticism.

From 1690 to 1787 the most influential scene designers and architects came from one extended Italian family, ______________.

Stanislavski believed that all action onstage must have a purpose

Besides being a very famous British actor, ____ was also a partner in the Drury Lane theatre, where his work helped define the future role of the director in modern theatre:
David Garrick

The period from 1800 to 1875 was the high point of public devotion to theatre; theatre was literally a popular entertainment during this period

Theatre was so popular in the nineteenth century that several theatre riots resulted from audiences’ passion

. ______________________, which literally means “music drama”, was an escapist form that featured spectacular scenic effects and hair-raising plot twists.

The famed opera composer _______________ is credited with being one of the first directors, unifying his productions and promoting the illusion of reality in theatre
Richard Wagner

Named for the famous actor who built it, the ________________ Theatre is credited with being the first modern theatre in New York City, with orchestra seating with individual seats and new machinery for flying in set pieces.
Booth Theatre

Vsevolod Meyerhold is associated with which theatrical movement?

. Stanislavski believed that unwanted vocal and physical tension was a good thing because actors need to be rigid and inflexible

Antonin Artaud is associated with which theatrical movement?
theatre of cruelty

Waiting for Godot is probably the most famous realistic play ever written

Edward Gordon Craig’s Unit Set greatly influenced leading twentieth-century American designers.

Which playwright is considered the founder of the modern realistic theatre:
Henrik Ibsen

Known for producing the early works of Chekhov as well as Stanislavski’s acting system, Russia’s _______________ Art Theatre was the most influential independent theatre of the modern theatre.

During the Great Depression, the Works Progress Administration helped limit theatre to a few select cities.

Some critics contend that Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller write a kind of _______________ realism, heightening certain details of action, scenery and dialogue but ignoring others.

Adolphe Appia’s and Edward Gordon Craig’s use of suggestive settings, levels and platforms and extensive lighting are still influential today.

With sets that resembled giant Tinkertoys, Vsevelod Meyerhold trained his performers in a machine-like physical performing style called _______________________, using techniques from commedia dell’arte, the circus and vaudeville.

Bertolt Brecht created the form known as _____________ theatre, a sprawling, episodic form whose main goal was to instruct the audience.

A combination of Existentialist philosophy and avante-garde theatrical practices, Theatre of the ________________ points out the nonsensical nature of life.

The goal of ___________________________ theatre is to recreate the spatial arrangement of the audience and performer to suit every play.

Among his other achievements, scene designer Josef Svoboda also pioneered the use of multimedia in his designs, elements of other visual media combined onstage.

. Today the modern trend in directing is __________________, which is a willingness to draw from and use any theatrical trend or work in a production, as long as it helps illuminate the production.

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